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100 Times More Exposure Than A Free Listing

With our paid listing (called a Featured Listing), your name will be listed on over 700 pages rather than 2 with a free listing! It's no wonder so many psychics & mediums have kept their Featured Listings since 2007. Featured Listings offer all these advantages:


• MORE EXPOSURE: Featured Listings are listed on over 700 pages in the right-hand column: free listings, articles, videos, state & country listings, specialty listings, events, About Us, Instant Readings, FAQ, News & Noteworthy, and Contact Us page.


• ABOVE FREE LISTINGS: Featured Listings are located above all the free listings on the state and country pages.


• HIGHLIGHTED LISTING: Featured Listings are highlighted with a gold border.


• PROMOTE EVENTS: Featured Listings are eligible to submit unlimited events to our Events page (upon approval).


• PROMOTE WITH VIDEO: Featured Listings can add a YouTube video to their directory listing.
• LINK TO SCHEDULING PLATFORM: Featured Listings can link directly to their scheduling site so visitors can schedule their own readings. 
SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Featured Listings can link to their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

  • NEW! VIP VIDEO COURSE FOR PSYCHICS & MEDIUMS: Video strategies to grow your clients, income and success in 17 minutes or less. This is an ongoing course created by Bob Olson. This invaluable course is complimentary for Featured Listings to help you maximize your response on Best Psychic Directory.


If you currently have a free listing and wish to upgrade: CLICK HERE 
If you do not yet have a listing and wish to apply: CLICK HERE

Who Can Be Listed On Best Psychic Directory?


  1. You must use your real FIRST and LAST name.

  2. You must own a website.

  3. Your website cannot be a page on a psychic hotline, psychic directory, any website with multiple psychics listed.

  4. You cannot own a psychic directory or pay-per-minute psychic website.

  5. Your website cannot be a social media page.

  6. You must upload a photo of yourself.

  7. You must provide a link back to (click here for the Certificate of Approval).

  8. You must agree to accept email from Bob Olson and

  9. You must NOT offer "spell casting services," "curse removal," "demonic removal," "spirit/entity exorcism," or anything similar.

  10. Your website must present you as a psychic, medium, medical intuitive, or tarot reader, etc.

  11. Bob Olson (Olson Media Group, LLC) reserves the right to refuse approval for other reasons.


We require you upload a photo headshot (do NOT use a graphic as a photo).

  1. Bob prefers you own your website rather than use a free website service or blogging site.

  2. Bob prefers that your website gives your full name.

  3. The more professional your website appears, the better.

  4. Bob is looking to approve people whose "primary" service is psychic, medium or tarot readings, even if you offer other services.

  5. Bob likes to see testimonials on websites, preferably those with first and last names.

  6. Bob prefers to see your headshot photograph on your directory listing and your website. No graphics, logos, or other photos are allowed on your directory page.

  7. We encourage you to take the time to create a well informed directory profile. Many visitors do not click through to websites before choosing a psychic so give as much information as possible.

How Much Does A Directory Listing Cost?

You have two options, one is FREE and one is PAID. Obviously the paid option gives you much greater exposure (and, therefore, more new clients): 


To be listed on one state or country page, it’s FREE. However, you must provide a link to on your website.

 * Free listings must add a link on your website to It’s a fair exchange of positive energy. Listings that do not comply (or take down the link) will be removed.


To be listed on over 700 pages of this directory (on right column under the heading Featured Listings), it costs only $99.00 (US) per month. You can edit your listing on your own at any time.

Featured Listings offer these advantages (that Free Listings don't get):

  • Listed on over 700 pages on right column (Free Listings are only on 2 pages).
  • Your state/country page listing is located above the free listings.
  • Your state/country page listing is highlighted with a gold border.
  • You are eligible to submit unlimited events (events must be approved).
  • You are able to add a YouTube video to your listing.
  • You're able to link to your social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn, Pinterest & YouTube.
  • You are able to link directly to your scheduling platform site.
  • Your photo will show up randomly on right column.

This $99 per month is a recurring fee (a subscription), which means that Paypal (the #1 most trusted financial transaction site on the Internet) will automatically charge your credit card (or Paypal account) every month until you cancel. The moment you cancel, you will never be charged again.

If your reading fee is among the average rates ($65 - $150 per one-hour reading), the first one or two new clients gained from your directory membership each month will give you a full return on your investment. Why not try it for a month or two and see how many new clients you'll gain? You can cancel at any time (see below at "How Do I Cancel My Featured Listing?"). To learn how your Featured Listing will pay for itself (return on investment), click here.

How Do I Submit A Directory Listing?

1. First, you must complete the Application. To do so: click here
2. If your application is approved, you will receive an email invitation to submit your listing. Use the link provided in the email to submit your listing.

3. Depending upon several factors, approval can take 3-5 months once you've submitted your listing. Please be patient. It's worth the wait. However, Featured Listings (paid directory listings) are expedited in 2 business days. If your listing is not approved after payment, you will get a refund. 

If you want to upgrade to a Featured Listing, click here.

How Do I Cancel My Free Listing?

To cancel and delete your Free Listing, all you need to do is click the DELETE button at the bottom of your EDIT page (after you've logged in). Please email us that you have done so.  If you prefer to temporarily suspend your listing instead, please email to make this request. This will keep your information, listing date and reviews intact but will unpublish your listing until you are ready to return.

How Do I Cancel My Featured (paid) Listing?

The easiest and quickest way to cancel your paid directory listing is to cancel your Featured Listing subscription by logging onto to your Paypal account and doing it there.

Why Are Some Names On The Right Side Of Every Page?

The names on the right side of every page are paid Featured Listings. If you would like your listing to be a Featured Listing, click here.

Why Are Some Listings Highlighted In Gold?

The listings with a gold border are paid Featured Listings. If you would like your listing to be a Featured Listing, click here.

Why Do Some Listings Have Events?

Only paid Featured Listings have the option to post events. If you would like your listing to be a Featured Listing, click here.

Why Do Some Listings Have Videos?

Only paid Featured Listings have the option to post a video on their directory page. If you would like your listing to be a Featured Listing, click here.

Why Do Some Listings Have Social Media Buttons (links)?

Only paid Featured Listings have the option for social media links. If you would like your listing to be a Featured Listing, click here.

Why Doesn't My Photo Randomly Show Up On The Right Column Under The Featured Listings Heading?

Only paid Featured Listings get their photos on the right column (sidebar). If you would like your listing to be a Featured Listing, click here.

Why Do Some Listings Have Links To Their Scheduling Platform?

Only paid Featured Listings get to link directly to their scheduling platform. If you would like your listing to be a Featured Listing, click here.

How Do I Get Listed At The Top Of My State/Country?

Psychics and mediums are listed by date of submission. Listings are ordered on a “first-come first-served” basis.
Paid FEATURED listings (highlighted with a gold border) are listed above FREE listings on the state/country pages. These paid listings are also ordered according to the date they were submitted (first-come first-served). So the top Featured listing is the Featured listing that was submitted first (even if they were not a Featured listing right away). This might sound confusing, but it means that even those Free listings who sign up early will be at the top if they later choose to be a Featured listing.

How Do I Edit My Listing?

There are 3 simple steps to editing your listing:
1. Log in to the “Psychic/Medium Login” panel in the top left corner of any page.
2. Click on the "Edit Account / Listing" to edit your listing.
3. Once you are done editing, click on the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.

How Do I Upload Or Change My Photo? 

If you have not yet uploaded your photograph, you can add one by LOGGING IN and then clicking on the EDIT tab (the photo area is about half-way down the page). If you want to change your photo, you'll have to delete the current photo before you can upload a new one.

How Do I Change My Password?

Log in via the Login Panel (top left). Then click on the “CHANGE PASSWORD” link in the Login Panel.

Can I Submit My Listing To A Different State/Country?

Yes. Just log in, click on the EDIT tab and change your state or country.

Can I Be Listed On Multiple State/Country Pages?

Free Listings can only be on one state/country page. Featured Listings are able to be on more than one state/country page if they pay for each one. Contact us if this is what you desire.

How Long Does It Take For Reviews To Be Approved?

Some reviews are approved the same day while others might take a month. Reviews are not automatically approved since our review form would be inundated with Spammers. Plus, some people submit complaints to the review form, so these complaints would end up on the psychic’s or medium’s directory page if we didn’t weed them out. Add to this the fact that we also investigate suspicious email addresses in order to determine their authenticity (which means we have to wait for a reply back from the reviewer), and the result is that it can take a lot of time to accomplish all this.

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Reviews Not Being Listed?

It’s not always a matter of reviews not being approved. Many reviews never make it through the system because the reviewers don’t submit them correctly. In these cases, I simply never see them. But there are other reasons, too, that reviews don’t show up, and the following are the most common:

1. The reviewer did not submit the review with their first and last name (as is written right beside the review form as a requirement). This is the most common reason reviews don’t get approved. If people submit only their first name, only their last name or only their initials, the review is instantly deleted. 

2. The reviewer did not write a positive review (we only approve positive reviews) OR they did not write a review at all and either said something incredibly vague like “she/he is a really nice person” (and nothing more) or asked a question about themselves like “is my father around me?” The review section is intended for the public to write feedback about the “readings” they had with each psychic or psychic medium, nothing more. 

3. The reviewer did not type in the Spam protection numbers or letters before submitting. Even though the reviewer would land on a page that says they forgot to type the numbers/letters, people might not notice it (in which case I never get the review).

4. A client might have told the psychic or psychic medium that they will leave a review but do not for several possible reasons (some do not want to leave their full name, for example; others simply procrastinate or forget).

5. On occasion, random review writers are required to verify their review by email. If they do not, the review is deleted. This is a completely random process used to maintain the integrity of the reviews. Some psychics and mediums have attempted to submit reviews for their client, for instance, which is not allowed. Clients must submit the reviews to on their own. This process helps us to be sure that the reviews are being written by the people whose names are associated with them.

6. Finally, some people might accidentally submit a review correctly but for the wrong psychic or medium. Believe it or not, it happens. We are dealing with humans, which I guess is how we came up with the term “human error.”

How Do I Add An Event?

Only Featured Listings have the option to add events. If you want to upgrade to a Featured Listing, click here.
If you have a paid Featured Listing, you start by logging in on left side of any page (near top). Once logged in, you can add events via the Submit Event text link (on left sidebar) or via the MY EVENTS tab in the middle of the page, which is located next to the EDIT tab after you've logged on. Once you have filled out the title, description and website fields and hit SAVE at the bottom of the page, your event must be approved before going live on the Events page. You can then edit your event in the same way.
You can only submit your own events or events in which you're a speaker/teacher/presenter (not other people's events). Private readings are not an event. But you can include any event that has a live audience: group readings that are open to the public (demonstrations), workshops, classes, seminars, lectures, teleseminars, webinars, webcasts, cruises, conferences, radio and television appearances, as well as your own radio show episodes.

How Do I Sign Up For Instant Readings?

If you have already been approved for the directory, please click here for all the information you need to sign up for Instant Readings.

I'm Signed Up For Instant Readings. How Do I Use My Instant Readings Account?

All the instructions for the Instant Readings feature can be read by clicking here.

How Do I Order Bob Olson's "Psychic Medium Workshop?"

You can read about and order the Psychic Medium Workshop audio program by clicking here.

How Do I Get "Tested As Legitimate" By Bob Olson?

Testing is by invitation only. Bob only tests those who he believes can pass his 15-point test, and those who exhibit the utmost in integrity, professionalism, responsibility and ethical standards. The best way to get tested is to be listed on this directory, as Bob pays close attention to the psychics and mediums listed here.

What Are Some Tips For Improving My Directory Response?

There are 10 easy things you can be doing to maximize your response from the directory. If you really want to attract more clients, read my 8 recommendations by clicking here.

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