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My experience with past life regression
My First Past-Life Regression Experience If you’re like me, you either don’t believe in past-life regression or you simply don’t believe that YOU can do it. Years ago, I'd have fallen under the... read more
A skeptic has a successful energy healing session
How My Skepticism About Energy Healers Disappeared By Bob Olson, Best Psychic Directory founder
  About seven months ago, I began a new exercise regimen that was more aerobic than anything... read more
Bob Olson explains how to choose a psychic or medium
My work in this field for the past 25 years has been dedicated to helping people like you locate credible and reputable psychics and mediums. This website directory alone offers more than 800 psychic... read more
Abundance is empowering
Is It Wrong To Make Money Doing Spiritual Work? Some people believe it's wrong to make money doing spiritual work. Those who feel this way think that psychics and mediums shouldn't charge much for... read more
Psychics and mediums are people too
Four Secrets I Discovered about Psychics and Mediums by Bob Olson My father was a truck driver. My mother was as a bookkeeper at a truck stop. My first career out of college was as a private... read more
Bob Olson is the author of Answers About The Afterlife
The 7 Most Common Messages From Spirits During Readings With Mediums By Bob Olson, author of Answers About The Afterlife After evidence is given to prove who in spirit is present--such as what their... read more
How to choose a psychic or medium.
Six criteria for choosing the best psychic or medium by Bob Olson, founder of & host of There are many psychics and mediums who are... read more
What is a spirit artist?
A Spirit Artist Is a Medium Who Can Draw Portraits of the Spirits She Sees by Bob Olson, founder of & host of A spirit artist is a medium... read more
Books, Money & Spiritual Experiences - Selling Books About Spiritual Experiences
BOOKS, MONEY & SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES The Bigger Picture On "Selling" Books About One's Spiritual Experiences A COMMON QUESTION I GET AFTER interviewing guests on Afterlife TV is this (an actual... read more
Be The Love You Want To See In The World
Every time Melissa and I walk our dog, we have this habit of waving hello to every car that passes. In the last several years, we’ve gotten to know most of the people who live on the street,... read more