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Sandy Bath
Sandy Bath


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$135.00 per hour

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Since 1994, I have:

- Professionally cleared homes.

- Aided law enforcement in murder investigations and finding missing people.

- Helped families understand what was happening to their loved ones during their passing.

- Counseled individuals.

- Assisted people in communicating with loved who have passed.

I never limit myself, always working through God's Protective Light, I ask for guidance and accept what is placed before me.

Additional Information: 

One of my jobs is to remind you, reconnect you to your higher self. This is what I like to call our "God-self". "The Core", my channeled guides informed us years ago that we are a direct connection to God. That spark that resides within our human body is a part of the God consciousness. It is our soul. I choose to call it our "Soul Being".

Listed since: May 27, 2010


Beautiful Sandy. Her heart is as clear and open as her spirit intuitive is. Helpful and understanding on so many levels. She helped me communicate with a crossed over loved one. Resolved some things that heart had buried so long ago. Gave me loving guide on healing and am forever grateful.
I have made a reading from Sandy an annual event in my life. I find her words to be insights and reminders of things I already know. They return to me throughout the year and provide comfort and guidance when I need it.
First time I met Sandy was at an event. I had no idea that she did readings but had an instant connection to her and could feel a good energy coming from her. After spending sometime together I learned about her amazing gift and had her share her gift with me. I had always considered this kind of thing strange and not accurate, but Sandy gift comes from a beautiful source and is so accurate that I am blown away. She is able to help give direction, hope and peace.
My first (phone) session with Sandy was amazing! Her presence is so wonderful and her fun-loving character makes it very easy to open up. Not only was she fully accurate on reading me, but my family members as well. Her suggestions on what to focus will be a huge help in moving forward in life. I highly recommend her services! Love and Happiness xoxo
You know it was real funny how I ended up going to see Sandy , I myself felt I had mediumistic abilities and wanted confirmation on what I felt let alone wanted to hear from my real mom. My daughter went with me to hear from to deceased people in her life and it was great Sandy hit all of it on the nose loved it got so excited from it I couldn't stop talking at the end!!! She's a great person very very comforting and always smiling and patient thank you!!!
Sandy helped me with some health issues I have been having, and started me on the path to resolve these issues that have been causing me problems for years. She was completely accurate on every observation about myself and family. She is a truly gifted person that I would highly recommend to anyone with concerns about any issue they are having in their lives. I look forward to my next session with her!
I met with Sandy to discuss sleeping issues of my 2 year old son. I am still in awe, impressed and grateful for her accurate assessment and attentive guidance. She knew nothing about my son or his issues before our session and she identified our struggles and the cause. She went above and beyond in guiding me with a plan to move forward. I felt deeply cared for by her. I will no doubt see her again for insight and support. I can't believe such a gem is here in middle of nowhere Wyoming.
Sandy did a great job directing me to get back on track. She helped calm me down and the reading was spot on. I'm so grateful.
I adore any chance to get to spend time with Sandy-- every time I see her she enriches my life, brightens my day, and shares unexpected and welcome insights with me that I wouldn't have arrived at on my own. I feel so blessed to have Sandy in my life-- so grateful that she is available as a resource when I need support as I strive for and maintain a sense of well-being and health in my life.
Sandy is AMAZING. After our visit, I have felt more empowered and validated than I have in years. I believe she was 110% correct in our session, without any prior knowledge or information. Simply wonderful and amazing person. Honestly, folks....if you need help she is the real thing. Thanks, Sandy!
After my dad passed almost two years ago I knew that he was still with me.I hear him talking to me and Sandy reinforced that to me I have been fretting over family problems and he came thru to me and let me know that he was aware of what was going on and that he was there for me. Sandy knew of problems with my siblings that there was no way even in a small town that she would know without the aid of my dad. I have been harboring my anxiety and Sandy helped me with breathing technics. God Bless
Sandy has been so helpful when I needed guidance. She has connected me with deceased relatives and shared information about them that I was unaware of, but was able to confirm. I truly believe in her abilities and am so grateful for her insight and kindness.
I don't have the words to express the kindness received from Sandy.Such a wonderful person.I was amazed at how many facts she was able to come up with and with so little to go on.I did not want our conversation to end.I hope to have more readings when her schedule allows it.I can't recommend her enough.
I would just like to Sandy was 100% on in my reading. She bought things to my attention that I knew but needed to hear. I appreciated her caring and nonjudgemental manner. I really enjoyed it and found it uplifting. I hope you'll get your own reading its a very powerful experience.
I had a reading with Sandy on the 14th of January! She was spot on with the things that were going on in my life and the tings that I needed to work on to be more intune with myself! She gave me comfort in reaching out to my son that died in a car accident last year! the things she said about my son were so accurate that it was like having him in the room with me again! I know hes with me now and always! I would higly recommend her to everyone, especially those who are struggling with loss
Sandy offered insights as well as ideas for me to ponder and pursue. I appreciated the caring she demonstrated throughout the reading and her nonjudgmental manner. While I did not bring forward a specific major issue, she pointed right to it and supported me in how to consider finding solutions for myself...a powerful experience.
I have had 3 readings in the past with other psychics and mediums, but the reading with Sandy was so very different. It was personal and focused. She validated what I thought I knew. She married my physical and emotional energy which helped me to understand a concept I have struggled with; "we are energy," within a physical body. I am viewing myself in a new way and I'm excited and ready to meet the challenge of learning to take care of me. I'm no longer stuck. Sandy, you've made a difference.
I had my third reading with Sandy this weekend. She provided some great insight into the questions I had about my relationship and career. Sandy was also able to provide some comfort regarding the deaths of some people close to me. She provided insight and solutions regarding some physical and emotional issues. She and her guides validated choices I have made, and I even came home with an assignment! Sandy is compassionate and non-judgmental. She is genuinely gifted!
I had a reading on June 1. I was very impressed by what she said. She pinpointed things in my life I thought I forgot. I am very happy I was able to talk to Sandy. I really enjoyed the exercises that she provided. I will definitely have another reading with her. Thanks for your guidance. Solange
Sandy Bath is a special, compassionate, beautiful person who has made a definite impact in my life over the past few months. She is amazing! My reading was 100% accurate and it is amazing how she can connect with past loved ones and provide guidance/comfort. She truly has a spiritual gift and I would definitely recommend Sandy! I look forward to future readings with her. Thank you so much Sandy!
I spent the majority of my life confused about religion and my life's purpose...until I met Sandy. In just a few moments, she connected me with passed loved ones and recalled events in my life that only I knew. She's so much more than intuitive and encourages us to find the answer from within. She's honest, nonjudgemental, compassionate, loving and open. I get regular readings from Sandy now. She's helped me "break down the walls" and discover myself again. Believe!
Sandy Bath is a beautiful, gentle soul who tells you the truth with loving kindness and compassion. She is so genuinely honest about telling you what she "sees" without the need to ever gain information from you that she can re-package and feed back to you. What you get is what you need to hear for your own growth and peace. She's the real deal!
I always look forward to a reading with Sandy. She has given more insight to myself and other connections to me with each reading. I haven't revealed much of anything and she has been able to reach into past & present and help me understand unresolved issues. This has been a great uplifting experience and I can thank Sandy, the Guides and Angels that have been responsible for these very spiritual moving experiences. I highly recommend Sandy...she's just a joy to talk to!!
Sandy is a very gifted reader. She gave me wonderful insight as to why certain situations were happening in my life. I was pretty amazed at how she was able to describe the people around me as well as myself. I feel very hopeful after my reading and I would definately have turn to her when need future advice. Thank you Sandy!
I called Sandy to get direction for a new stage in my life. She was truly amazing in her knowledge of the people in my life. She was remarkable in identifying the causes of different situations also. I would definitely seek her help again. I am very hopeful!
Sandy is one of the amazing women I have ever met! She is so kind, so gentle, soft hearted and very gifted. She is so very real! It is worth ever penny and every second u have with her. My time with Sandy was pretty emotional, my Grandma Mary came thru and talked with. Sandy brought up things no one would ever know.... it was incredible! I really suggest everyone to see Sandy.
What a positive experience! I would highly recommend having this experience with Sandy. It was truly a wonderful and awe inspriring hour filled with surreal conversation, confirmations, affirmations, and unforgettable diction. Thank you so very much, Sandy. What a difference you have made in our lives already. I am so looking forward to our next reading. I cannot thank you enough.
Sandy is accurate, compassionate, honest, and insightful. I'm not sure how she does it, but she shows me that even unbearable sadness will all be okay. She has helped me to find my faith in myself and the universe. I am eternally grateful to this wonderful woman. Thank you Sandy!
I have had the pleasure of experiencing another reading from Sandy. She is so truly gifted and such a wonderful person, I look forward to her readings....she touched so many areas of my life and people that have crossed over. The spiritual guides have been kind enough to come through Sandy and give me information, strength, courage, love and advice in this personal change in my life. I thank the guides and Sandy for another amazing experience and look forward to another reading.
My daughter and I have both had readings from Sandy. My daughter said that Sandy has helped her more than any counselor that she has worked with. Sandy told me about some health issues my aunt has been facing before my family had a chance to tell me. Her information was accurate. I would recommend her to anyone who is wondering where life is leading them.


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