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Mollie Morning Star is one of the most recommended, experienced and reviewed mediums in the USA for a very good reason. She consistently delivers evidence from deceased loved ones that proves beyond any doubt, they are still "alive" spiritually and are aware of your life situation. Loving messages can be comforting to hear from a medium, but it is the evidence, facts and irrefutable validations that bring healing, relief, peace of mind and ultimately, a better life for those left behind. That is what Mollie delivers, time and time again.

Psychic Medium Mollie Morning Star provides powerfully transformative sessions for those who are ready to take responsibility for their healing after the death of a loved one. As a prolific writer, you are invited you to browse Mollie's website blog where you can access dozens of free articles covering topics such as:

-Recognizing the Connection with Loved Ones
-How to Avoid Painful Experiences with Unqualified Mediums
-Rebuilding a Life After Loss
-Videos for Young Children Coping with Loss

Mollie is a strongly gifted, evidential medium that honed her abilities at the Arthur Findlay College in England. Readings are focused to prove to you that our souls survive the change called death and provide an opportunity to reconnect with those you love. Having conducted thousands of sessions, she is highly experienced in assisting the newly and deeply bereaved with a long history of successful, healing connections.

Mollie's work is completely dedicated to assist the bereaved in finding hope and healing after loss, therefore, only offers sessions connecting to loved ones in Spirit. A session with Mollie will be a direct, healing connection with deceased loved ones. This specifically does not include any information about past lives, spirit guides, ascended masters, aliens, psychic predictions, ghosts, chakras, negativity, etc...and all of the other strange topics that cause potential clients to worry when booking with a new medium. A session with Mollie is to heal your grief and get back to the important business of living your life with a peaceful heart.

Group events are suitable for those wishing to experience mediumship even if they are not currently dealing with grief. Private sittings are available over the phone, by Skype/FaceTime video call, enabling clients worldwide to receive a healing connection through Mollie.

High Priority Sessions are available for scheduling within a few days to those who have never experienced a mediumship connection before and are newly bereaved. Details on the "Appointments" page of our website.

Please refer to her website for a full list of upcoming events, and travel dates. Mollie travels extensively throughout the US to provide group events that teach the average person how to recognize the connection and provide audience readings.

Information can be found on the "APPOINTMENTS" page of our website regarding personal readings.

Professional, experienced, accurate psychic medium readings located near Chicago, Illinois. Spiritual grief support for bereaved parents, bereaved spouses and suicide survivors.

Upcoming 2017 Events:

Milwaukee, WI
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Listed since: Apr 25, 2009


Last week I attended a private session with Mollie conducted for a group of 8 women. I previously had never researched or had interest in mediums, but went to support a girlfriend. Mollie was able to communicate with beloved souls for all 8 women, myself included..and I was amazed, in awe and completely "won over". A love from my past came forward and shared things that only he and I knew. I was grateful, at peace, and now am a true believer that I am surrounded by my soulmate from heaven. Curly
Wow, what an incredible evening. I hoped, but went with no expectations. I didn't know if that reading was for me, very quickly, it was apparent it was. My recently deceased girlfriend of whom I loved for 33 years came through. There were several validations but the one that blew me away was when you said you have an F, Fred. It was her favorite parrot that just passed last week. He is with her. The fact that you referred to her as my "Significant Other" was huge! Thank you so much Mollie. Hugs!
I always believed my dad was with me. Am I just imagining things? Am I crazy? I participated in a group reading. After over an hour spirits were coming though for many. I accepted that my dad was not coming forward. I was okay with that,so impressed by validations that were happening. Then...the moment. "A tall proud man is stepping forward". I knew after seconds it was dad. He knows I have achieved what I wanted so much in Life "Happyness". Mollies talent have touched so many lives. MWAH!
Mollie is amazing and has forever changed my life! Her gift is REAL!! A friend of mine from H.S. saw her who lives in another state and I hadn't spoken to in years. The friend wanted to reach my brother. Well, my brother came thru!! He kept mentioning "fire & jacket". This had no meaning to my friend but he also said I need to reach my sister. When the friend found me on Facebook I told her our home burned to the ground and a firefighter ran in and grabbed 1 thing, his USA track jacket! Wow
I went to see Mollie in Columbus on November 17th. I felt uplifted and truly blessed being there, and the message she gave me I felt was truly for me. My dad passed in July and she came through in her reading about my dad, my mother- in- law and my best friend who had passed several years ago. It cost me $50 to go and some gas money. I was so happy to meet Mollie and others there that believe we are connected to the other side. My husband was worried about my drive to Columbus. I told him,I'm ok
I recently received a reading from Mollie and she did a phenomenal job. I've been to some of the top mediums in the world and Mollie was right there with the best of them. She delivered a number of very specific hits, including many obscure validations, which is my top indicator of good reading. Mollie is level-headed and has a fine sense of humor, so she's easy to be around too. I highly recommend her to anyone desiring a connection with a deceased loved one. -Mark Ireland, Author of Soul Shift
I had the pleasure of attending a group reading, and was lucky enough to be singled out. Not only was Mollie right on, she initiated with my deceased brother's physical description and first name, then described how he passed. From there, it only became clearer and clearer that she was communicating with those passed over. The intimate detail, specific only to me and my deceased loved ones, was just amazing. As a hospice nurse, I eagerly anticipated her reading, and left fully convinced of he
Molly visited my city for a small group reading. I can't say I was skeptical but more apprehensive. Within an hour I had 4 family members come through and Molly was able to describe each one perfectly without any feedback from me. Thank you Molly for such an amazing opportunity to hear from my loved ones.
My sister and I recently attended a group reading with Mollie and we were very impressed with her abilities. Mollie connected us with our mom who had passed away a little more than a year ago. She brought up information that she had no way of knowing and validated to us that our mom was really connecting with her/us. She even picked up on mom's quirkiness. :-) I look forward to another reading with Mollie in the future.
I attended a group reading with my daughter, a close friend, and her daughter. She connected my friend and her daughter with their mother/grandmother, and was right on with everything she said. It was amazing to see the healing my friends daughter received that night. By the time the two hours were up, I had not received a reading. We were in the parking lot, and her friend ran out to get me. Which she didn't have to do. She reconnected me with my brother. Thank you Mollie for sharing your gift
I attended a small private reading with Mollie in Phoenix. Mollie has a very relaxed and calming manner which put our group at ease. She was spot on with the messages she gave to me. I was very glad to have attended.
I atteded a group reading in Scottsdale, AZ. I was skeptical when I went, I had never been to a reading before. Mollie was able to connect with my Father-in-law, my grandmother, my husband and my dog that I resently had to put down. My husband and I were separated at the time of his passing. I had a lot of guilt because he was a lone when he died. Mollie looked at me and asked me about Pebbles; was the dog that my husband had when he passed. His dogs were there caring for him until he was found.
I have been wanting to have a medium reading for a long time, so I was so happy when I was invited to a small group session. Mollie was perfect. She did a fantastic job of explaining everything, but most importantly she filled the room and all the messages with love. She taught me something, and gave me a gift that I will for ever be grateful for. She gave me 5 more minutes with my Aunt, my Dad and my Father in law. 5 minutes that meant the world!! Thank you Mollie!
I attended a group reading that Mollie gave in Scottsdale, AZ. I was one of about 40 people in the audience. I really didn't expect to have a reading, I was really just enjoying the evening. When I connected to the messages she started getting it was amazing. Mollie brought me messages from my birthfather, they were spot on and gave me the healing I really needed. My beloved grandfather also came through. Mollie is amazing and so talented. I feel blessed to have her share her gift with me.
I went to a group reading with Mollie and the experience was wonderful. She connected my mom and I with my very fun-loving, beautiful sister. She also did a follow-up private session with my mom and the healing that took place in one hour was priceless. When my sister died, and people said we would see her again, I didn't really believe it. Now I know for sure we will be together again in spirit. Priceless!
I had a very deep and healing experience with Mollie. She was able to help connect me with my dear ones who have crossed over. The messages they sent me who wonderful beyond belief. Messages they couldn't say while they were alive, things they couldn't see, or couldn't know when they lived in this 3D world. I now feel in touch with those most dear to me. I bless the day that Mollie's website came to my attention. I will pass her name on to everyone I know. Do not pass this experience by!
Mollie truly has an incredible gift! She connected me with my deceased father and gave so much detail of validation, I was speechless. I knew he was with me, but Mollie was able to bridge the connection with my father and my 3 year old daughter who he never met. He even saw her little Ugg boots that I just bought for her! Very spiritually gratifying!
Mollie validated that my loved ones are still with me, and the things she could feel were very real and very true to my life. It was an amazing experience and I will see her again in the future. I recommend anyone that wonders about the spirit world or wants to connect, to see Mollie and embrace the experience. She was caring, warm and truly gifted. I thank her for sharing her gift with me.
I'm still listening to my recording of our session and amazed how Mollie connects to the other side. Mollie is truly gifted and brought me some peace as I struggle through my loss. It was comforting to hear her words from my loved one. Her gift is incredible and real.
Mollie is incredible! In a recent group demo, she connected with my brother. AMAZING! She came up with things that no one could know like, what I was doing when my brother was sick in the hospital (glued to his side),decisions that were made, who made the decisions, and messages from my brother. My heart feels lighter now, it's such a relief! I know more than ever that He is still with me, and always will be. I can't wait to schedule a personal reading with her! Mollie is a true ANGEL!
I attended a group event and Mollie connected with myself and my mother on a level that was absolutely needed. Mollie not only connected with a few loved ones but also my dog (who would have thought). She gave me reassurance and made sure I knew my loved ones were here with me. She even gave me symbols to look for on the day of my wedding and they were spot on! I just booked private group reading and cannot wait! I highly recommend Mollie - shes aboslutely amazing!
Molly has such an amazing gift. I was so impressed with the private reading I recently had with Molly. My husband passed a year ago and she was able to give me the closure I was looking for. It was very heart warming and made me know my husband is still with me and my boys. My friends and mother who also got readings were so impressed and still talk about it to this day. Molly you have a great gift! Thank you so much.
I first saw Mollie Morning Star on Facebook and enjoyed her uplifting, positive messages. Then, I checked out her web page and kept reading her posts. Ironically, I had booked a trip to Seattle and then found out that she was going to be there at the same time giving group and individual readings. She connected with my Spirit family, my mother, father, son and grandfather. Her words were comforting, enlightening, and loving. I plan to see her again and recommend her highly. Awesome!
After attending a group meeting of Mollies, I felt very comfortable asking for a private reading of my own. The information I received from Mollie was spot on. Some information I did not understand but wrote down anyway only to find out that information was intended for my cousin who knew exactly what Mollie was talking about. This message to my cousin helped her move forward too. She too later scheduled a reading with Mollie and was very happy with what she learned and who she connected with.
I attended a group reading and was immediately impressed with Mollies warm personality and her ability to relate to each of us. I had never had a reading before, and she gently guided me through the process as I connected with my loved one(s). Everything brought forth was absolutely correct and deepened my faith and conviction that heaven is closer than we think. Thank you Molly!
I have had a reading by a world reknowned repsychic- an expensive and disappointing experience; But Mollie renewed my faith in the process! She brought through my grandmothers, my sweet husband, and two cousins. She was absolutely SPOT ON! From the first second when she came up with my grandmother's first initial, to the hilarious moment when she saw my husband come in wearing his favorite pair of black leather pants!, it was evidence and validation that she is truly in touch with the other side
Having struggled with deep grief for quite some time, I reached out to Mollie during her visit to Seattle. We had a private one-hour reading. Mollie immediately connected with people in my life who meant the world to me and who are now in Spirit. It was an incredible experience feeling the love of family members and friends who have passed and knowing they are with me always in Spirit. I would highly recommend Mollie for a reading. She is kind, loving, and accurate. Thank you, Mollie!
My sister, my daughter, and I each experienced private readings this month with Mollie. When sharing our tapes with each other, some of the same loved ones came through, but the messages were different and very specific to us as individuals. Mollie was even able to relay with accuracy the pranksters, the reserved, the nurturing...I laughed and cried! Not only is Mollie a very gifted person, but she provides so much accurate information that validates our passed loved ones are not far away. They
Mollie shares her gift with generosity, honesty and integrity. This honesty means that when she gives me a message from one of my loved ones, I can take it to heart. The messages (spot-on!) have made healing from some of these losses more gentle. I have recommended Mollie many times and will continue to do so with absolutely no reservations. I offer Mollie my sincere gratitude and appreciation, unending... Namaste, Sandy
June 11th a co-worker and I sat in my living room and did a teleconference with Mollie. Mollie was able to connect with numerous family members in spirit as well as my co-workers 8 y/o daughters Kidney donor! Mollie was able to give amazingly accurate information that no one else would know. There is not enough space here to write all the great things I would say about her! She is the real deal, face to face or via the will NOT be disappointed either way!


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