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Mike Pozorski
Mike Pozorski


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Mike Pozorski’s greatest passion and fulfillment is serving spirit. He is dedicated to spirit through his integrity and authenticity as he connects and brings forward your loved one with clear, precise, and undeniable evidence.

His mission is to share remarkable evidential mediumship readings to validate that your loved ones who have passed on are still with you. From bringing through specific memories, names, and experiences, Mike shows you that your loved ones are still very much by your side. His compassionate and loving nature makes you feel at ease during a session.

Mike believes that the spirit world brings a sense of connection and support to each session and is an opportunity to feel the warmth from your loved ones in spirit once again. His mediumship gifts have transformed many and have brought a sense of renewed life and hope to clients who have experienced loss.

Mike has always had a connection with the spirit world throughout his life but did not begin to share this ability until he was 18 years old. He would see auras around others and hear spirit speak to him. Mike realized that this was his purpose. Mike committed himself to proper training with world-class mentors and tutors to develop his gifts to excellence and push the limits of communication to a higher degree within the work. As a medium, he has made it his life's mission to bring this truth of spirit communication to the world with passion and vigor.

Listed since: Apr 27, 2023


I had a private reading with Mr. Pozorski earlier this year. The person I needed so desperately to communicate with/hear from was there & validated something so meaningful/private to me, among many others. Something I mentioned only to my husband the week prior, in tears. It was brought up during my reading, by my loved one, & meant everything. I had been hurting GREATLY due to a recent loss & needed to say/know so much. I have healed immensely from this and was able to move on. Thank you, Mike

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