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$65/1 hour

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What Kind of Readings I offer and How Will You Benefits:

*I offer evidence based psychic/medium readings that I channel directly from your higher self, Angels, guides, and ancestors that I have gotten lots of feedback about how fun, enlivening, positive, empowering, and heartfelt they are.

I receive direct downloads of helpful messages and information from your spiritual team/ancestors for your greatest and highest good, on the most joyful, abundant, fulfilling, healing, high vibration new earth timeline, and what you need to be aware of so you can manifest that reality, those blessings which are in your aura and energy.

I am lightworker friendly, and lightworkers tend to be drawn to me to get support and confirmation of their natural talents, gifts, and abilities.

I am able to vividly describe your twin flame. (Yes pages of endless details if you want. Through the years I know that the person I’m describing actually exists because many of my clients meet the exact person I describe down to the first name.)

I can connect you in with your star family of origin.

I can tune into your life purpose you decided on before you incarnated in your pre-birth planning.

I can be shown several of your key past lives, that you may tune into through past life hypnosis, for healing and awareness.

I regularly get names, locations, vivid descriptions, and other various, super specific details. (Again, you will receive personal EVIDENCE from me I’m connecting with you, which usually results in you opening up even more to be read.) Obviously, this isn’t always true. Some people actually get specific evidence, it scares them, and they actually shut down the flow of information. Everybody is SO different! Something I learned very well being an RN!

However, being gentle, patient, and nonjudgmental greatly affects who I sit with and usually I can get people to open back up.

Other areas of specialty are animal communicator, medical intuitive (and how it relates to past lives) and spirit channel.

And much much more! I don’t limit the messages or information I receive.

How You Will Benefit & What a Reading is Like with Me: I believe I came into this world to be of service to others, so you will notice my focus and energy is 100% on your healing for your benefit, happiness, and joy.

I give readings with pure love energy from the heart. Most people I read for can feel the resonance of my evidence-based spirit channeling through their energy systems and chakras via chills, vibrations, and even happy tears.

Getting confirmation is a very healing experience, and helps you manifest the abundant spiritual energies I describe into the physical world.

I also have prayed for and with my clients, as prayer can have stress relieving, calming, peaceful energy effects that builds faith and trust so the client can relax and manifest in the flow of creation easily and effortlessly.

I was in healthcare for over 20 years as a registered nurse (in acute care at the bedside in various settings in hospitals mainly), and I believe that my training and my experience not only with thousands of patients and their families, but also hundreds of people I've read for all over the country and in different parts of the world, gives my clients that genuine feel of confidentiality, empathy, and loving care.

I have given mostly in person one to one readings, phone readings, group readings with friends or family, and crystal energy healing sessions since 2007.

I have provided my services at Stonelight Retreat Center in Wisconsin since 2008.

*** I am ONLY the humble messenger for spirit.

I never “wing it”, "tell people what they want to hear", or “give advice.”

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE:It is not likely to happen that I cannot read you or channel for you (a very rare occurrence) but IF I am unable to read you I will be honest with you, and we may not be able to continue the reading.*****

There are several reasons why some may not be able to be read, however one way you can better ensure you will receive a great, accurate reading is to follow the "how to prepare for a reading" suggestions.

***How to Prepare for a Reading in 3 Steps:

Step 1:State your intention aloud that you would like to connect with your higher self, spiritual team, Angels, guides, and ancestors.

Step 2- Imagine your heart Chakra at the center of your chest opening. See the green energy of the heart spinning like a wheel all around you.

Allow white, healing light to stream down over you from above, imagining it's dissolving any barriers to receiving accurate, helpful information.

Step 3- Meditate in your preferred way at least 5-10 minutes a day. Focus on your breathing. Open your mind to signs from your guides and angels, synchronicities, serendipity, and angel numbers.

***You may also wish to "get into flow states" where you lose track of time and space. This is when you can get out of your own way, and receive guidance, downloads, and messages from spirit much more easily.

You can also get into a higher vibration so your psychic can read you much more accurately. Yoga is a perfect example of a mind, body, spirit balancing, flow state activity. Tune in to your own intuition for the best flow state activity for yourself personally.

*** One of my main goals, and what I feel is one of my life purposes, is to help you get very confident about your own intuition, to connect you with your higher self, and to give you the tools and messages that will joyfully lead you to expand your consciousness, raise your vibration, and tune you into your own psychic abilities for manifestation, healing, and co-creation with God.

One of the main messages I get is the importance of self love so right now, say out loud: I LOVE MYSELF! Your higher self will immediately draw closer to you, and you will surely be able to sense that.

The more your higher self merges with you, the more magical and dream-like life will become, as you raise your vibration more and more.

Other general messages for people at this time that my guides relay:

1. Forgiveness of self and others through all space-time.

2. Intention to merge with Higher Self

3. Intention to ascend and to "go to 5D new earth".

4. Appreciation of all your blessings in life.

***How to Book a Reading with Me:

(608) 792-6576

*** You may email me at or through my website form as well.

Additional Information: 

I regularly tune my vibration to spirit by practicing Kundalini yoga, meditating, and praying.

I ground myself, and get into flow states to receive downloads and spirit communication. Some of the many ways I enjoy getting into flow states, where I lose track of time, is through yoga, Qi Gong, exercise, being in nature, snuggling/playing with my cats, cooking, baking, and writing for mind, body, spirit balancing.

I love to travel to sacred sites and places of great natural beauty like Sedona Arizona, Colorado Springs, Mount Shasta, California, Key West, Florida, Seattle, Washington etc. with my friends and boyfriend.

I have been studying writing craft, and have been working on a novel of spiritual fiction which I plan to self publish.

I aim to start making content on my YouTube channel starting sometime in 2023. The content will revolve around channeling readings/messages for the collective but also for individuals.

When I have content on my channel, the link will be posted on my profile page below, if you would like to check it out.

Listed since: Jan 21, 2019


My wife and I had our first reading with Laurie at Stone Light Retreats, and it was spot-on. She guided us energetically through some thorny issues with other people in our life, calling on our guides and universal consciousness. Recently we asked Laurie to bring light to our current situation of health concerns and transitioning into a new environment and purpose. What a relief it was to hear familiar, reassuring messages coming through Laurie as we spent over an hour on the phone with her.
Laurie is a true soul friend in service to love awakening. Her grounded, sensible, and generous spirit energetically transmits astute guidance giving us access to intelligence available beyond the limits of conventional communication. I am deeply grateful for Laurie's support and to learn and grow with her and with collaborators from higher dimensions of consciousness. May all who connect with Laurie simultaneously connect with their inner knowing, the source of love creation.
I loved my hour with Laurie and knew from the first moment she spoke, just how connected and gifted she was. She is amazing and was spot on concerning everything she relayed to me. A very kind, compassionate and loving person, and one that is worth her weight in gold.. I would highly recommend this beautiful woman for a reading, especially if you are looking for Truth and some of the most profound and amazing insights you could imagine. I feel so blessed to have found her.
I’ve been getting readings from Laurie for nearly 15 years. Advanced psychic, intelligent, good listener. I highly recommend her as an advisor in any aspect of life. Information is always given in a kind and compassionate manner. She allows me to see the timeline I’m currently on and offers suggestions to change my energy to allow me to manifest my dreams. Very accurate at channeling people and their intentions. She has helped me navigate my life in the most difficult of times. So Grateful!
I have worked with Laurie bedside nursing. Early 2009 she did a phone reading on me about meeting an older, kind guy who had been depressed because of being cheated from a previous relationship. She said,he will love me and my 4 children.Nov of 2009 I met Mike online. Met him in person January1,2010. I have brought him in Viroquoa Fall of 2010 for Laurie to meet and see him. We have been living together and he has done more as a father to my children than their biological dad.Thank u Laurie:)
Laurie is truly an enlightened healer and intuitive. The beauty, profundity, and accuracy of her gifts were evident immediately upon our connection and I experienced a total shift in my energy upon conclusion of our session. Furthermore, Laurie gave me an amazing list of tools, resources, and literature to continue to heal and evolve in my own life. Thank you for sharing your authenticity, generosity, kindness, and deep spiritual guidance with me.
I had my first reading with this young lady yesterday and found her to be extremely on point on the subject we discussed. She was able to tune into the other person that I had questions about and described her like she knew her. I will just again.
An hour before scheduled reading, I texted Laurie to say I was in a dark (fearful) place & maybe best to postpone. We texted a bit, then talked for 2 hrs. Felt less anxious right away. NO pressure at all! Laurie listens respectfully-no judgment- told me some things that came thru about me in past life. She suggested things I could do to alleviate anxiety. I'm a "spiritual novice" with a boatload of PTS. Laurie is truly kind & compassionate. Can't wait to schedule next reading. Ann Mehigan
I have gotten readings from Laurie for over seven years now. She is accurate, truthful and loving! She has channeled information that no one else would ever have known. I have asked her questions during times of difficulty. She has given me the tools to get the best outcomes for all. I also know Laurie prays for me during these times. I'm grateful that I have Laurie to contact when life gets overwhelming!
I had never had a reading before so I started my research. I found Laurie on this site and her bio resonated with me so strongly. The reading was outstanding and she was spot on. The time flew by I couldn’t get enough. She gave me so much information. Will definitely be calling again.
Laurie is a very gifted reader that’s also able to connect with loved ones on the other side. I was skeptical my first reading, but when she was saying things that my grandpa used to say, and had me laughing at the description of his character I was 100% on board! Today was my 4th reading with her and it was super insightful and meaningful. I can rest easy knowing that my friends and family are still helping from afar. I would highly recommend Laurie, but be prepared to get your mind blown.
She said not to send money until she sees if she can connect, and she spent the first few minutes at no cost to see if she can. She relayed promises I was given 50 years ago and despite terrible problems I have had for decades, she said I can still do them all. Then she repeated roads still open. Yes I can do this still. Yes I can still do that. Age is not a factor. Do not give up. This was a pep talk with details. A kind soul. I am so glad I found her. What a relief !
I recently had my first reading with Laurie. She covered a lot of ground, thoroughly: from mediumship to general spiritual guidance. What she said resonated with me, on conscious and subconscious levels. She was accurate with the messages she provided and gave me a good idea of what I need to do heading forward in order to live my best possible life.
I've had sessions with Laurie over the past ten years. She is a caring, kind person and her readings are spot on. I received a comforting message from my brother who passed suddenly and who carries his delightful sense of humor to the "other side". Laurie also connected with my spirit guides and I received useful information from them on how to make my life better. I am grateful that Laurie came into my life.
I own and operate a spiritual retreat center in southwestern Wisconsin. Retreaters can schedule a session with a variety of modalities such as shamanic, Reiki, LaHo-Chi, spirit guide connections, ACIM , nutrition & health, psychic readings and more. Laurie has been the primary psychic reader for years here at Stone Light. Many retreaters have chosen Laurie for a reading. EVERY one of the retreaters have expressed that Laurie's reading was meaningful, insightful and accurate!
My reading with Laurie was a very positive experience. I've had readings in the past and find it's natural to feel a little nervous but she was great at putting me at ease. She helped me get the answers and messages I needed to continue on my journey to self love and awareness. There were moments that I got chills and even felt emotional while speaking to her. I felt like I left the call with a fresh perspective, renewed energy and a new friend. I'd highly recommend her. MUCH LOVE

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