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Julie Geigle
Julie Geigle


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Welcome to the spiritual realm of Archangel Metatron. Julie Geigle is a TESTED & CERTIFIED, 4th generation, International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach and gifted Trance Channel of Archangel Metatron. She has a soft, gentle approach but is direct and to the point. Julie specializes in psychic BUSINESS COACHING, ROMANCE & RELATIONSHIPS, and ANGEL CARD READINGS.

With a chart she’s devised herself, she can give approximate predictions for time-frame and help you clearly decide, without a doubt, what’s in your highest good. With her trusted angel cards, she is able to tap into the wisdom of your ANGELIC COUNCIL to guide and direct you in your life. Julie is very honest, and insightful and can see things you cannot. She uses tools during a reading that enable her to stay objective and be a clear, pure channel of spirit.


As long as Julie can remember she has been highly sensitive and intuitive. She comes from a LONG LINE OF PSYCHICS, all the way back to her great-grandmother who began visiting her from beyond the grave during meditation. Once her own father passed almost 25 years ago she began to truly embrace her gifts as a psychic medium and now works full-time helping others all across the globe with spiritual readings and teachings from beyond. Julie is revered as highly ethical and trusted in her field.

Julie has been TRANCE channeling since 2008 and is honored to work with Archangel Metatron. Metatron is the master of all the Archangels and Angels in heaven and walked the earth as Enoch. He is here to help us remember who we are and why we came here to this planet.


Julie Geigle works as an International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Hypnotherapist with medical certification, Transformation Meditation Instructor, Psychic Business Coach, and Ordained Minister. She also holds a master's degree in Elementary Education and worked as a school teacher early in her career.

She holds special certification in Integrative Change Work with Melissa Tiers and Simone Seol, Past Life Regression with Georgina Cannon, Transformation Meditation with Sherrie Wade and The One Command with Asara Lovejoy. She has also studied quantum jumping, the healing code, Ho'oponopono and EFT aka Tapping. Her favorite HEALING technique is Deeksha and Reiki. She's trained at the World Enlightenment Center in India and The Arthur Finlay College in England.



Where is your energy best spent? Join Julie for a Metatron channeled Numerology reading posted twice monthly where she can help you navigate the ups and downs of being human here on planet Earth.


This sacred spiritual group is devoted to empowering and awakening people around the world. INNER CIRCLE includes free monthly meetups on ZOOM plus private access to our members-only area on our website where Julie offers a weekly reading raffle and chakra healing along with loads of meditations and hypnosis recordings. Check out Julie's website for more information.


* As a practicing Catholic and former school teacher I consider myself to be highly ethical and trustworthy.

* I read the energy that is with you and help you tap into what you know to be true. Often times the busy-ness of our lives clouds our vision and thinking. I have crystal clear clarity to help you see the answers that are before you.

* As a spiritual healer I not only have access to your soul's blueprint but I can assist with clearing and removing blocks to your highest good.

* Archangel Metatron works closely with me in all areas of my life especially my work as a psychic medium and healer so when you get a reading from me it is interlaced with messages and wisdom from Archangel Metatron as well as your spiritual counsel which includes your guardian angels, spirit guides, loved ones & pets who have passed and your totem animal.

* I also have strong ties with the Native American realm and have worked closely with a Medicine Man in the Wisconsin area.

Additional Information: 

The Channeling of Archangel Metatron was AMAZING...It was as if she and Archangel Metatron were viewing my life for the last couple of months. I have to stay positive and not fall into a rut over my job situation and let my creative outlet of writing become the dream that I am here for love and light to the world!! Thank you Archangel Metatron and Julie Geigle...I still have chills from your voice..it is soooooo confirmed that I was in the presence of an Archangel!!!

~Kimberly P. Ford
Julie is a beautiful and gifted channel and her work bringing forward the powerful and loving energies of Metatron is a blessing. Metatron offers high-vibrational guidance and healing that is helpful for personal concerns as well as for global issues, and the gift of Metatronic energy is not soon forgotten.

~Deborah Weber
Thank you for being so instrumental on setting me back on my true path.

~Simone Salmon

Listed since: Mar 20, 2013


I spoke to Julie today for the first time and LOVED her. I could have talked to her for hours. She gave great insight and even more impressively percentages time frames for events. Waiting to see if the predictions are true, but from what she was able to pick up I have little doubt they will come to pass as she said. Great advisor - I will be contacting again.
I recently had my first reading with Julie and I was quite impressed. She is very friendly and compassionate. She works with a series of decks and every card she picked out really had significance and meaning in my life. She gave me a lot to think about and I was very, very happy with my reading and plan to call her again for guidance.
Julie, thank you so much for today's session. The messages you delivered give me great peace! I always enjoy and look forward to working with you, and your helping me gain understanding of things going on in my life.
I had two sessions with Julie! She was awesome! She was spot on with everything! I highly recommend her!
Very insightful reading. Julie advised in a previous reading looking into Ho'ponopono and it has helped me significantly in healing and staying centered. It was good to get confirmation on what I was feeling about the future of my relationship. I highly recommend Julie and have been extremely satisfied with her readings.
I was very happy with the reading and healing Julie did for me! I love how connected she is to God and all the beautiful angels that help us when we ask. I feel a little happier now so something must have shifted in me YAY!! Thank you for that. Julie is a blessing. Love and Hugs, Sue
I spoke to Julie yesterday for the first time. Her energy was so warm, inviting, motherly, sweet and compassionate. I asked her my question and she was straight to the point. I had to 2 other psychics who said the same things, but I was more drawn to Julie than the others and I do look forward to future chats. Now I will sit and wait for my predictions to come true. I'm kindof scared and excited, but ready! Thanks a lot Julie
Julie is such a caring, accurate, compassionate, and awesome psychic medium!! I know that, when I ask her ANY question, I WILL get an answer that's both accurate and aligned with my greatest and highest good. Her pin-point insight into my situations have inspired me even more to dive deeper into my own psychic medium abilities! Just try her... you will NOT be disappointed! There isn't enough praise to convey how good she is at what she does!!
Julie's loving approach is very soothing. She is a gifted gentle guide who feels like a best friend that has my best interests in mind. She has been very accurate with many issues, one being after my dad died she said if mom didn't find a companion she would be gone within two years. I didn't want to believe that could be true! But it happened! Mom died 2 weeks shy of the 2 years after dad died! Julie has assured me that they are very happy together again! I would highly recommend Julie! XOXO
Julie is truely dedicated to her work as a psychic, medium, and healer. She is Divinely guided and her gifts are extrodenary. Her readings are very uplifting. She has many avenues to help those that are ready for guidance. She is at "Master level" of her field. Genuinely Angelic!
You are the best ever, you know that? You helped me see my gift. And helped me believe. And it changed my life. I am on the path I was meant to be. And I have the courage to do it. ❤️❤️❤️ You have made an incredible difference in my life! I just wanted you to know that. To know your life work is amazing and worth it. Thank you.
Julie is amazing! She is always very objective and straightforward. And amazingly accurate! Through the years, she has healed an aching knee for me, as well as given me guidance and insight regarding my life path, career path, and relationships. I completely trust her and highly recommend her.
Thank you for the readings. I have been reading with her for a little over a year now. She has been able to calm my anxiety through her meditations that I listen to. She has also been correct with her predictions about my education and continue to look forward to more as time goes on. Thank you again.
What a gifted healer and psychic. I had a 30-minute reading with Julie today and I left feeling lighter. She picked up on issues and offered feedback on why I was dealing with them and how to rid myself of them. She offered insight into how to manifest my desires. Julie is compassionate and absolutely gifted.
OMG Julie is beyond excellent. I tried her one time via chat and she told me I would be getting engaged, I asked a previous psychic who told me that I was not...JULIE WAS RIGHT I GOT ENGAGED THE NEXT MONTH!!! I would recommend anyone who has any questions about your love life and your personal beings should try her and I guarantee you will search for her everytime you come onto this site. She is excellent I wish I could give her a huge hug. Im in tears because she is so on point!
Julie! Thank you for bringing positive insight to many difficult situations that have been triggers for me. Your professionalism and love from which you operate is very much appreciated. I feel great! Thank you!
Julie dealt with me compassionately and professionally. She is highly insightful. I came away assured that (a) my parents are still near me, (b) my wife needs time to process some things, and I need to give her space to do that, and (c) happiness will be mine. Those are valuable and reassuring things to know. I highly recommend Julie and certainly plan to consult with her again.
I called Julie while very distraught over a failing relationship. Her prediction was not for the "happily ever after" I might've hoped for. However (and more importantly) she was accurate. I appreciated so much her ability to be direct, see right to the heart of the matter, and offer loads of compassion. While still a bit sad over where things are at, I look forward to further readings from Julie. I feel she offers valuable insight and guidance.
Thank you Julie ! For the great reading & insight. Very helpful to know the areas I need to focus on as well as the ones I need to let go. I highly recommend your services to all looking for spiritual clarity ! Love & Light ~ Barbara, Florida
Julie is one of the most gifted psychics I know. She has a unique blend of being very direct and loving at the same time and this brings her readings to an entirely different level. Not only is she psychic but she has a wide array of tools in her tool box to move you forward quickly.
Julie is an Amazing spiritual counselor and Physcic.... I have known her since she was eight yrs old. I have been involved in many healings with her myself,and also witnessed many others,we have worked closoly together for several years now on a weekly basis,channeling Archangel Michael and now Metatron,whom is a very strong being.If you are WILLING she will be ABLE to assist you on your Spiritual Journey,Many Blessings to all. Kathy Boone.

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