Aeson R. Knight

Aeson R. Knight
Aeson R. Knight


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Oak Hill


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Aeson Knight, blessed with clairvoyance since the tender age of three, has steered countless souls toward brighter horizons. Initially certified as a Master Tarot Reader in 1987 and later as a Master Psychic in 2003, he has been dispensing clear counsel and straightforward responses to life's myriad questions since 1998.

From guiding seekers in pursuit of profound spiritual connections to empowering individuals striving to make significant strides in their careers, from fostering stronger marital bonds to facilitating exhilarating casual encounters, Aeson has adeptly employed his skills as a third-generation Master Tarot Reader to offer pragmatic solutions to the multifaceted challenges of existence.

Having discovered his extraordinary gift early on, he diligently honed his innate talents through tarot reading, refining and intensifying his abilities to provide the most comprehensive, precise, and insightful responses to inquiries. Through years of dedicated practice, he has transcended mere card interpretations and nebulous prognostications, delivering lucid guidance that holds genuine relevance and utility in the lives of those he serves.

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Aeson's question-and-answer reading style ensures you receive clear answers to the genuine concerns weighing on your mind, all without wasting time or money on generic readings and vague predictions about uncertain aspects of your life.

Tarot cards, their meanings, and the interpretations they offer are not as straightforward as they may seem. The true art of working with tarot lies in learning to perceive beyond the mere cards before you, delving into the depths of situations, across past, present, and future, to grasp how one cycle seamlessly transitions into the next.

Aeson Knight, the sole advisor you can rely on for clear and meaningful insights, is here to assist you in fully comprehending each reading you receive. He will help you look beyond the surface and discern the precise circumstances addressed by each card and reading.

Through your inquiries, he will consult his tarot cards, concentrating solely on your concerns, and deliver concise interpretations that will empower you to move forward, acquire what you seek, and navigate your path with confidence.

Listed since: Feb 8, 2008


I’ve had several readings with Aeson he’s direct to the point sometimes humorous he’s help me tremendously where I’ve had a great deal of difficulty in my life is giving me some strength or I probably wouldn’t of had it besides a true person and he goes out of his way to do the most that he can for you !
I have spoken to Aeson a couple different occasions regarding some.situations I was I having with my relationship and he has been such a great help.each time. Really tunes in and is spot on! Thank you very much! Will reach out to you again!
Aeson is amazing. He is very patient, honest and kind and will not tell you what you want to hear. Not judgemental and brought up things in my life that I did not mention to him which made me realize that he is the real deal. He is very detailed and does not sugar coat. I like how he explains your options and let you be your own person and not tell you what you have to do. Thank you, I was on a horrible path spritually, 8f it was not for you, I don't think that I would be here!
Aeson was very good and gave me quite a bit of information. I liked him and will use him again.
This man gets right to answering your questions. He does not waste your time or try to find out any hidden information. He tells you what he is receiving. He has an amazing gift. He was right on the money with the people and situations. I wouldn't hesitate to call again.
This man has a divine gift,very intuned with everything and gets right to the heart of things. I've had the pleasure of many readings and all VERY to the point & true. This man don't waiste your time or money. You are a true send to me from above,I thank you and will continue to confide in your gifts. Your's truely,Heidi

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