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I offer 15 & 30 minute readings. The last two include healing. 15 minute $60 | 30 Min /$120

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If you are reading this then you want answers. But which reader do you choose? My suggestion is follow your heart. Your heart is guided by your Soul, and your Soul has a vested interest in your success. Every mistake you make adds time to this prison sentence, called reincarnation. Every positive resolve/experience brings you closer to source.

Your soul, your source creator and your heavens team ALWAYS knows what the highest and best guidance for you is. They know your next best step in a relationship, a financial dilemma, or your own self-limiting beliefs. They know what karma is presently manifesting a problem in your world and they know why. True resolve and peace of mind regarding any problem comes when you know “Why” something occurred. When you know the “why” you can permanently resolve it.

I am exceptional at being a conduit through which those answers flow from them to you. I have been doing Soul communication for most of my life, I trained under 3 enlightened Masters. Each significantly enhancing my spiritual channels. Over the last 15 years I have done no less than 2500 paid readings. My report card is on my website here are just a few of them.

I have over offered over 2000 paid remote healings. I am a Master Teacher and healer certified by Tao Academy. Just this week a 30-minute healing I offered reversed an ICU patient’s condition. The doctors were amazed. Not only can I connect and discern the root cause of your relationship, health or life issue, I can also offer blessings to very positively effect it. (these sessions are separate registration via my website) My website offers plentiful testimonials.

Testimonial #1
Paul Fletcher has been the person that I turn to for guidance and healing for the past year. There are not enough positive words to explain how much my life has changed for the better. In fact, it feels like I am not the same person I was before I started sessions with Paul. He listens carefully for what is going on for my request and narrows down just what is happening to me in a few words. Then when I receive the healing blessing it is for exactly what I need. The level of healing blessings that are offered are very high. I have come to Paul for mental and physical distress and have been very, very pleased with his guidance, follow up and healing blessings. Lori Frischkorn, Portland, Oregon

Testimonial #2
I have received consultations with Paul over several months. The guidance which I received through Master Paul can never be expressed in words. There is a major positive shift in my finances. My dental clinic is flourishing like never before. Not only the number of patients increased but there is a noticeable difference in the healing of my patients. Further new business opportunities are emerging out of nowhere. These consultations by Master Paul are priceless and a blessing. Inderjeet Kaur, Mumbai , India

Master Paul’s readings are outstanding. He has been my go to person for all kinds of queries - health, relationship, spiritual path- for myself and my loved ones. And his readings have always offered me a deep sense of satisfaction? Besides the quality of his readings, what is really heart-touching is his compassion for sharing readings in all times of urgency - he makes me feel comfortable to call him anytime I am in urgent need of guidance. In past few months when I went through severe challenges related to my mother’s health, he has been my pillar of strength! Thank you Paul Vanita Kaswani, New York U.S.A

When you Schedule a reading or healing with me, I call forth the Akashic record (history of what led up to this problem that needs an answer) I ask your soul, your heavens team as well as the source to speak through me the guidance that will resolve the issue and place you back on track. I provide a recording (whenever possible) so you can go back and listen again. You will be amazed at the insights that you missed the first time you receive the reading.

I offer readings to identify the “root cause” and associated solutions for

• Love – Relationships - Marriage – Family
• Soul mate
• Self-love issues
• Health – Physical
• Emotional Imbalances
• Mental instability
• Spiritual path
• Life purpose
• Self-destructive patterns
• Everyday life issues

I am certified in the following healing modalities, all of which can be applied to heal and transform all issues listed above.

• Soul Operation (excellent for health issues/pain etc.)
• Crown Chakra Blessing ( great for emotional and mental issues)
• Tao Light Balls ( a permanent transmission of light to the recipient for a specific issue. Organs, chakras, health conditions, emotions, energy centers, The recipient can continue to work with it for further healing. )
• Tao Healing Hands ( All in one healing ability that works for everything above)
• Tao Calligraphy Healing (one of the most advanced forms of healing I offer)

My 30 and 60 minute consultations include some healing using the above modalities. See my contact info and website for the details.

ULTIMATELY. All Challenges in life are due to negative Information energy and matter that accumulates in your vibrational field (soul). All success is due to positive accumulation. The secret that everyone is looking for is to understand where and how the negative accumulation occurs and how to remove it, and maximize the positive.

The healing and follow through programs I provide layout a blueprint of simple, practical, and effective ways to permanently resolve whatever it is that has been plaguing you so you will never have that issue again.

I look forward to serving you.

Listed since: Oct 3, 2022


As an intuitive person myself, I chose Paul over the majority on the site because of his picture and the incredible empathic energy I felt. I was not disappointed. Within a short time, he helped me frame a picture of my situation in my relationship. He put into words what I was feeling and helped me clarify the details of my circumstances. Very compassionate and to the point and I felt I had more peace when done. Definitely recommend!

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