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Melody Krafft
Melody Krafft


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Fairfax, Washington D.C. Metro area, Leesburg


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When you want insight and clarity to those questions that you are struggling with, Melody is the one to go to. You can receive a Psychic Reading, Evolutionary Soul Path Reading or a Spirit Sketch of Guides, Loved Ones, and Archetypal aspects of Self.

What is a Soul Path Readings about? These sessions will identify your life purpose, challenges, strengths, and reveal how to move forward. This is a powerful reading that looks deeply into your life purpose so you may let go of burdens and experience joy.

Melody Krafft is the author of an award-winning book, Get Me Out of Here! What's Beyond This Madness. She is a teacher, psychologist, artist and intuitive and has formal classical training in the study of psychism and mediumship and spiritual healing.

She is a member of the ‘International Absent Healing Team’ with the Inner Quest Foundation in Canada. Melody is a T.V. producer of A Course in Miracles, metaphysics and mediumship. Her workshops and appearances on the TV show, Love Unleashed, are open invitations to recognize the infinite power and beauty of the soul.

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Spirit comes to remind you of love, and that you are the essence of love. Spirit sketches and messages hold healing energy, and encourage you to live each day fully.

To see some of the extensive spirit portraits or see what people say about Melody, visit her website,

Listed since: Apr 6, 2012


The reading I had with Melody was full of inspirational guidance, direction and wisdom. The two spirit drawings I've received help me feel a strong connection with my team on the other side. She is a very gifted artist, medium and spiritual counselor.
I am delighted with Spirit drawings Melody has drawn for me. She has also done readings that continue to be extremely helpful in my journey toward a more balanced life and relationship with Spirit. Melody reaches way down in this life's experiences and gives such good advice. She also saw many Spirit Helpers who are always there to help me on my Way. Thank you, Melody.

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