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Tina Bliss is a multi-intuitive psychic medium who works with the angelic realm as well as the ascended masters. She is a tested and certified psychic medium and regular radio show host.

Using her gifts as a empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient she will assist you with accurate answers of all of your concerns as far as love, life purpose, finances, animal communication . when embracing a reading with Tina, it is not uncommon for loved ones from the other side to come through.

Tina has had 3 near death experiences that have made a impact on her heightened energy.

Her goal in life is to walk in truth and pass along all of her live teachings.Tina has also developed her own energy healing arching angel light. She is a committed teacher of the healing arts.They consist of reiki, arching angel light, shamanism, earth medicine.
Blessings to you and those you love , may it last for all eternity……..

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I had my first reading with Tina, May 2011. I was on the verge of divorce. Through Tina's ability to see my marriage spiritually, she told me there would be no divorce and was adamant about it. It was with Tina's insights and readings that I was able to see my marriage in a different light. My husband and I reconciled in October of 2011, just as she had predicted. With her help, I was able to see my marriage in a way that was deeper than just what is on the surface. She helped me often during that time in my life. She also connected with my mom who has past on, as well as with my father who is here and in poor health. She is always respectful, but politley blunt, in a loving way. I trust no other reader, and have recommended her to my niece who also found her to be spot on. I am grateful and blessed that our paths crossed when they did. I will always turn to her for guidance when I need it.

- Patty Bouras 09-19-2012
Tina is the most unbeleivable woman i have ever had the pleasure to talk to. I first spoke to her 2 years ago. I called her to find out if i was going to get divorce and before i finished the sentenance, she yelled out yes, you will be divorced. I didnt talk to her for almost a year later when for some reason i called. I asked about a woman i was seeing and she read her perfectly including her drinking problem as well as other issues. As the year went on, i spoke with her on several occasions and everytime she would out of the blue predict something that i wasn't thinking about or asking her. Everything she talks about has either happened or will happen in the near future. She is also a healer and can help you with aligning up your body to tune it up for optimum life performance. Tina is the most accurate and spiritual healer out there.

Theodore Paluha - 09-17-2012


I’ve met a lot of people in my time on this earth and I must say that you have really helped me thru some of my most difficult times in my life. Thank-you!!! I've never been to a psychic before and I’m so glad that I talked to you. You have given me peace in my heart about my Mom, Dad and brother that have all passed over. I was so worried about them and missed them so much. You told me things about my family that I thought no one knew. (I knew then that you where for real). Thank you for sharing your gift with me. Now I know that they are great and still love me and I will get to see them again.

Much Love to you. Always, Amy Boggs - 09-17-2012

Tina has this ability to make you feel at ease rather quickly when first meet her. While being very direct during a reading, she's also very comforting and supportive. The things she knew about my family and I, she could of never of known unless she was communicating with one of them who had passed. Tina has also been able to calm my nerves when stressed about what is to come in my life. She loves what she does and is very serious about it as well. When I need answers or advice, she's the one I go to and recommend to others.

Michele Kiger - 09-17-2012

Hi Cristina,

I just wanted to let you know that another one of your predictions has manifested itself.

Before I started my current job in November 2009, you told me I would meet a man. You said he'd be younger than me, dark features and will work in the investment industry. You also said I'd meet him through work and that he worked downstairs.

I've actually seen him around many times since working here because we both smoke and occasionally we chat with one another if we are out on a break together. I always thought he was really cute and super nice and I mentioned to one of my co-workers (Rick) that I thought he was really attractive. It turns Rick is good friends with his brother and told me yesterday last week that he is recently single.

His name is Jackson, he's 2 years younger than me, dark features and works for Berkshire Investments! Although, I'm not dating him, Rick promises to "hook me up" :)

Your predictions continue to amaze me Cristina

Farah Y.


I can’t say enough good things about Cristina. She has read for me over the last nine months and has provided me with accurate predictions and sound advice on matters of love, business, spirituality and health.

Cristina’s ability to pinpoint the exact date of events leaves me astonished and her ability to pick-up on intricate details only proves Cristina is a talented psychic. When you call, you will find a woman who is intelligent, kind, compassionate and a master of her abilities. I believe Cristina is a person who truly cares about the success and well-being of her clients.

I am grateful to have met Cristina; her guidance has helped me through a very difficult period in my life.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts.

Farah Y.

Hello Cristina!

I just wanted to let you know how you have affected/changed my life. When I first came to you for a reading I was very nervous and skeptical due to my upbringing. But once I sat in front of you, and you told me things you could only know if you were gifted and in communication with the spirit world.

When you send me home with the note paper that you were writing on during my session, I looked at it several times, and came to realize it was written in my deceased father's handwritting. I was blown away! I want to thank you for speaking "life" into my life. I will most definetly be coming to see you again soon.

KeVonne S.

Testimonial for Cristina Bliss:

I first met Cristina several months ago through a co-worker. My co-worker, Kevonne, and I were having lunch and she was discussing her new found friend, Cristina. She explained how Cristina had changed her life and how introducing her to Reiki and other energy work, she was hooked. I was fascinated so Kevonne (at the lunch table) called Cristina and set up an appointment for me that same day to have a psychic reading performed.

Upon meeting Cristina in her hair salon, I was amazed at her multitude of talents. Not only was she a Reiki Master and Master Psychic, she was also a successful hair stylist. Cristina made me feel very warm and ensured me that she takes her job very seriously. She stated that when she is working with any client, she puts all her heart, mind, and soul into that person, and she did with me. The psychic reading she did for me, blew me away. I was stunned at her ability to pick up on things in my life, as well as, past lives, that have impacted me today. I became a believer in Cristina instantly. I left her salon that day with a Reiki appointment 3 days later.

Reiki and Cristina have both changed my life. I have been on a spiritual awaking since Cristina performed Reiki on me. I signed up for her Reiki I Class and again was not disappointed. I was so excited about my new found passion, that I also signed up for a Stone Meditation and Guided Free Style Writing Class. Cristina is not only a talented, gifted individual, she is also a wonderful teacher. She is so open to share her gifts with others so that they too can learn to enlighten others.

My mother has had a very hard time since the passing of her husband, 2 years ago. I told Cristina about her and she wanted to meet with her right away. My mother was a little hesitant to meet with Cristina but she did. My mother is a changed woman. She told me that after she met with Cristina, her "black cloud" lifted and she felt human again. Cristina performed Reiki on mom and she also had a medium experience with mom and my stepfather (who passed away in October of 2008).

I am excited to say that I will be taking the Reiki II Class in a couple of weeks. I can not express how Cristina has changed my life. I have more confidence in my self. She is heightening my psychic abilities, I see the grass as greener, the sky as bluer. I perform Reiki on myself and have noticed a change in my body. I am eating healthier, exercising, and I have less stress. I owe all of this self awareness and happiness to Cristina Bliss. She is truly a special, beautiful, talented, and unique gift for the world. I truly adore and admire her. I will continue to learn from Cristina and my goal (as is her goal) is to make this world a better place for all of us to live.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie L. S.

Listed since: Dec 30, 2013


Tina is always spot on. Sometimes it takes days to fully understand and then pow what she says happens and smacks you right in the face. Her talent is tempered with kindness and a true caring about the client she is reading. She tells the honest truth. No sugar coating and will set you on the straight path. It is that honesty and integrity that will keep me coming back to Tina and ONLY Tina!
Christina was my first reading I've experienced. I loved it; She was very honest and very welcoming which helped me to open up to her, I connected with the messages she told me which made me feel better. Great reading overall will for sure be doing it again with her.
Tina Bliss is the real deal and was able to help me so much! Tina was able to assist me during a very difficult time in my life. I suddenly lost my mother and brother within months of each other and I just could not seem to get it together. Tina assured me that they were both fine. Tina also revealed and brought to light many other areas of my life. She is simply amazing and I highly recommend a reading from her if you are looking for insight into areas of you life. You wont be disappointed!
A friend told me about Tina .My husband unexpectedly passed & I really just wanted some closure & to see what he wanted me to know. I wasn't sure what to expect.The reading was amazing.She knew so many things there is just no other way she could have known,For example she told me my husband says to thank Shaun-an out of state aquantaince & I had no idea what about. The next day completely unexpectedly I received a deeply meaningful gift about my hubby from that aquaintance. Wonderful experience
I called with a very specific question, and Tina blew it wide open, getting to the very core of my stuck place. She is very kind and straightforward--no fluff, no nonsense. I appreciated her candor, because it helped me understand not only the big picture surrounding my question, but the right next steps to take. She also repeated things when I was confused, which helped enormously. I am a first-time client but will be tapping into this lovely woman's talent again.
Tina is one of the best psychic I ever came across! She's direct, firm, extremely incisive. She doesn't need prompt she quickly gives you directions as she sees it and is really accurate. I asked her about my current situation with a man but she said my ex and I have unfinished business, knowing his date of birth and star sign! Blew me away with it as I thought we were done. There's a choice to be made and she said I’ll know what's right in my heart and I can’t go wrong. Gave me so much comfort!
Tina has been reading for me, since 2014. This women is straight to the point and doesn't sugar coat stuff and I love that about her-besides the fact that she is very accurate in her readings. She has advised and told me things that obviously she would not know. Told me about an infidelity that I had a gut feeling about, and only because of her, he coughed up the truth!! I love having readings with her. I have recommended her to several people. She's def the REAL DEAL I promise!! Love, Linda
The woman is amazing! Spot on every time I have spoken with her. Gives it to you just like she sees it, and with class. I am amazed with her abilities every time I speak with her. Accurate with time frames and reading people's energy. Love her!
I recently visited Cristina for a reading,meditation and also a reiki session.And I should say after those experiences my life has changed in so many ways.Tina is a very powerful,kind,understanding,honest,straightforward and just amazing person.She helps you to help yourself,to find your own peace,gain clarity and understand yourself better. Since the day I first visited her I finally started do things I always knew I was supposed to do,I feel more happier and more confident about my life path.
Christina is awesome with her ability to teach. I thoroughly enjoyed a creative writing class I took with her. I’ve taken writing classes other places but Tina’s is truly one of a kind. She is patient and intuitive in her process of teaching. She monitors and encourages through the learning process (holds your hand so to speak). I fully intend on practicing the methods she walked me through to gain the self confidence in my own abilities. I will look for other opportunities to learn from her.
It was a complete astonishing reading Tina pulled things out of the air that shouldn't possibly know... and two years later things are still coming into fruition.... This woman is a visionary..... Simply marvelous
If you are seeking clarity and no BS guidance then you definitely want to have a reading with Tina! She hit the nail on the head and gives you direction in a loving and supportive fashion. She is amazing!
I met Tina over 2 years ago.Ever since then, I see Tina at least 2 times a year but this past year I have seen her more due to confusion with my future, love and custody battle.She has never steered me wrong, a very caring woman but also straight forward! Every time my session is over, I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Because of me, my brother, family friend and uncle have seen her also. I am grateful and thankful for Tina and the help that she has given me! Truly the best!
Accidentally stumbled upon Tina's Profile and decided to do a reading just out of curiosity. She surprised me by naming exactly experiences that I was going through at that point of my life. She also predicted a big event in my life that actually happened at the precise time and the details!!! She definitely possesses a wonderful gift of seeing people and their life situations. I am consulting her on a regular when I am at the crossroads or facing a difficult decision. Highly recommend!!!
I've written a few reviews for Tina that have not yet appeared here, I hope this one does. She is truly brilliant, very very accurate about current details She connects instantly, she delivers information as she sees it, she is truthful, patient with repeated questions, and offers advice from a psychic perspective that is truly brilliant. She has helped me considerably.. Call her.
I contacted Christina through the Instant Reading website. I had been out of work for a few weeks and needed guidance. Christina shared I would obtain a new job that required travel in late October. November 1st I was offered a job 60 miles from my home. Christina explained the real purpose behind the job and offered spot on advice for a brother in recovery. Thank you Christina for bringing me peace of mind and spirit and being direct. You are a genuine intuitive who cared.
I just finished a very insightful reading with Christina. She was spot on with the information that I already knew about. She offered helpful advice and suggestions that will aid in my successfully manifesting my intentions. I highly recommend her! I love that she tells it like she sees it, straight forward with compassion.
Tina, Is absolutely amazing!!!!Be careful she will blow your socks off with the truth. Her clear sight is by far the best and fastest I have seen. It is as though she just looks though you. I am so happy to have found her. She makes the worry or concern melt away with her matter-a-fact attitude. You are a gift. Brightest Blessings to you:)
I first worked with Cristina after I read her reviews on the psychic directory. It wasn't by chance though. I knew I was meant to find her. She helped me find answers to challenges I had and with those answers I made very sound decisions for my future. Her gifts are genuine. She tells it exactly as she sees it. I know I will work with her many more times.
Cristina has provided several readings over the past six months. I can tell you without question that she is the "real thing" and has outstanding psychic abilities. Not only can she see into the future, but she had insights about personal aspects of my life that very few people know. Cristina truly cares about her clients and directly shares with you things that you may not want to hear. She provided deep insights around my business and personal life that profoundly changed my life!
This is my third reading with Cristina and every reading she has been amazing. Everything that Tina has predicted has come true. She is the real deal! I love her honesty and her compassion. Every time I speak with her she tells me something so surprising but I will believe her because so far, everything else she has predicted has come into fruition. I appreciate Cristina so much and its so good to know that there is someone with a true gift that she shares with people like me.
My husband and I plan on being in regular contact with Tina because of the wonderful experiences we've had with her. She's honest, if she can't answer soemthing she'll tell you never letting ego get in the way like other psychics and just giving you a random answer. She's also very kind not pushy at all and has been spot on with the things she has told us. She doesn't try to fish answers out of you and she told us personal things just off of having our Names. We truly love Tina. Highly recomend.
Christina is a very gifted psychic medium. She has provided insight and has always been accurate with life events, relationships, and loved ones over the years. I truly appreciate her honesty be it good or bad, it has always helped me stay on the right path and find my life purpose. Christina has such a special gift with healing energy and I love the Reiki sessions. I leave with a feeling of peace and clarity.
If you want an honest psychic, someone who will tell you the truth and is able to really truly see what lies ahead, or how someone may be feeling no sugar coating. Then look no further. From day one seriously Tina has been so accurate with my reading. She never steered me in the wrong direction yet always gave me the honest truth. Tina picks up on the smallest details it's phenomenal - I ask myself how does she know that? She's more than amazing honest and loyal to her clients. Thank you x
I have known Cristina for ten years and received readings once or twice a year since 2010. Her spiritual gifts are sincere and accurate. On her first reading she passed on information from my grandmother that was so specific to my life- I was floored. Cristina is completely honest - for the good or bad. She will answer your questions about coming events, relationships, past lives, and loved ones who have departed. All of her intent is in a positive light and love- she is the best!
When you are going through rough decisions or times in your life the last person you want to seek is someone who is going to sugarcoat information or the outcomes. Christina is the most honest person I have faced to date. Christina's reading was one of the most even best accurate reading I have ever had. She made me feel as if we had known each other for years. She has a gift that is beyond anything I have ever encountered. She was put on this earth to help people and that is what she does.
I received my first reading from Tina, who went out of her way to fit me in her schedule. She was warm and fun and gave me a clear path to seek out. I was filled with such a warm heartfelt appreciation and walked away with an overflowing enthusiasm for my life. Tina answered my questions, without me even having to ask them. It was truly inspirational. I can't wait to see how things unfold. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much for inspiring me. Sincerely Ellen
I have been unclear about what paths to take in my life after a bad breakup and a move to a different state. I have been lacking motivation or ambition simply feeling lost. My mom suggested I book a reading with Tina, Im so happy I took a chance . Not only was she spot on about so many things but she was direct and gave me the answers I needed to move forward in life. I have not felt this clarity in a very long time. This was my first experience with a psychic , Tina was amazing!!
Tina is really spectacular. She was answering questions that I had not even voiced yet. I had no communication with my father for 4 years, and when I went to see Tina she told me he would be contacting me. He called me 3 days later. She is very talented, not only as a psychic but as a medium as well. I would recommend calling Tina if you want to have a rewarding session with a really accurate psychic.
Meeting Cristina for the first time, she instantly mentioned she felt a mother presence that followed me. She continued to tell me the areas of the body where she felt the afflictions or traumas of the motherly presence. My mother had passed away years earlier from a long battle with cancer. While having a reading done, Cristina picks up on things no one outside of family could know. You can truly see she is passionate about her work. I am grateful and blessed for help in my spiritual journey


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