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Barb Mallon
Barb Mallon


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30 min: $120, 45-60 min: $200 ALL sessions are on Zoom only.

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Barb's focus in every reading she conducts is to give validation, messages & guidance to her clients. She works diligently to provide evidential information from your spirit people to you, and then any messages they may have for you or for those connected to you. Sessions are by Zoom only at this time. Video sessions work in the same way as in-person.

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After a spiritual awakening, Barb Mallon felt the strong nudge from spirit to pursue the path of mediumship, and has been deeply involved in this work ever since. She has been featured on many radio stations and the Discovery Channel as well. Barb offers telephone and in-person sittings (individual and group) and conducts mediumship demonstrations publicly in her Chantilly office. She also offers workshops on psychic development and mediumship.

Listed since: May 10, 2007


Thank you, Barb. I will definitely be back for more. I was able to deliver the most amazing messages to my family. I wrote to one asking if he had been planning on doing something Barb mentioned, and his response was "ARE YOU A MIND READER?" followed by an imemediate phone call, and a request for Barb's info. I didn't leave the conversation wondering, I left KNOWING. thank you thank you thank you
I had my first reading with barb today and I must say she is absolutely amazing! Everything she said only my mom would have known. She nailed everything and I truly believe is was in contact with my mother. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She was so accurate that my aunt now wants to schedule a reading with her. She was nice, and very easy to understand.
I had a reading with Barb this past summer. I was amazed with her accuracy. I have to say, at the time I was amazed. But now, I am ASTOUNDED. The ASTOUNDED is because I just had an appt. (after waiting close to a year) with a nationally (even world) renowned psychic and BARB blew that person away in terms of accuracy. Thanks so much Barb!
I had my first reading with Barb on 2/2/2010. I have read with many psychics over the years, but Barb has a gentle spirit and very honest and open. She relates what she hears from your guides and hers. On my situation she was very accurate and confirmed what I had felt, she even picked up on my abilities and asked me why I was calling her, I said for confirmation and she confirmed. I recommend Barb for a reading you will honestly enjoy it.
A telephone reading with Barb is truly an awe inspiring experience. From the start, she made me feel very safe and she was extremely empathetic throughout my reading. Her insights and accuracy about my personality and life circumstances truly blew me away. In my opinion, her advice for my life's upcoming decisions are going to greatly improve the direction of my future. She gets my highest recommendation. If you are at all interested, please call her... you won't be disappointed!
I did this out of curiosity. WOW, my reading was a couple days ago and now I believe. She allowed me the opportunity to talk to my dad and he advised me of some health issues with my mom and sister. They did not tell anyone because they didn't want to worry anyone. When I told them what dad shared with me they both started crying and shaking. Now we all believe. Thank you again.
I am delighted with my reading this morning with Barb. She doesn't waste our time by interjecting any of her own opinions, advice, philosophy, etc. Just pure information from the people we want to hear from. She is very alert, very good at decoding the visual symbols, very focused on what she does. Her descriptions were all extremely eviidential, I have not a doubt in the world that I truly did visit with my parents and an old friend today. It makes me happy.
My reading with Barb last week was amazing, and brought me a lot of joy and comfort. I have no doubt that she was connecting with my loved ones based on the info she was able to convey, and I have since been able to verify information she gave me during the reading that I didn't know at that time. The recording has been wonderful to share with other family members, and to review the reading myself. Highly recommended.
Barb was referred to me by a friend. I had never been to a psychic/medium before and was a bit unsure as to what to expect. I setup a phone session with Barb and I was totally amazed as to how "right on" she was related to what she was communicating back to me. There was so much specificity and it really was so correct!! I've recommended her to my sister and sister-in-law. Her psychic abilities are truly amazing!!!
Barb performed a 30 minute phone reading for me to connect with my recently passed loved one. She was able to relay information that absolutely validated that she had connected me to the spirit I was seeking. It was an amazing, very comforting experience. Even better, she uploaded the session to an MP3 that I saved on my computer and can play it whenever I want a reminder that my loved one is happy and well.
Barb is wonderful - engaging personality and a wealth of verifiable information. She is empathetic, humorous, and hard working and gave me numerous things I am very thankful for. Rewarding experience - Barb is wonderful!
Today I had a private session with Barb – only 30 minutes – but it was jam-packed with information. She shared things that she could never have known ... they were only in my head - even my family on the other side had no way of knowing - other than being here in spirit. This reading gave me peace and confirmation of a path forward - one that I knew was right for me … but, I doubted myself. Now, I feel such a strength and confidence in myself. Thank you, Barb. I WILL be back.
I recently had an amazing phone reading with Barb. She got very accurate information about me as well as my loved ones in spirit. Not only is Barb a very gifted medium, but she is very personable and made me feel at ease. I look forward to having another reading in the future and highly recommend her.
I've now been to see Barb 2 times in the past 10 months and she was truly amazing! I referred a friend of mine from Southern VA who spoke with Barb over the phone and she too was blown away by the information only she could know about. My readings have been great and have lifted my heart. Thank you are definitely becoming a heartfelt friend! God Bless You!
Amazing! The information that I was given was unbelievably accurate & were only things I would know. I cannot wait to visit with Barb again! Barb is a very gifted woman, and my reading has truly been a healing process. I am in awe. Thank you Barb!
I first saw Barb last January and wasn't sure what to expect but I have since seen her 2 more times. I'm always impressed by the information she is able to pass on to me. She recently helped me contact my mother and it was truly amazing. I felt such a huge sense of relief. I have referred a friend who was also blown away by her ability. Barb makes you feel very comfortable and takes her time with you. It truly is amazing and I highly recommend Barb!
I've enjoyed group readings with Barb and just had my first private reading. Barb was incredibly accurate, gleaning details that amazed me, and I believe in this stuff! She worked with her guides and mine as well as my relatives 'over there' to affirm my direction in life. It is a life changing experience. I would recommend her to anyone.
I have had 2 separate sessions with Ms. Mallon. It is truly remarkable how specific she is; her authenticity is evident not only in her accuracy but in the way she offers comfort and advice without "predicting" but gentle suggestion. Excellent.
Barb was so easy to talk to. It felt like being with and old friend. She helped me to connect with my son. It was incredible how accurate the information was that came through. Information only he and I would know. I could feel the love of my son during the reading, it was very comforting. Although the sadness is still with me, the fear is gone. I know he's ok and that he's with me always.
I walked in with my Mom and Sister, shook her hand and less than 5 minutes later she was in touch with people we needed to hear from. She was extremely accurate and informative. There is no way she could have known the details these were very spot on intimate details of our lives that our loved ones wanted us to her. Her reading made their passing a little less sad for me, i know they are ok now and that is priceless. Thanks Barb!
Without revealing any information about the person I wanted to contact in my reading, Barb Mallon was able to succinctly and accurately channel this person and specify things only I would be privy to. It was unbelievable and very healing. After three months of pain and darkness, I finally feel as if I can proceed with my life. I feel confident that my loved one is at peace and with me everyday of my life.
My reading with Barb this week was beyond amazing, and much more than I expected. She has a wonderful energy, and sense of humor, and I was at ease as soon as the reading began. Her information was so accurate, and this reading will end up changing my life in so many wonderful ways. Thank you Barb, for sharing your gift with others!
The reading I had with Barb is the best I have had. Her accuracy was amazing. The things I had never shared except with my passed loved ones, insight into my path, were beyond my hopes. The reading was in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. The reading was detailed, provided in a very caring manner. I have since brought family and friends to her galleries. I am completely thrilled to have had the experience. I rank the reading I had with Barb as one of the top 4 life changing events of my life.

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