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Nadine Rodriguez, Ph.D. is a 3rd generation Clairvoyant, Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Reiki Master. She channels Angels & Spirit guides to gain insight to individual issues. She can contact the deceased to get closure on unfinished business or profile the living to predict future possibilities. She prides herself in honesty & accuracy! She has helped thousands of people worldwide in matters of relationships, career, finances & business over the last 15 years.

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Nadine has a PhD & in addition utilizes various Universal Laws to help people learn to manifest their desires & improve their lives. Her purpose is to empower people by providing them with essential insight to help them on life's journey.

Listed since: May 29, 2007


Nadine is always a pleasure to speak with. The last time we spoke with her was 15 years ago. This time we needed some insight for our daughter. Her recommendations and knowledge is priceless. She told us things that no one else could have known. Very helpful In helping make a decisions going forward. We will definately be contacting her again definately not waiting 15 yrs to do so.
Nadine is an Amazing, Caring and Kind human who actually cares about helping you be your BEST self! She makes you feel like family and is patient and easy to talk to. She helped me sort through some big decisions that I'm excited about. I'm very grateful for Nadine!
Nadine was truly amazing! She is definitely gifted. She answered so many lingering questions I had and gave me a lot of peace. It was so wonderful to connect with my loved one through her. I would highly recommend her and will definitely be a repeat customer! Thank you Nadine!
Nadine was the ultimate professional during my reading. Very friendly and conducted our time thoughtfully and sensitive to my questions. It’s hard to find someone like her. Completely recommend.
Nadine was amazing. I have used mediums for years and I can tell you that she is gifted and the reading was like a conversation with someone I have known for years. My Dad came through immediately and you could easily tell the connection by the way my questions were answered and the description she had with his spirit. The half hour went entirely too quickly, but I will be back for another reading with Nadine. I highly recommend her.
I was at a crossroads in my life and needed guidance and help. Nadine provided both. Her talents as a psychic medium is second only to her ability to communicate with empathy and Aloha. The message I received helped snap me on track especially knowing loved ones on the other side want the best for me and are working behind the scenes to help when they can. The reading was very memorable and talking story with Nadine was like taking to one of the ohana.
Nadine was super helpful! I had a ton of questions prepped up, all of which she answered with grace & good humor, and other questions I thought of on the fly (which were also kinda 'background worries' of mine) she answered as well! Nadine was super insightful, and even listed off things that I had not told her! She was very forthcoming on what times would be good for what actions, and what people I would and would not meet! Very lovely to talk tom and just as kind as she is on the radio :)
Nadine was referred to me by my sister. Wow! She is specific and accurate. I gave no information and she tells me things only I would know. The way she conveyed what my late wife was saying really made her personality stand out which showed me that she was really talking to her. Being originally from Hawaii, I find it comforting that she still has that Aloha spirit even though she now lives in Texas. Nadine helped put my mind at ease and I highly recommend her.
Nadine had lifted a tremendous amount of weight off of my shoulders after having a session with her. I am able to move forward in life with clarity, peace, and with less stress knowing that my stepdad will be doing better with some modifications to his diet. Also, she picked up on situations I did not ask for that rang true once she had said them. I would highly recommend having a reading with her if you have not done so.
It was a pleasure talking with Nadine. I felt as if we were old friends catching up. I've listened to Nadine for years on the radio and always had a warm feeling with her readings. I reached out because I lost the love of my life. We reconnected in March after 15 years and he was gone in April. He was in an accident and Nadine validated what I felt happened. She even told me something I didn't know, but wasn't surprised at given how fast our relationship was moving.
This is the best reading I have ever gotten in my life. It was insightful and I didn’t have to give away information. Nadine knew things i did not tell her. She relayed Messages so that I knew that it was real. I am very pleased with my reading and would refer her to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much Nadine. Really, Thank you.
I had been struggling with deep depression following the traumatic loss of my father. In my reading, I really felt like I was talking to him again and he assured me that he was at peace and that he couldn’t keep going like he has been. I felt happy for him to no longer have to struggle with pain and doing everything for everybody but himself. Of course I miss him, but I feel completely different and my regrets are gone. It was a life changing experience.
Was a little nervous at first. But Nadine was awesome. Answered my questions and we just talked story. Will definitely do this again.
Nadine has made the grief for my fiance a little better. She is truly a God-sent. Thank you so very much.
Nadine has been a Godsend. She is helping me through my grief process and helping my family and I. She is truly awesome and friendly. She is done to earth and will do another reading with her. She is great. Thank you so much.
Words cannot explain how wonderful our reading with Nadine was, we got all we need to know, we found peace & most of all Closer with the passing of our Beautiful Sister who’s now resting in peace, Nadine was so on point it’s was like we were talking to our sister, I really recommend Nadine she’s awesome, Mahalo Nadine
I have spoken with a very good psychic before and her name was Lon Voh...I feel that Nadine has the same kind of gift as Lon who I feel is pretty accurate in her readings, and I was blown away. She makes you feel comfortable like you are speaking with your cousin or someone you knew for a long time. I highly suggest that you experience her gift for yourself to be amazed as I was. Mahalo nui e Nadine. - Horace K Dudoit III "Hoʻokena"
I am so happy and blessed to hear great news about my son’s future career. After speaking with Nadine I feel so relieved knowing good things are coming my son’s way. Thank you so much Nadine!❤️ God Bless Always
Hands down recommend Nadine over anyone else! I had a bad first experience with someone else. Nadine pulled up information about my current situation that no one knew about. She explained why what's happening is happening. All the things she mentioned were spot on as well! I plan to return to reconnect with loved ones because this reading was so pure and uplifting.
Nadine made me feel so comfortable and safe. I was so happy to work with her. It was amazing some of things that she knew. I will call her again.
My reading with Nadine was spot on! Her friendliness and humor put me at ease and the hour went by so quickly. It was like talking to an old friend. She truly has a god-given gift. Many blessings to you Nadine!
Had my first reading with Nadine! I've had an "interesting" life growing up and not one that I'm proud of. I asked her if she knew if someone was watching over me because my past could have steered me down a road to disaster. Nadine told me about my Angel that has been watching over me since birth and guiding me through life ensuring I didn't end up down the wrong path. Without going into all the was a very uplifting experience and will definitely meet with Nadine again.Mahalo!
Thank you Nadine, for taking the time to squeeze us in on last minute notice. It meant a lot for us to hear of our lost. Your accuracy was spot on. I’m glad I didn’t hesitate to book an appointment with you for a reading. Of course our lost will take time to heal or perhaps be apart of our lives til the end. It was my first experience and I’m 100% happy I chose to do it. As for my wife, when she’s ready I have it saved on a recording. I STRONGLY recommend others to contact you for support. Aloha
I've had numerous readings done with Nadine and each time I feel so much better after speaking to her! Speaking to her is like speaking to a long time friend or family member who shows love, concern and support but also keeps things 100% real with sugar coating! I can't wait for our next reading!!
Ms. Nadine is awesome, she really answered some of my questions,and put my concerns to rest ,I wanted to know about my mom who died unexpectedly,she let me know my mom was doing, fine, and that it was ok to let her go. Thank you Nadine, I really needed this relief.
First time for a reading. Overwhelmed to learn that my mom is ok, happy, and at peace. Also hoping for the sale of the house, so to move forward with my life. Looking to the new chapter to come. Thank you, so much.
This was the first time I had a reading done and I'll admit I was very skeptical BUT my reading with Nadine was beyond what I expected. I felt a peace and calmness come over me after our reading. She didnt sugar coat anything with me. She let me ask anything I wanted even if I thought it was stupid. She made me feel comfortable and really made my over thinking mind feel at ease. I've already told family and friends about her and I will DEFINITELY be back. Thank you so much Nadine.
Nadine was amazing! She knew exactly why I was calling before I said anything. I had been weighing on what career to make and felt pretty confused. She helped me see a meaningful career path that gave me hope, direction and confidence. She is also really nurturing and comfortable in her approach. I will definitely see Nadine for a reading again and I highly recommend her!
Wonderful and uplifting. Helpful, specific, practical insights and tips.
My first call to Nadine went very well. I wanted to communicate with my teenager that recently passed. The first word out of her mouth was on point with a recent event. She seemed to get the vibe and personality of my son and I really believe she is the real deal. It gave me some comfort and I’m so happy that I had the option of getting a recording of our session. Definitely recommend and I plan on calling her again. Thank you Nadine for helping me connect to my beautiful son.


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