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Get clarity, overcome obstacles, and live with more joy. When you’re feeling lost, confused, or discouraged, it can be difficult to know how to move forward. As a professional medium, my readings give you the clarity you need to overcome obstacles and start creating a more joyful life. I share loving messages from your Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones who have passed. I offer readings by email, phone, and zoom.

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Receive loving, insightful guidance to help you with:
- Feeling lost
- Feeling overwhelmed
- Finding a new career
- Finding your ideal relationship
- Improving your personal and professional relationships
- Overcoming fear and self-doubt
- Overcoming obstacles
- Creating more joy in your life
- Knowing next steps to take
- Deepening your spiritual connection
- And other topics that are important to you

If you’ve lost a loved one, a reading can help you:
- Feel reassured that they are okay
- Feel comforted by knowing they are still part of your life
- Feel peace about end-of-life decisions
- Receive guidance from them about your life

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Readings by email, phone, and zoom.

You might be wondering…

- What will happen during my reading?
It’s good to have an open mind about what we’ll focus on. You might come to me for spiritual questions, and then your deceased loved ones show up. You might want to speak to a particular loved one, but someone else comes through, or your Spirit Guides share information instead. I can’t guarantee that the loved one you want to speak to will come through, although they usually do. My overall intention is that your reading helps you feel more clarity, gives you action steps to overcome obstacles, and helps you feel empowered to create a more joyful life.

- How do I prepare for my reading?
Please create a list of questions so we can make the best use of your time. Give yourself time before and after your reading so you don’t feel rushed. You might also pray or meditate before your reading to help you get in a calm, receptive state.

- Will you know everything about me?
No. I ask your Guides for insight into the questions and concerns you have. Even then, I won’t know everything about those concerns. My aim is to share enough information to help you feel at peace about your concerns and to feel empowered to move forward.

- I’m scared you’re going to tell me something bad, or something I don’t want to know.
I never receive scary or “doom and gloom” messages. In every connection I’ve had with the other side, I have felt only love, compassion, and understanding. That’s what I share in my readings.

- Does getting a reading go against my religion?
The basis of all my readings, and the source of all information I receive, is Love. I invite you to spend time on my blog to determine if the types of messages I share coincide with your beliefs. Then you can purchase your reading when you feel comfortable and ready.

- What about evil spirits?
I only connect with the highest loving spirits, and the messages I share vouch for that.

- What if a deceased loved one I DON’T want to hear from comes through?
This is unlikely. However, if it happens, I will send them away. It’s just like the front door of your house – you let some people in and keep some people out.


Listed since: Nov 17, 2020


Melanie is so empathetic. She has real talent. I loved the messages she got from my loved ones.

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