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A 2hr. (weekday) Medium Reading + Digital Recording + 1 free guest - $195 (additional guests @ $40/ea) • Weekend/Nights also available. Book your reading today!

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(469) 269-5161


Marcel Cairo is an evidence-driven, science-based medium respected by scientists and skeptics alike as "one of the most trusted afterlife mediums in America," In 2006, Marcel originated 'The Medium's O.A.T.H™'- a professional pledge to be Objective, Authentic, Transparent and Honest, with a zero tolerance for any fraud, deception or scams used by many practicing psychic/mediums today. Office visits and phone sessions available.

"My experience was amazing. I am so glad I booked my session with Marcel.
He was kind, compassionate, friendly and truly able to connect with my loved
ones beyond. I am so grateful for my experience, words can not explain. I highly
recommend him if you need some healing!"
-Kelly Nenezian

Marcel Cairo has lectured at "Exploring the Extraordinary" a science-based conference out of the UK, and has been the host of three popular spiritual podcasts: AfterlifeFM, In Good Spirit and Life Goes On Radio. His mediumship has taken him to South America, Europe, Africa and Australia, and he has held offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Columbus, OH. He now works and resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area.

A reading with Marcel Cairo is a comprehensive two hours of connections and communication that will leave you uplifted and inspired. Affordable and guaranteed, all readings include a reading for you plus one guest, and a high-quality, digital recording of the session.

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Marcel Cairo collaborates with scientists, researchers and thinkers investigating the deeper questions of consciousness and mind. Listen to an interview with Marcel Cairo on Skeptiko at

Listed since: Sep 26, 2007


My sister and I had a private session with Marcel. Was truly amazed at what he could tell us. I have total confidence in Marcel, his reading helped us to find closure and begin the healing process. I will definitely call on Marcel the next time I'm in the area.
Marcel Cairo was very warm and engaging. He connected me to my loved ones and soothed my soul and theirs.
I had an excellent reading with Marcel after my dad had past I was really searching for a way of connecting. I wasn't sure it would pan out but was fascinated and gave it a try. He was awesome and never asked leading questions. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone that is open to receiving it. Such a special moment delivered with sincerity and empathy.
I have been going to Marcel for many years, as well as all my family. We all trust him fully and he has told us things that no one else knew. I get closure from every reading ive done and I just love it. We love all his personal readings and try to attend all his events! Just trust your gut and go to him, trust me you won't regret it!!!
I lost my son quite suddenly. One minute I was hugging him and telling him I loved him; 3 hours later, he was dead. I feared that we would not make it through that event. Not being dramatic or exaggerating, Marcel saved us from ourselves. He gave answers that helped where police could not at that time. It gave my daughters a chance to settle a few things. Thank you Marcel! You'll always have a place in our family & we love you dearly. Tracy
I have had sessions with Marcel the past 15 to 20 years. I have referred him to friends of mine. He is not only gifted, but he is extremely heartfelt and conscious of how he shares his gift with his clients. His ability to navigate communication from loved ones has made a big difference in my life for the positive with my take aways from his sessions. Highly recommend he’s the real deal
I lost my husband 3 years ago and I felt terribly lost. My niece suggested that I book a reading with Marcel, and I am so glad that I did. He was ver kind and a pleasure to work with. I was totally amazed at how accurate he was on everything he was saying and asking me. My session ended with my heart feeling so much better and not feeling like I was all alone. I would definitely recommend Marcel for any needing or wanting a reading. He is truly amazing and the real deal! I will be booking anothe
Marcel is an amazing medium and has a beautiful, thoughtful soul. He helped me unpack quite a lot. It was a very meaningful reading, which even a year out has impact. I've been to other very good mediums and had good experiences, but Marcel's reading and approach was unique and refreshing. Very visual.
I had an individual visit with Marcel in his office and my wife and I went to one of his shows. At first I was a sceptic. After visiting his office and seeing things in there, and some of the things that he brought up during my session, I'm a believer. He was thorough and a very caring individual. I'm scheduling my follow-up session shortly!
Amazingly! He lead us along a journey of comfort and peace as we connected with our loved ones.
Marcel is the very best medium I have ever met! I’ve seen over a dozen mediums and he is on top. We liked him so much we scheduled with him again and again. Looking forward to our next visit with him which will be very soon. He told us things about family that have passed away that there is no way he could have known. For instance, my friend’s father passed away in California about 2 weeks before the appointment, and he told us messages from my friend’s dad that were right on.
I discovered Marcel by chance after my brother had passed away suddenly. Marcel was comforting easy to work with and knowledgeable. Our first meeting was in person and a year later I met with him via zoom. Neither session disappointed- he shared so much and provided guidance in other areas as well. 100% Recommend!!
Wow... I mean, just... Wow! My life has changed significantly since my reading with Marcel! Not only did I connect with friends and family on the other side that gave me certain messages, but it had a profound impact on how I live life, and I couldn't be happier! Thank you!
I visited Marcel several years ago. I was in a difficult place at the time. I had just lost my step mother. Little did I know that I would come out of this appointment a changed person. It wasn't that I was skeptical, I didn't know what to expect. He is a master of his skill. I found myself not only in awe of what he was able to give to me. There is absolutely no way Marcel would have been able to obtain the information he received & relayed to me from the internet. Marcel is the real deal
I saw Marcel two years ago in a one-on-one. My deceased mother of 36 years (by suicide) had never come through with other mediums before Marcel. I sat for nearly two hours talking with Mom. She had a lot to say. My memories of her were painful seeing only how she was before she left. But she came through strong, determined, loving, gentle...the resurrected Mom. To get this new perspective has changed my life. And she's my strongest Guide now. We have so much love between us. Thank You Marcel!!
Thanks to Marcel we got a glimpse an alternate reality. I felt as though I was having a very present day conversation with my husband and got a lot of insight. Things that were discussed made sense months after and it was a very special and memorable experience.
Marcel is the real deal. I first met him in a group reading, he is amazing. I have since attended 5 group readings and two private readings. It makes my day brighter hearing from the other side. Marcel speaks with the dead. It's interesting to watch him decipher the signs. If you need to hear from the other side, call Marcel. You won't be disappointed.
Marcel is 1 of 1. I was a bit skeptical at first since it was the first time I ever saw a medium, but within minutes I was in complete awe of the accuracy. He is extremely honest and kind, and takes his time to really reach your spirit guides and loved ones, as well as to provide healing. I walked lighter after seeing Marcel, which was truly needed given where I was on my grief road at that time.
Marcel is the best and only medium I would ever use. I have used him twice: in 2017 and 2024. Both times were enlightening and spiritually enriching. To get distinct and specific messages from your loved ones on the other side is one of the best experiences of a lifetime. Don’t waste your time or money on someone else. And you never know who is going to show up (from the other side) at your reading!!
After my wife's passing in March of 2021 I was having a hard time dealing with it. By nature I do not believe anything other than what I can see, feel, or touch. In May of 2021 my grief was so overwhelming I was willing to try anything. Having found Marcel doing a Google search I set up an appointment. I went in with zero expectations. I found Marcel to be a very caring person and I felt very comfortable for the 2 hours that I was there. I left Marcel's office with validation. Thank you.
Marcel was recommended to me by a friend, who's been a longtime client. I went in with a healthy amount of skepticism, but I was truly impressed by the reading. I also appreciate that Marcel is funny, down to earth and very non-judgmental! I plan to have future readings and highly recommend him.
When I first met with Marcel, I was somewhat nervous. I had never spoken with a medium, and I didn’t know what to expect. Eight months prior, my husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. I was desperate to find peace, and hope, and answers. Marcel guided me in knowing that my husband is still with me. I left with a feeling of relief. I have now met with Marcel two times, and it has completely changed my life and my outlook. I will be forever grateful for him. He is truly a gift.
I went in with zero agenda: I was doing some recon for a friend before she bought a gift certificate. I was BLOWN AWAY! Spot on on a number of things that there was no way he could have known. I came away with a deep sense of peace having heard from family & friends who had passed. I cannot recommend a reading with Marcel Cairo strongly enough - it was phenomenal!
Very uplifting and informative. Had a sense of peace and tranquility after my reading
Marcel is fabulous! If you have been wanting to book- run, don’t walk! You won’t regret it. Marcel always provides a fun and safe environment to interact with your spirit team. 10/10
Marcel was totally amazing! He always makes sure that you are comfortable and I believe that he chooses his words carefully at times to make the communication slightly easier for the receiver. Marcel has a true gift and when I first saw him with 40 other people he helped guide some of the participants who (I feel) really needed some help and comfort. For my p0rivate session he helped me connect to parents and a dear friend who died of cancer. He was spot on - I recommend him highly!. I
Marcel is the real deal. It was a life changing experience for me.
This. Was. So. Healing. If you are living under heavy grief and "what ifs" about your loved one who died, see Marcel. You will feel 100 times better and you will see that death is not the end.
I had the most amazing reading with Marcel. I had been trying to connect with my husband for almost 3 years and Marcel was very successful indeed. I feel so much better after receiving messages from my husband and loved ones. Thanks to Marcel I can now start to heal the pain in my heart from the loss of my beloved husband. If you are really needing to connect to your loved one or loved ones I totally recommend Marcel.
Give yourself the opportunity to experience a unique/personalized session with Marcel. He is wonderful to say the least. My mind and spirit have been brightened after our session. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Marcel.


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