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$135.00 for 30 min

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Mediumship & Soul Clearing are my focus. I specialize in clearing entities, J-Seals, tags, negative implants, Draconian and Arion seals, house clearings, and color frequency activation. I do these by remote through time & space . All recorded on an mp3 for no extra charge.

Connecting to your loved ones on the other side is one of my joys in life. This helps you to move through a sad time with some validation from your loved ones. It is easier for us to move on and live again when we know that our loved ones are ok.

Some times when a spirit crosses over they may not feel complete with their family here. You might feel your house is heavy with sadness, or personally have a lot of anxiety.

When you can get closure through a reading this will often remedy itself. However some times I need to step in with a House Clearing or Soul Clearing. I showcase a lot of these examples on my TV Show. It can be really interesting, dealing with the other side:)

In Dallas I am known as the Ghost Queen because of all the work I do with spirit.

As a young horse crazy woman I had a Near Death Experience that altered the course of my life. This is how I met Bob Olson, when he interviewed me about my NDE.

As a result of the injuries I began having visions and conversations with people no longer living more often.

This got me started on a life long pursuit of spiritual understanding and awakening.

If you are interested in pursuing mediumship or developing your own natural psychic ability check out my apprentice program on my web site at

Leave a message on my phone , better still email me after you have purchased your session and we can make plans.

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I am also an expert energy tracker, if you are experiencing negative paranormal situations contact me for Soul Clearing work.

This can really help if you feel stuck, blocked or have ugly spirits around you like entities.

I have trained in several mystery school paths and this soul clearing work is the best way to banish negative entities or negative energies out of your space and re-set your shields of protection.

The fastest way to get in for a reading is to purchase it on my web site. I will contact you asap to schedule a time.

PS: While you are on the site be sure to sign up for my weekly E-zine and Free 21 Day Angel Connection Program. The Angels saved my life and I feel strongly they are here to enhance yours as well.

Listed since: May 16, 2010


Very professional, kind and compassionate
Marveena is truly a Blessing to work with! Just one session with her helped me soo much on my Spiritual path and my daughter ( who has seen those who have passed all of her life) finally got to experience somebody using their gift to help others! Marveena boosted her confidence so much she was able to relay messages herself for the first time. Her sessions seem to elevate you to where you need to be Spiritually, I don't know how she does it but I am eternally grateful!!
I found Marveena after beginning a spiritual journey over 2 years ago. I went through her year long apprentice program and Reiki Master/Teacher training. The entire experience was way beyond my wildest expectations. Her readings, her clearings, the wisdom she passed along empowered me and brought about results that I never thought possible. There's an old saying that you have to live it to know it. What I used to doubt a few years ago, I cannot deny today. She is a blessing of love!
My journey started 2.5 years ago. I have had the good fortune of "great" psychics and mediums showing up (synchronicity) in the path of my journey. Marveena shares the "top of my list" with one other Dallas medium. Marveena has a broad knowledge of many metaphysical and healing practices. I have used her for readings and "soul clearings", all with fantastic results. Highly recommend

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