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 Ann Howard
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Psychic, clairvoyant, Intuitive, empath, and emotional healer, helping people for over 15 years to become emotionally and spiritually balanced. I believe your angels and guides led you here. My readings specialize in love and relationship, difficulties in family relation, marriage, and life direction. If you need clarity, guidance, and support towards a situation or a person, I will bring forward your Angels for messages and answers. I truly believe that your angels will never leave you feeling empty. Sorry, I DO NOT READ ON MEDICAL OR PREGNANCY. If you want to release blockages, end cycles, work on higher vibration, and see things shift in your life then it's time to work with your Angels.

I connect with energy through name so please always include your name to receive messages and answers. Angels want you to understand your situation and help you to overcome any concern or problem you may have. Begin to communicate with them and see your life transform. If you need answers, guidance, clarity or Whatever is holding you back, Angels can help you move forward and be successful in life.

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I'm very fortunate to have this gift! I come to you and everyone else from the bottom of my heart. I use my gift with good intentions. My readings are comfortable, affordable, honest, and uplifts your energy. My goal is to help you begin your journey to self-healing and provide answers to lead you in the right direction. Looking forward to connecting with you.

Ann Howard

Listed since: Sep 2, 2014


I have been having readings and guidance for at least two years. Man she’s helped me so much and not only is she on point. She gives you the best guidAnce listen to her even if it’s hard. She’s honest with you even if it’s not what you want to hear. Everything she has told me has come to past. She’s so easy to talk to. She connected with me very well. She said things I was going to tell her before it even left my mouth. She’s amazing and you will get your moneys worth. Your won’t be disappointe.
This was my second time reading with Ann and... WOW! I read with her about 5-6 mo ths ago and she was righr on the money and predictions pretty much panned out. I needed guidance agaun and Ann exceeded my hooes with the comfort, hope ab PEACE her reading brought. Honest guidance and I love that she gave advice based kn the reading. She definitely did not use bias... just read. Shes straight forward and I love that! Definitely Reccomend and will read with her again.
I would definitely recommend a reading with Ann. She was very accurate in predicting a job opportunity and is generous with her time.
I've been to a couple of angel readers/psychics before and Ann was one of the best ones. When we finished our reading I had hope in my life. She picked every thought that comes to my mind and analyzed them. I was in awe. She really does hear from your angels. I was so excited about life after and three months later I'm doing everything she said.
If you're like me, you've read through a lot of the psychic profiles on this site, searching for someone you think will be able to read and guide you in a way that feels tailor made for you. I had my first reading with Ann today and *please* listen to me when I tell you, Ann is absolutely that person. I've done readings with incredibly gifted psychics, but when I tell you she was on the money from the minute we started our reading, she was spot on. Ann, thank you a million times over.
She's was wonderful. Absolutely spot on with everything she said. She knew things that no one could've ever known. She told me things in my reading that have changed my life for the better and helped me realize where my focus needed to be. I'm so thankful I found her on here. I'll definitely be doing more readings with her.
I contacted Anne through the Instant Reading site. I had been out of work for (7) weeks and needed guidance. Anne uniquely explained about being appreciative for the time I had been given and to learn something about myself. See this time as an opportunity to grow and I would have a new job in (2) weeks. Exactly 2 weeks to the day I interviewed with the company that hired me. Thank you Anne for playing phone tag with me and being kind and genuine. I am grateful.
I didn't have much time with Ann Howard, but she was right on the nose regarding my question and gave me the inspiration I needed to keep going. Even though it was a chat, I felt she was very friendly and helpful.
I've have been to many psychics and by far, Anna has been the only one I felt a real connection with. As soon as I would get off the phone with her, I just felt relieved. Her readings have been on point and not only that she has always been there for me when I've needed her. Honestly words can not describe how much I appreciate this woman and I hope you keep helping people the way you have helped me. Once again Thank You.
Making a connection with Ann has brought great clarity and purpose with her personal touch she gives way more then just a generic psychic reading. she sheds light on what needs to be heard and healed.
Ann's reading was not only insightful but empowering. I felt as if she knew everything I went thru and where my journey now needs to go now. Will definitely use her again.
I found a Jem of a person in Ann Howard. I thought all Psychics were the same. She provides clear life enriching information that has helped me let go of what no longer serves me and guided me toward a new path that is changing my life and getting me back on track during one of the most challenging times in my life. She knows how to deliver words to encourage and uplift.
Ann has truly been a blessing! She has given me peace when my world was falling apart. She has made me see that I am never alone!! If you are going through something and need help Ann can and will help you and she will do it because she wants to help you out of the goodness of her heart and she can help lead you to a peaceful life!:)

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