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Mystic Shelley is a natural-born Spiritual Life Coach. Shelley reads your energy, and certain truths are available to her from source to source. Hers to yours and back again. Shelley brings light and energy to your situations, present and future. After reading, many commented on how grounded and stable their energies feel.

Shelley’s beliefs stem from her abilities to read and work with energy. She’s a Reiki master and, on occasion, will use Angel Oracle Cards, Astrology, and Numerology. Although Mystic Shelley is straight and to the point, she believes you deserve the best and is here to empower you.

Everyone can use accurate insights into their lives. Mystic Shelley prides herself on helping clients derive their true life path.

There is never a better time than the present to begin living a balanced and peaceful life.

By choosing Mystic Shelley and her 8 Spirit Guides to advise you on matters of importance for your life, you are making a choice that will be the best decision to assist you.

Mystic Shelley specializes in:
Relationships ~soul mates ~ twin flames
Life purpose and spiritual path and Life Coaching

Please do this for yourself; I believe in the power of positive thinking…with courage, hope & faith in yourself, anything is possible.

Mystic Shelley will not cover medical reading, lottery, financial questions, legal problems, or life-or-death situations.

Medical attention and Legal counsel should not be avoided, discarded, or delayed when there is a reason to seek professional help. Any discussion with Mystic Shelley should not be medical or legal advice.

Mystic Shelley's hours are Monday through Friday, 9.00 am to 12.00 noon Central Time Zone. Evening Hours are 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm Central Time Zone. Weekends 11.00 am to 8.00 pm Central Time Zone.

Please go to my website for more details.

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Experience & Qualifications
Telepathy/Empathy Clairvoyance/Remote Viewing Psychokinesis , Reiki Healer Precognition ,Astrology Channeling

Listed since: Aug 19, 2011


I stumbled upon Shelley after reading many reviews and she stood out to me. My instincts were correct. Now I have been to many psychics over the years but not one has ever given me a reading like she did. It was as if she was watching a reel of my soul mate and was able to describe specific actions he was doing. She caught me off guard and I was very emotional. She was even able to pinpoint people in his past. Give her a call, you will be so relieved you did.
Had a wonderful reading by Shelley! I was absolutely blown away by how accurate this lovely woman is. I purchased an email reading but she also invited me to have a phone conversation. Shelley doesn't just give readings she also gives great advice as well, she really cares about her clients!! Thank you again Shelley!!
I have been a client for more then 10 years. Very accurate predictions and tunes in very well with the situations at hand. The sound advice and life coaching offered with her readings has helped me and family tremendously. I haved learned and grown so much spiritually with Shelley's help. She is my go-to advisor and always gets me in quickly, and will be my go-to advisor for years to come. Thank you and love and light.
Shelley is amazing and accurate!!! During my first initial reading she immediately jumped right into the current things that were happening in my life at that time without me even telling her anything about me. She's very gifted and a great advisor. Would definitely recommend her services!
Shelley is amazing! I recommend a phone reading to get the ball rolling. Then I highly suggest her manifesting program. It is worth the investment. I went from feeling energy drain to high energy and attracting what I really want in life. She has been spot on with both my last 2 relationships. We all have free will, but the plans for both these loves carried out the way intended. Do not be stubborn/ come with an open heart and mind! Amazing communication.!
Shelley is wonderful. I highly recommend her. I felt comfortable with asking anything. She provided clarity on my sons situation and this is so helpful in knowing what I need to do to help him. I am very grateful for her psychic insight. She is the real deal.
(just had phone reading but unable to leave feedback?"not eligible with this transaction" service#3616939) I had first called Shelley back in the beginning of 2015 and she instantly remembered who I was/what I had called about..amazing. She quickly connects, fast with info, explained bow/why my situation was taking much longer than it should've, gave clarity, insight/answers that helped immensely. I look forward to the closure needed and can't to update. God Bless.
Shelley is by far an amazing amazing pyschic. There were a number of times I called and she already knew what I was calling about. Her energy and accuracy is outstanding! She can go in such depth with her readings it's definitely somthing to experience. Thank you for ur honesty always! Great advisor!
Words can't express how grateful her service was. She has helped clarify some things in my life that needed to be worked on. Her service has allowed me to diffuse a situation for the benefit of my wellbeing and parenting. I know that I will have a lot to work on and thanks to her I know where to start. Nothing can express how grateful I am to her and I thank you so much for speaking with me.
Simply amazing. Didnt waste even a minute, got straight to the point and started telling things which I wanted to ask. I was surprised that how come she is answering stuff even before knowing the questions. Totally blown away. I will definetely call her again.
Shelley was able to get right to the point in a professional and warm way. I only had 12 minutes with her but in that short time she helped me a lot. She said something that she couldn't have known, something that let me KNOW she is truly able to not only "see" with almost no cues on my part and then aid me in taking steps to heal my situation. I expect 100% to be contacting her again and give her the highest of recommendations ! A+++++ Thank you Shelley , Lisa
UPDATE! She saved my mother's life! I got a mediumship reading. My uncle came through & mentioned my mother's chest area while holding funeral flowers. I told my mother about the reading. She went to the dr a week later & was rushed to the ER. Her blood pressure was so high she almost had a heart attack. She had no clue she was sick. If it wasn't for Shelley, my mom would be on the other side. If you are reading this, you are likely looking for confirmation - THIS IS IT! CALL SHELLEY NOW!
Great customer service! Lightning fast response! Accurate reading & much more! That sums up my experience with Shelley! I was in sheer desperation when I contacted her via her website. She responded quickly. It was the luck of the stars that she was able to give me a reading the same day. Before saying anything other than my name, Shelley quickly sensed my energy & went to work immediately on offering the clarity I needed. She gave me powerful info & tools to use. Next reading already scheduled
Shelley is a wonderful, personal and accurate reader! She really makes you feel comfortable and gets right to the heart of things. She doesn't give you fluff or tell you what you want to hear, she keeps it real. She remembered me from a previous reading without me having to mention anything and reiterated exactly what she'd said previously! Shelley is the real deal! I will be consulting her from here on out for all my spiritual guidance and advice. A blessing in my life!
I am so glad I found Shelley! Her reading for me has really and truly help ease my anxiety. My dog is missing and right away Shelley picked up on it and right down to the breed. What a gift she has. She was on point with the things she was telling me to and so personable too. Very sweet lady. Real easy to talk to. Could have easily spent hours talking with her. I am a forever client now :) Will definitely be back for another reading...
You were fast, right on target, filled in the blanks without my having to say anything. Will call again.
Thank you so much, Shelly is a wonderful person. She does not judge people and truly cares about her clients that she speaks with. She speaks nothing but the truth and is honest with everything she says. I feel blessed that I spoken with her and feel stressed has been relieved from my body. Again thank you and words can not express the gratitude I have towards you.
Shelley is absolutely wonderful. Not only is she insightful, accurate and knowledgeable, she truly cares about her clients. I am happy to say she is not only my advisor in all matters, but also my friend. I am truly blessed to have found her. She is a psychic with all naturally gifted abilities. I will continue to utilize her services as a client for as long as possible as she has never steered me wrong. Thank you!!
Shelley is truly wonderful! I would highly recommended her to anyone! The best words to describe her is: integrity, compassion and professsional! I first made spoke with Shelley end of November and what she has told me has been true. She is honest in what she tells, and is compassionate. She truly cares for those she deals with, and I can tell you first hand, she has been a blessing to me and I am so blessed to have found her!

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