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Candy DuBray
Candy DuBray



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Candy is a gifted psychic, medium. She is known for accurate predictions looking into the past, present, and future. Her gifts empower her to help offer clients guidance, validation, comfort, and healing. Candy gives insight into the path of every day changing obstacles and helps shift you into a positive energy flow to get more out of life experiences.

When you schedule your reading with Candy, you will receive immediate validation with little to no information given and will cover the aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance. She looks into love, relationships, career, spiritual growth.

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From a young age, Candy began helping and guiding those around her. She uses her gift to mentor her clients and guide them, so they can get clear validation of fears and doubts in different areas of their lives. She gives accurate predictions to help you see ahead for guidance.

Listed since: Feb 9, 2024


I think it’s just fascinating to receive readings from twins! Some of the concepts Candy brought up were so specific and spot on that they connected to everything I asked. She brought up some things that I too had been feeling so strongly about but didn’t have the confidence to know for sure. Such a joy and so positive. I enjoy her and her twin sisters' readings!
My reading I had a few days ago with Candy, replied and scheduled quickly. She was honest about what she saw and delivered the message in a caring and compassionate manner. The information that came through assisted me with my decision on the property and moving on from the relationship. I like how she blends psychic insight with spiritual guidance. Yes! I did open doors for new beginnings, Thank you Candy!   I would recommend her to anyone that needs guidance on their life path.

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