Rachel S. Kohler

Rachel S. Kohler
Rachel S. Kohler


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Charleston, South Carolina


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$120.One Half Hour

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Cell 843 271-1381


 Rachel Kohler is a third generation psychic/clairvoyant/clairsensitive. My readings give you clear answers to all your questions.

If you are seeking answers on how to use your talents to enjoy a prosperous and happy life,
Rachel Kohler will provide you with answers; delivered to you with love, compassion and no
judgment. Rachel lifts the veil of the unknowns and presents a clear path for you to navigate.

Additional Information: 

Dr. Rachel Kohler is a third generation natural born medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsensitive. Since my childhood I have possessed the gift of 'inner sight'. At about age 5, I recall being able to predict future events. My Mother was a natural born healer who healed my Father of a crippling back injury.

My recognition of my psychic abilities was not an easy path for me to accept. For many years, I fought it and did not want to deal with other than earthly matters. In my mid 20's my maternal Grandmother, whom I never met, began appearing to me. I was frightened! I consulted a British medium, Ronald Hearn, who sent me a taped recording of a reading. He described my Grandmother and told me many future events, but more importantly, helped me to begin to accept my spiritual path.

After that time, I became involved in Spiritual Frontier Fellowship and for many years attended meetings and met some wonderful people who also helped me along the way.

My first mentor was my Aunt Elsie who noticed my special abilities as clairvoyance. Through the years I had many spiritual teachers in earthly form; but mainly teaching form my spirit guides. My guides taught me to integrate the spiritual laws as well as the laws of physics and apply them to my spiritual work. I also spent many years in self study of working with energy & matter.

In one of my classes that I conducted, I predicted the horrific event of 9/11/2001 and other world events which did occur.

I also receive message for my clients from spirit guides and the Masters and I am an ordained minister. My specialties include accuracy in predicting the precise time of a future event and giving specific & detailed information; such as names, dates, astrological signs, etc. I have a documented accuracy rate of 95-100% in most cases. My style in providing guidance is clear, to the point, concise, positive, non-judgmental and with the goal of providing hope for my client's life.

I hold a degree in Metaphysics and has taught many spiritual development, meditation, tarot and Channeling classes in a community college and in my home and have been a guest on many call- in radio shows over the years. My main purpose is to help people achieve happiness, peace and joy. I have learned much from my interaction with my clientele about human nature and the path that we on Earth should consider walking on. That is, to keep oneself in a positive frame of mind, body and spirit.

I have a strict code of ethics and choose to heal, not hurt. My goal for my client is to leave their session with me with a feeling of positivity and an uplifting energy.

Through the years, I have developed what my clients lovingly call "Rachelisms". Here are a few. "If you take crumbs, you'll end up feeling crummy". "Do you control time, or does time control you?" "There are several million people on this planet, why are you upset over one person?"


Had another fantastic reading by Rachel! I highly recommend her for her accuracy, honesty and no sugar coating approach. So far what she's told me is unfolding, thanks Rachel!
posted on Dec 19, 2012 by Donna Becerra

I did have initial doubts about Rachel but she absolutely proved me wrong. Had questions in regards to a person from my past coming back into my life and she provided me with a lot of details. She was correct on how things were going to go on meeting this person and am very happy she was right :) Thanks Rachel, deeply appreciate your honesty and accuracy on my situation.
posted on Dec 4, 2012 by Donna Becerra

I had an amazing conversation with Rachel, I had a tornado hit my farm in May, and Rachel not only knew that but helped me along to what I needed to do. She told me in 5 days things would change for me as long as I did what i needed to do. She was completely RIGHT. I truly believe in God, and sometimes in crisis events we let stress take over, I really believe Rachel was blessed with a gift to remind us how truly blessed we are. Also a healing that we need.
posted on Nov 7, 2012 by Deborah Donnon

I had a reading with Dr. Kohler approximately two weeks ago. I was astonished at her level of accuracy and her straightforward and honest approach to facts. She will not tell you only what you want to hear, but rather what you should hear and need to hear, and will say it in a way which leaves you feeling good no matter what. In most cases, she can help get you to the best possible outcome anyhow by giving sound advice using her psychic abilities. Bottom line, she's from the best there is.
posted on Oct 5, 2012 by Ruvi Beck

Rachel has been my friend since high school. She is insightful, gifted, compassionate, truthful and loyal. Even though she has read for me many times over the years, I am always in awe of her accuracy and ability to give me guidance and good advice. I treasure her as a friend and as a professional and would highly recommend her to anyone. I love you, Rachel, and hope God continues to bless you. Please continue to shine your special light on all who call on you.
posted on Aug 30, 2012 by Michele Bausher

Rachel has once again predicted what has come to be true and 100% accurate! The company where I was employed is laying off people and my manager was fired! The store I worked in is closing this month! Rachel is truly clairvoyant, genuine, and truly cares about people and animals! Rachel is the Best Psychic of the century! Thank you Rachel!!!
posted on Jul 31, 2012 by Katerina Djurkinjak

I have been the President of 3 major broadcast companies. We integrated mediums into our on-air programming, so my recommendation comes with decades of daily experience with spiritual advisors. Rachel's advice and guidance has been “spot on” and invaluable. She is one of the best mediums in the World . . . and I’ve known many of the best. Rachel’s ACCURATE, professional and personable advice is a blessing!
posted on Jul 7, 2012 by Bob West

I have known Rachel for ten years plus as well as she has been reading for me for this many years regarding my personal, career as well as chakra balancing. She has always done an amazing job! Rachel is 100% accurate she is excellent and the best out their! She has helped me so much! I am very grateful to her! Rachel truly cares for people and animals very much! Rachel is a wonderful person and a great psychic/medium!
posted on Jun 7, 2012 by Katerina Djurkinjak

Dr. Rachel Kohler is amazingly accurate in her predictions about my various life challenges in the past 10 years. She is gifted/ insightful, spiritual, knowing, compassionate, gentle, and honest. Example- describing specifics of the buildings I will be working in the future/ direction of my career and family. I have contacted her for more than 10 years and will continue to do so. Rachel is a blessing and has given much to perform her work. With deepest respect, Mary Dickerson
posted on May 1, 2012 by Mary Dickerson

I have consulted with Dr Rachael for over ten years, with many beneficial readings. My most memorable was during my devastating seperation from my husband. I was crushed, looking for comfort and guidance. During the reading she unexpectedly (to me) crossed over and talked to both of my parents. I asked my Dad a question no one on this earth could have answered but him. That session gave me comfort, hope, and something to hold on to. Verification came very shortly with a predictated event.
posted on Apr 1, 2012 by Trish Metro

I have been in touch with Rachel since 2009. Amazingly, she can communicate with people or animals---alive or dead------using information via e-mail. I can confirm this 100%. Rachel communicated with my late partner and my Siamese cat, who had died not long before. They are together, absolutely fine and sent convincing messages to me. Rachel is genuine, kind and a positive force.
posted on Mar 28, 2012 by Lesley Normington

I have known Dr. Rachel Kohler as a personal friend and valued advisor for 17 years. She is professional, ethical and accurate. She has counseled me on many personal events in my life and has done successful pet communication for me as well. I would recommend this gifted woman to anyone needing spiritual, professional or personal guidance. I feel honored to call her my friend and advisor. Michele M. Bausher, Wyomissing, PA
posted on Mar 25, 2012 by Michele Bausher

Dr. Kohler is amazing and as legit as they come. I started consulting her on October 2011. I received a soulmate consultation and a general session and she described things and very personal things that my own family doesn't know about me. She's always been spot on accurate and kind in her words. I honestly wouldn't go or turn to anyone else. She has my undying faith and loyalty.
posted on Mar 24, 2012 by Lina Kun

I have been seeing Rachel for three years, and my favorite reading was about my soul mate. She offered incredibly detailed descriptions of everything, from where my soul mate lived down to when we would meet and how it would come about. She even offered to help me reach her quicker through an daily exercise. I can't recommend her enough! If your having a hard time, give her a chance and I promise you will not regret it. She is simply amazing.
posted on Mar 21, 2012 by John Davis

Rachel did an outstanding job in our first consultation together, I was amazed at the information provided and her ability to see and feel things, past, present and future a true visionary. I look forward to the next visit. Thank YOU Dr. Rachel
posted on Mar 19, 2012 by Dewey Link

Rachel began providing guidance to me in 2002, when I was frightened because my own intuitive gifts were emerging. Her gentle, clear, and nonjudgmental readings provided insights helping me gain clarity about many aspects of my life; I have had general, life purpose, past life, animal communication, and mediumship readings and energy healing sessions. I trust Rachel implicitly and highly recommend her.
posted on Mar 18, 2012 by Joslyn Zale

I have had personal consultations as well as Chakra Cleansing with Dr. Kohler. I have been talking with Dr. Kohler for less than a year and all of her predictions were accurate. She was able to talk about things in my personal life before I had even mentioned anything to her about them. Having her guidance and "inner sight" has definatly brought more inner peace in my life. All of her readings have been accurate and has helped guide me on the right path.She is someone with a special gift!
posted on Mar 17, 2012 by Melanie Kaas

Listed since: Sep 13, 2011


Dr. Rachel Kohler is truly a Professional , I've had 3 readings with her , each were so very accurate on the personal level for something I was going through at the time. Now for the present., just a few months ago, JANUARY, she was talking with another friend of hers on a Podcasts, she gave a prediction for terrible weather in California beginning the first of March , horrible flooding, snow , mudslides , loss of homes and families, , and it is still happening as we speak
Wow what an eye opening experience it was with you Rachael, the things you picked up on were spot on. I appreciate all you did for me. your advice really help me in the difficulties I was going through where no one was able to help. I must say you are the REAL THING. I will send others your way.
Wow. This was an amazing experience. I was confused about how to take my business to the next level and Dr. Kohler got to the heart of the matter quickly and outlined what would work best! So happy I called!! She is the real deal and a must call!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!
I again write to speak of Dr. Kohler/ Rachel. The accuracy of her readings is amazing but not a surprise to me since she has been long used by me for the various challenges in my life. My most recent venture was in the sales of condomineum in which she predicted the specific condition of the home that required fixing, the plumbing issue in the kitchen, that one of the contractors would be difficult to work with, and the seller who would purchase this house. Without any prompts from me.
No words can explain how amazing Dr Rachel is. I had both soulmate and pastlife reading with her, both are so detailed and eye opening. She is a very caring spiritual teacher and I am so happy to have found her. She’s the only one that I can count on for accurate and true readings. She confirmed so many things for me in my current life and knew things prior to the reading. Her reading is so loving, honest, compassionate and nonjudgmental. She’s really gifted! Thank you Dr Rachel!
I am proud to have met Dr. Rachel thru this site. She is an intuitive who is not just an excellent counselor, can accurately describe my history and the man I have become today but also "proof" that future probabilities can be predicted down to names and times. Dr. Rachel has been my career counselor after lay-off and I started my job the end of May as predicted with the names Alfe (my manager), Vince (last name) of the man whose position I replaced and the company acronym. A believer!
Rachel was the real deal, I'll be calling her back for future readings. 100% correct everything! Well worth it to me for the peace of mind why things are happening. Thank u Rachel!!
I have been a client of Rachel Kohler for many years. Recently, she sent me an email with a psychic impression she had regarding some scandal in my church. What is amazing is that I have not had a session with her for some time, and she actually sensed this scandal from hundreds of miles away! She was accurate, as she always is.
I am a huge advocate of Rachel Kohler. I have worked with her for around 20 years and have returned to her periodically when I am struggling with my (laughingly) "spiritual growth". Not only does Rachel predict with incredible accuracy, she is personable, uplifting, and easy to work with. Additionally, Rachel offered a healing for my husband. Her work and medical treatment plan were strategic in his improved health. Rachel through her generosity. Simply, Rachel is the BEST!!!
Dr. Rachel is the "real deal" working directly with Spirit. Listening to her is like being with your best friend. Dr Rachel does not do cold readings. She is very focused and delivers verbatim as spirit directs her. Such an awesome and comforting experience from my perspective as a male recipient. I know there are a lot of wonderful psychic/mediums to work with but the details and kindness put Dr Rachel ahead of the pack.
I have been to many, many psychics and mediums in my life...NO ONE has ever been so spot on as Dr Rachel!!! Health issues that are going on...no one else picked up on them before!!!!! Also a question that I asked about finances is about to come true very shortly! She is ASTOUNDING!!!!!!!!
I think having a session with Dr. Kohler is a blessing due to her wisdom, her guidance, her support, her words, her understanding on our past, present and future situations. I have been blessed by her wisdom for over15 years. Her premonitions, and her interpretation have been so helpful in my life. Thanks Dr. Kohler for being an angel in my life, thanks for seeing so many things that later I was able to see them coming true. USA
Absolutely wonderful psychic and human being. Has given me accurate and meaningful advice on many occasions. I always come back.
I always enjoy Rachel's readings and value her insights. She has been a trusted advisor for many years and I think she is amazingly accurate and offers wonderful feedback every time.
Our family has been through a long and difficult experience in the last several years and we felt like we were drowning. I needed help desperately and reached out to Rachel. Her professional and caring demeanor was at once calming and allowed me to open up. Rachel helped me to see things more clearly and her concise predictions were invaluable. She is a remarkable woman with many psychic and spiritual abilities. I do highly recommend Rachel as a source for answers and guidance, she's awesome
I have had several readings by Dr. Rachel Kohler and find her to be professional, considerate and quite accurate. We've had a very difficult loss in my family and when I asked her about it, she confirmed exactly what I have been feeling. I put my full trust in her when consulting with her and will continue to work with her and have future readings. She gave me some really great news just a few days ago and I'm really looking forward to the upcoming changes she has predicted.
I had a very brief but extremely rich reading with Dr.Kohler. I am 100% confident about her professionalism but mostly absolutely satisfied. I was particularly moved by her effort to be as accurate and true as possible. I will be in contact with her again without a doubt. Thank you.
I have had several readings with Rachel. Her insights were accurate, and her spiritual guidance has been invaluable. She is professional, honest, sincere and genuinely caring. She has my highest recommendation.
This was my second reading with Rachel. It will be an annual thing -- if not sooner -- from now on. She gave me confirmation on some things I already knew, affirmations on things I'm working on, and support on the future. I made an appointment for my husband for a gift and he found great meaning in it too.
I highly recommend a reading with Dr. Kohler. I had a soul mate reading with her, and she gave me the most incredibly specific details about my soul mate. These details included a physical description, his initials, details about his life, and even what I would be wearing when I met him! I have never had such a detailed reading, and I have spoken with many psychics over the years. She not only spoke of my soul mate, but also knew deeper things about who I am as a person and was spot on!
Dr. Rachel is simply the best! I called her as I concerned about a meeting I was going to and she said all would work out and it did! That's great, but the outstanding point is that she said someone is going to be late to the meeting and they were! Wow! Thanks Dr.!
I've been seeking guidance from Rachel for a number of years and keeping detailed notes from my sessions. Rachel is accurate! Isn't that what we are all looking for . . . correct information? Rachel is the real "deal" and provides valuable insights into life's "twists and turns".
Dr. Rachel Kohler has been guiding me for almost a year now. She is an amazing woman and psychic. Almost all her predictions have come true! She is very honest and very accurate. I consider her as a friend, and I recommend her to everyone.
I have been consulting with Dr. Kohler for the past year and she never ceases to amaze me! I value her guidance in my personal as well as my professional life and her predictions were very accurate! Thank you Dr. Kohler!
I have had 3 session over the years with Dr. Kohler, and the most recent I've had was a general consultation where she was able to confirm my current situation, give guidance re. my next steps to find my true happiness and I completely concur with her facts re. the current situation and recent past facts. I love her gentle but no nonsense way of getting her points across. I feel so much better and no doubt will consult with her again in the future!
My reading with Dr. Rachel was very enjoyable and uplifting. She reads people's energies very accurately and provided information that I wanted to know without me having to ask about it. She gives honest insights to your situation and provides possible outcomes for the near future. I definitely recommend Dr. Rachel!
I have spoken to Rachel a few times and every time she has been very accurate with details of people from how they look to what their sign is. When talking to her it feels like I am talking to a dear friend, she is honest and I cherish that. If you are thinking of calling her you won't regret it!
I have read with Dr. Rachel for a few mos. Not only have some of her predictions come true, but one did in the time frame she provided. No other psychic I have read with has EVER given a correct time frame..until her. She also spk with both grandfathers who passed and told me things about them only my family would know. Dr. Rachel is wonderful and a must call.
I've been consulting with Dr. Kohler for over 15 years now, and each time I come away with two important things honesty and accuracy. She gave me great insight in 2009 when my father was fighting cancer and she even mentioned that his brother Stanley came for him when he passed on to the other world. In 2011, she mentioned that my mother’s right shoulder has hurt her for a long time and went I asked my mother she said “Yes” how did you know and I said a little angel told me.
My consultation with Dr. Kohler has been simply amazing! Before my reading, I usually write specific questions that I want ed to cover and she answered some of them without me asking! She has been very accurate and detailed with the description of my situation in question and she was able to describe alternate outcomes. I totally was in shock when Dr. Kohler described an alternate outcome and it was exactly describing what the person in question feared if she chose the alternate path!


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