Debbie Squizzero

Debbie Squizzero
Debbie Squizzero


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North Kingstown


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350$ Private Session. See my website for additional reading options and pricing.

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Please visit my website


I am a Psychic Medium and my purpose and tagline for more than 20 years is to "Help Heal People One Soul At A Time." It is my passion and mission to connect you with your deceased loved ones and/or provide you with guidance, clarity or insight you may be seeking for past, present, or future issues. I encourage my clients to live successful, fulfilling lives by delivering accurate, healing and loving information during their session.

I empower people who may be struggling with everyday life issues, or grief by teaching them about death, dying, the other side and/or their own energy and intuition. My goal is for each client to experience a positive healing session leaving them with a sense of ease and peace, closure or healing.

I perform my work with the utmost integrity and I take a great deal of time to prepare for each and every session. Every client is important and special.

It has been an amazing honor and incredible experience to serve Spirit and bring healing, peace and/or guidance to so many beautiful people. I am truly blessed, grateful and humbled as I continue my quest to heal people one soul at a time. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

With Gratitude,

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The first visit to Deb a few years back blew my mind. I was a bit skeptical at first but in a short time she was hitting it out of the park with information that only I knew. She won me over with her unbelievable talent and personality, and her caring approach to some heavy subjects. I'm a fan!

I now visit her every six months for a spiritual check-in and check up and it never ceases to amaze me how she is able to channel such powerful information and guidance. It is truly Divine.

When I lost my mother she reached out to me after she received a cancellation and her way of pulling me through a rough time buoyed me and put me at ease. Visit with skepticism and leave a believer.

Bobby Bach

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Listed since: Jun 4, 2020


This was my second time seeing Debbie. Immediately I felt right at ease and Debbie made me feel like an old friend. Debbie was able to remember details from our past reading, as well as pick up past relatives as soon as I came into the room. The comfort and love I experienced can not even be put into words. I left Debbie feeling more powerful, loved and more positive!! I look forward to seeing Debbie again next year! She will also let you record your session :) Thank You Debbie <3

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