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Margaret Phillips
Margaret Phillips


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I'm an Angel Card Reader, Psychic Medium, Life Coach, and Shamanic Energy Healer & Reiki Master. I use the gift of the four main clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircogniscience) to help people get the answers they seek as well as help them to move forward in their lives. I communicate with the Angels several times a day and believe they help me maintain a sense of peace I could not receive anywhere else. I have had numerous premonitions and communications with deceased spirits throughout my life. I feel my life purpose is to help those in mortality and in the spirit world communicate with God and each other as well as help others change their lives so they can have more happiness. I can help you get answers with relationship, career, finance, and many other questions you have through Divine guidance.

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Growing up, I have always felt God loved me, even as a young child. When I was about eight years old, I was given a print of a Guardian Angel picture. I looked at the picture every day as I grew up and found comfort in it. I would pray and talk to this Angel and God frequently. Even when I was away from the picture, I would envision my Angel with me and confide in her my deepest thoughts, dreams, and fears. She always allowed me to feel God's love and feel that I was being watched over, no matter how difficult my life was at that moment.

When I was about fifteen, I started having premonitions. I was amazed at not only how accurate they were but how it felt like I was living them while I was having them. My premonitions continued into my adult life and still continue this day. As an adult, I have had numerous experiences where I have communicated with deceased loved ones, some of whom died before I entered this life. I am grateful every day for the wonderful gift of angelic and spiritual communication God has given me and desire to share it with others.

Love and Light,
Margaret Phillips

Listed since: Apr 7, 2015


I have worked with Margaret on many occasions, she and her angels are always so clarifying, loving and really help me to move forward. I feel connected to my own truth and stronger because of her wonderful gift that she shares. I will work with her again in the future, it's like having your own little god/angel coach. She is a real gem...
Margaret took extra time with me during my reading and answered my questions honestly. The reading was uplifting and I felt better and more reassured after it ended. She conveyed messages through angel cards about my situation and I asked questions along the way. It was not only an angel card/psychic reading, but also I felt I was speaking to a friend and someone to offer guidance.

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