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I am a clairvoyant/psychic/medium. I discovered my gift when I was in my early 20s. I have been sharing my gift over 50 years now doing private readings by telephone, as well as email. I do not read groups due to your privacy as I never know what I will hear. When I hear someone's voice, whether in person or on the phone, I feel and see the past, present and future depending on what is needed at the time. People call it guides, I call it "they or them" because it seems to be a collective positive and loving energy I hear talking to me. I personally believe in God and what I do know is that "they" have been kind, loving and very exact in telling people the past, present or future. Sometimes I "hear" things about a person before they arrive or call for a reading. That always amazes me still to this day. Loved ones who have passed also come through when needed, which is very different from "them" talking to me. Phone readings are just as amazing as in person.

I do not believe in putting a time limit on readings. My readings generally last an hour or longer depending on the person's needs. I never cut anyone off because "time is up". I charge a reasonable fee of $175 because expensive doesn't make you a better medium nor does charging less mean you are not as good. I believe it is my calling to help people and when mediums become expensive due to fame or whatever, you limit the people who really need the help but have limited finances. Should you need to discuss a sliding scale fee for your needs I am here to help, please just ask me.

I have done readings for a variety of people, including celebrities, as well as helping law enforcement. I do not use cards or any objects of divination. I "see, hear and feel" things and I tell you those things before you ask any questions, then afterwards clients may ask any questions. My belief is that this is a gift from God and I look forward to sharing this gift with you. This is also the only place I advertise because I have high respect and regard for Bob Olson and the work he does and it is privilege to be listed here. I highly recommend his latest book, it is outstanding and I believe it can help a lot of people in different ways "The Magic Mala".

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You can reach me at 570-856-3505 though emailing is preferred, as it often takes a few days or more to get back to everyone.

Listed since: Mar 1, 2013


I had Debbie come to my house for a readings party, Everyone who was there was very impressed with her and the information she gave us. They were private readings which was nice because a reading at times can be very emotional. She was right on with what she told me and other people said the same. I would surely recommend her to anyone who wants to connect with those who have passed. I was very comfortable with her as was everyone else. I will call her again! I am no relation to her either!
Deborah was the first and only i`ve come across who knew all my questions and answers. She answered all of the questions I wrote in order to the point I had no questions to ask at theend She was straight on and knew me my daughter and fiance as if she was my bestfriend She knew my personality and my strengths and weaknesses. It was al right infront of me I just needed to stop fighting myself and push forward. I would reccomend her to everyone no matter what your looking for! Thanks so much Deb!


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