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I am a clairvoyant/psychic/medium. I discovered my gift when I was in my early 20s. I have been sharing my gift over 50 years now doing private readings by telephone, as well as email. I do not read groups due to your privacy as I never know what I will hear. When I hear someone's voice, whether in person or on the phone, I feel and see the past, present and future depending on what is needed at the time. People call it guides, I call it "they or them" because it seems to be a collective positive and loving energy I hear talking to me. I personally believe in God and what I do know is that "they" have been kind, loving and very exact in telling people the past, present or future. Sometimes I "hear" things about a person before they arrive or call for a reading. That always amazes me still to this day. Loved ones who have passed also come through when needed, which is very different from "them" talking to me. Phone readings are just as amazing as in person.

I do not believe in putting a time limit on readings. My readings generally last an hour or longer depending on the person's needs. I never cut anyone off because "time is up". I charge a reasonable fee of $175 because expensive doesn't make you a better medium nor does charging less mean you are not as good. I believe it is my calling to help people and when mediums become expensive due to fame or whatever, you limit the people who really need the help but have limited finances. Should you need to discuss a sliding scale fee for your needs I am here to help, please just ask me.

I have done readings for a variety of people, including celebrities, as well as helping law enforcement. I do not use cards or any objects of divination. I "see, hear and feel" things and I tell you those things before you ask any questions, then afterwards clients may ask any questions. My belief is that this is a gift from God and I look forward to sharing this gift with you. This is also the only place I advertise because I have high respect and regard for Bob Olson and the work he does and it is privilege to be listed here. I highly recommend his latest book, it is outstanding and I believe it can help a lot of people in different ways "The Magic Mala".

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You can reach me at 570-856-3505 though emailing is preferred, as it often takes a few days or more to get back to everyone.

Listed since: Mar 1, 2013


Debbie is the real deal. I immediately felt connected to her and she was able to tell me things that no one else knows. She was able to connect with my loved one and was spot on. I am so thankful I found Debbie and there is no doubt I will continue to have readings every few months. She was so easy to talk to. She is honest and caring. She had a very special gift and I am forever thankful!
Wow! Debbie is amazing. First, she made me feel so comfortable during the reading. Next, Debbie's reading was so accurate! She knew names, dates, ages, and was able to connect with family and loved ones that I really needed to hear from. Debbie helped me to make some important decisions as well. Accurate, Kind, Easy to talk to, she has it all!!! I am getting ready to set up another reading soon.
I have been getting readings from Debbie for a few years now. My husband was killed in an industrial accident not long before I met Debbie. The first reading I had with her she told me things that the coroner told me about the accident and what happened to my husband. No one else knew that information. Since the first reading she has told me many things that I know came from the other side. She has a closeness to the spirits on the other side and will tell you what "They" want you to know.
I have had readings before, but today I had my first reading with Deborah Edwards. To say that I'm blown away by her accuracy is an understatement. She provided evidentiary information such as names, an age, experiences I've had that she couldn't have known about and good news I was hoping for. She connected with loved ones and I feel at peace and healed because of it. I will be calling her in the future. Deborah is a warm, generous soul - the real deal - and I HIGHLY recommend her!!
I have had two readings with Deborah, both times everything she said happen. I just contacted her for another reading, You will not be disappointed , Deborah is truly gifted very easy to speak with, and I cant thank her enough for what she all ready done for me.
I had a reading with Debbie 9/24/19. She was amazing , she was very comforting. She told things that gave me alot of peace about my loved ones. She was kind. I will call her again !!!
Just had my first reading with Debbie. She was exceptional. She was very accurate with her reading, providing names, dates and ages of significant others and providing insights to issues in my life.
Debbie was able to help me get an answer I’ve been searching for for over 10 years. It was hard to hear, but needed for closure. I also got to speak with my dad. Thanks Debbie!
I had my first phone reading early this evening with Debbie. What "they" said to her and she related to me was unbelievable. I almost fell off my chair. It was as though I was talking to my parents through Debbie. She named dates, names and events that were right on and there was no way she could have known these things. I will be scheduling another session with her in the spring. Debbie is not only amazing, she is a genuine, nice person. Thank you, Debbie
Debbie has a unique gift. We recently connected and she put me at ease from the start. Debbie was able to receive and share accurate information about my life. Information beyond public knowledge. She also shared guidance not just for myself but for some family members. I will be forever grateful and plan to connect with her again. Bless you, Debbie!
Wow.... I am still processing the incredible accuracy and clarity that came forth from Debbie. I have been "stuck" for a while on a major life cycle event and, quite amazingly, Debbie went immediately right into the issue. How could she know? The answer is she's truly blessed and I am full of gratitude for having experienced her gift. I never felt rushed and her genuine compassion helped me chose a path that I am finally at peace with. Thank you, Debbie, from the bottom of my heart.Love, Sue
I just recently had a phone reading with Debra and she was amazing. I could not believe all of the information she came forth with. She was very accurate. I also got to hear from my beloved mother which was such a wonderful experience for me. I highly recommend her for a reading. She is very caring and compassionate.
Debbie did a reading for me in Flint, Michigan, shortly after I had lost my father, over twelve years ago. Not only did he come through, so did other relatives who had passed away. Incredibly specific information was given to her and I still think about it to this day! Definitely a bonafide psychic!!
I just had my second reading with Debbie and like the first she blew me away. She is the best of the best. I highly recommend her for a reading.
So I had an Amazing reading over the phone with Debbie! Awesomeness... she was Sweet down to earth and so easy to talk to ! Spot on reading helped me Big Time! Really helps in a big way if you are in the grieving process! Thank u Debbie so so much I will absolutely be calling you again ... a thousand percent worth the call!!!!
OMG!!! I'm still on cloud nine... what can I say... she excelled all my expectations!! She knew my age and that my dad had passed and how he did... then continued to speak to my deceased father with me and give me messages that there was no way she could have known... I actually felt like I was talking to him for the first time in my life as he died when I was an infant. Not only was blown away by her amazing abilities, but she is so easy to talk to, I felt like I was speaking to my best friend.
Debbie Edwards has made a believer out of me!! Our family lost a wonderful person in December and without Debbie I feel I would be at a different place emotionally right now. I have already had 2 readings with her and I plan to have many more. She is honest and open and puts you at ease immediately. She has a warm heart and you can tell that she cares about what you are going through. She knew information that absolutely no one else would have known which startled and totally impressed me!
Debbie did a phenomenal job! She knew things she couldn't possibly have known. She helped me realize some decisions I have to make in my life and assured me they were the right ones. I would definately use het again. Amazing!
This review comes comes a little late after years of frank and 'point on 'readings from Debbie. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for advice , a personal reality check , a message from a lost love one or even a glimps into the future! She is a caring person with a wonderful gift. I feel very blessed of had my path cross with hers and have learned to trust in the messages that are given to me. Barbara Daniels
I have to admit, I wasn't too sure how my reading would go. I was a little skeptical but I was open to the whole process. I had so many emotions going on at the time of the reading. Debbie was very helpful with getting me to breathe and calm down. From the beginning to the end of my reading everything was accurate and very detailed. I know for a fact that I connected with my brother and other family members. I feel like a weight has been lifted. THANKS SO MUCH DEBBIE!!
Debbie is an amazing medium and such a kind and loving person. I am impressed and grateful for my reading. It has helped me so very much. Please do not hesitate to contact her.
I have had many readings throughout the years, but none can compare to Debbie's excellent, clear, informative, right-on-the-money, reading. Aside from Debbie's tip-top accuracy, insights and guidance, a session with her is superb because she is a gem. She's kind, understanding, easy-going and fun too. I am thankful to have received such a gift of support and I cannot recommend her more highly.
Debbie is awesome, she is the real deal. She brought comforting and surprising messages from our Mom who has recently departed. Validations that only Mom would know or say. I highly recommend Debbie and will definitely have her do another reading in the future. Thank you Debbie!
I had a reading done in the middle of the mouth of October! Deborah was beyond amazing that I canthink even find the words to describe it. She knew things that NO ONE could know. Being able to talk to my mom and have so many questions answered really helped me heal and see the light that has been missing.. I will most certainly be calling for another reading after the holidays. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DEBORAH EDWARDS
I have seen Debbie numerous times over the last few years. Not only is she an amazing clairvoyant, but she relays messages the way they are supposed to be interpreted. I can honestly say, if I didn't find her, I would not be the happy person I am today. She is accurate, caring, and very easy to converse with. She is a very honest person and helped me a lot in getting my life on track. I highly recommend doing a reading with Debbie to see for yourself. She is one if a kind!
I was given Debbie's contact info from an old friend. She was so on point with EVERYTHING she told me...things that she could not possibly have known. She was able to connect with 2 people that are very dear to me who have passed...she helped not only me but other family members as well in the healing process. Whenever anyone asks how my reading was, all I can say is AMAZING! I would, and have, HIGHLY recommended Debbie and I will contact her again at some point in the future I am sure.
It's almost uncanny how accurate and 'spot-on' her readings are. Not only have I experienced it first hand, but I recommended Debbie to a long-time friend and she, too, was shocked at the accuracy of her reading as well. Her guides (what she calls 'they/them') are simply amazing grace and have helped me and my friend to heal our grief, bring peace into our heart and mind, and give us guidance to move forward in our lives. What I especially appreciate about Debbie is her integrity and compassion.
Debbie is outstanding. She is the real deal. I'm still so shocked. She knew details that she couldn't have known unless she was psychic. She knew my age and that I had sisters that are twins. She also knew specific details about my job. She has a new client for life. I love her. She's very kind, humble, understanding and easy to talk to. I didn't feel rushed at all.
I cannot put into words how humble, kind, and genuine Debbie is especially during our session. Not only is it reasonable pricing, but there is no rushing and everything just flows naturally. This is the best reading I've had and think will have, period. I will definitely be going back to her. The details I was getting were verbatim on point. So many wonderful messages. I have always been a little skeptical of this - but after today this seals the deal. Highly recommend her!
Debbie is WONDERFUL! She's super helpful, accurate and clear in all her readings. She has never led me wrong and every time I talk to her I know she's going to give me a fantastic reading! And following her advice has literat saved my life and given me so much hope and inspiration. She's really the best there is! And she's reasonable, not a crook like these other entitled 'gifted' criminals. She's honest and humble and genuinely wants to help people.


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