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I became spiritually aware shortly after my mother died in 1987. I began to smell flowers in my car in January. From there I kept sensing spirits in a variety of ways. Then I began to actually perceive information from spirit by way of words, feelings and imagery. They told me that I was to serve The Supreme Being or God and that I would later in life “awaken” to a life of service. I should always stay humble and that they would teach me over time what I needed to know.

I was then led to someone who taught me the basics of spiritualism and validated that what I perceived was real. My psychic side simply became another aspect of reality. Soon, I got used to observing and communicating with spirits. I was a bit surprised by the number of spirits I was coming into contact with, but I soon realized that they knew that I could see and hear them, so they purposefully came to me.

I began to do readings for people who were sent to me, but kept a low profile at first even though I was very confident in the reality of what I was doing. I was a scientist at the time, so I really felt apprehensive about my peers learning about this part of me. Then in the summer of 2006, I learned that I had a very advanced stage of cancer. I did have a choice to pass into spirit, but I knew I had to survive to help others. I trusted my fate to The Supreme Being and was assured that I would survive despite hearing dire news. Once I made this commitment, I made a very quick recovery and was completely free of cancer. I also was fortunate to have been led to an excellent oncologist! I am now ready to share my gift with a broader audience and to embrace this commitment to The Supreme Being. I fully recognize the importance of this work. I always meditate with The Supreme Being and my guides to ensure that I am doing the right thing.

Listed since: Feb 5, 2012


I met Bob 13 years ago and have had so many readings from him over the years that were remarkably accurate. I have recommended him to so many people who also received incredible information from their loved ones. I highly recommend giving Bob a chance if you have never had a reading from him he's the Best ! Cindy Gordon
I would like to express my appreciation for Bob Kenney!!! I have been lucky enough to have had numerous readings with Bob…he had helped me through losing my husband and other difficulties in my life.. have had a lot of peace of mind through his readings… if you are lucky , you will have a reading with Bob Kenney
I had a reading with Bob, I was hesitant and putting off a reading. It turns out it was the best thing I did. Bob was so accurate and put my mind to rest. I lost both my parents within 2 years and I had feelings I was holding in and not sharing with anyone. Bob knew I what was wrong, my parents mostly my mom came to him and put closure on those feelings and that actually changed my life. My parents wanted to talk to me and confirmed the signed I am seeing and feeling are them.
My 2nd long-distance phone medium reading with Bob Kenney was exceptional, extremely accurate, insightful, healing, and life changing. He connected strongly with loved ones, gave significant messages, and took the time to teach me profound things to help me spiritually. I am so grateful for his guidance. Bob Kenney is an angel on earth, whole-heartedly serving his mission to help those on earth and other realms. He is supremely gifted. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Bob. I will be back!
I had a long-distance phone medium reading with Bob Kenney, who is 100% authentic. The moment we connected; I knew I was in the presence of psychic/medium gifted greatness. He is a beautiful soul exuding complete goodness & positive energy. He connected with everyone I wanted to hear from. His reading was extremely accurate, specific in-depth details, concise throughout. He makes sure your reading is meaningful & you get the most out of it. His insight is uncanny. Thank you Bob. I will be back!
I cannot begin to tell you how Bob Kenney changed my life… he’s an amazing intuitive reader and a very kind caring man!! He told me things than no one else knew! Have seen him 6-8 times over the years!! No one compares to him!! I would recommend him and have recommended him … people were bery happy with their readings’
I had the pleasure of talking with Bob twice. I was newly divorced and not sure what paths I wanted to take. Career and making a move to another state. After talking with Bob I knew what I wanted to do and I did it! Not only was Bob spot on he was also caring. To this day I still have my reading.
I received a reading from Bob over the phone and it was amazing what he could see and know. It has helped me better navigate relationships here on earth, take care of my well being and also get closure and/Joe from hearing from a loved one. Thank you for sharing your gift and helping so many people.
Bob is amazing! He has a soothing manner that immediately put me at ease. He is insightful and extremely gifted.
A friend of mine gave Bob's number and Im booked rather quickly did not have to wait along time. I went prepared with questions and he was able to tune in to the energy field of my loved ones rather quickly. His reading was clear, concise and accurate. My daughter had been estranged and he was able to help me understand what was going on. He was also able to reach my ancestors on the other side. Ill definitely book again!
I met Bob back in 2005 through a mutual friend, when my nephew died he was only doing readings on the side. Then in 2009 when my husband died and my daughter and I were going to him. He was not only amazing but a spiritual guider. I recently went to him in 2022 as now he does this full time since he was so high in demand. I’ve been to many Mediums over the years and Bob hands down in the best there is because he also helps you to move forward. Very honored and grateful to know him.
Bob, you really know he’s there to help you. I’ve recommended him to my friends for his uncanny knowing- and seeing you for what you are. Tears were shed, fears were uncovered…all to a greater understanding of what you are. He offers some guidance and advice through his perspective and always tries to keep a light mood. There is so much value in the time spent and the insight that he gives. Truly a wonderful person and a true psychic. Great father as well
I went to see Bob for the 1st time over 8 years ago after my best friend died suddenly and I was having a hard time dealing with it. My experience with him was nothing short of AMAZING, as Bob is. Bob knew things that only my deceased friend and I knew. It gives me chills still. I have been going to Bob once or twice a year since then and he remains very in tune with me. I have recommended him to many and would recommend him to anyone. God truly blessed him with his beautiful gift!!
Bob was so supportive to my husband after the passing of his father. Weeks before the reading my husband told me that he just wish his father could have just told him that he was proud. 17 years before his fathers passing he was rendered totally unable to speak because of a stroke. Through the birth of our daughter, career changes, growth and marriage. He only ever wanted his father's approval and blessing. Bob was able to deliver that message and more to my husband. Forever blessing him.
Bob is AMAZING!!! We have done many readings with him!! He helped my family though some very rough times. Bob definitely has an amazing gift! Thank you for everything!
I have had many readings from Bob. It’s amazing how insightful and accurate each reading is. He is truly gifted. I always recommend him to others.
I have had two readings with Bob and the descriptives that come to mind are genuine; compassionate; and passionate about his work in general and with what he feels on a personal level. He was so extremely accurate about my family relationships; both the living and deceased. Precise; perfect in his descriptions and insight. Bob’s wisdom and guidance have been so very helpful to me as well. He is a one of a angel given to us all.
I have been to Bob on several occasions over the course of 10 years after the sudden and tragic death of a family member. His gift is apparent from the get-go and you are immediately at ease. He provides amazing insight into your energy, life quandaries and struggles while holding your heart with honesty and compassion. Having Bob capture the essence of loved ones who have passed is enlightening! He bestows messages with such clarity and sincerity. Bob leaves you with newfound energy and peace.
I recently had a session with Bob and it was truly a great experience. Bob is very intuitive, caring, and shared several insightful readings that I needed to hear. We covered allot during the reading and I left the reading feeling like he answered and verified alot of questions about myself and what happening around me.
Bob is amazing. He is spot on with his connections. I have gone to Bob a few times in the past and has helped me out a lot. I would and do recommend Bob to all my friends that are Empaths or understand the connection they have with the universe and other side. He's great at what he does.
I have had numerous readings with Bob over the past five years and it’s always a great experience. He is a genuinely kind empathetic man with an amazing gift. I leave each session with a feeling of peace and understanding. He is incredibly accurate in messages from my deceased husband and assessing people in my life. I am forever grateful for meeting him and benefiting from his abilities. I can highly recommend Bob as a reputable medium. He is the real deal.
My session with Bob was energetic and so very comfortable, it was like talking to and old friend. He made me feel so comfortable. Very caring and understanding with a great sense of humor. Very perceptive and informative. Just one of those beautiful souls!
It was a pleasure meeting with Bob. He is kind, sensitive and extremely accurate. He identified and described my family members and individual traits and current dynamics to a T. I highly recommend him and will be returning when I can. He also provides you with a taped recording of your session which is wonderful as you can revisit your session at any time. Thank you Bob.... will see you soon. Jenny
I have known Bob for 9 years now and have had many readings with him over the years. It amazes me each and everytime how accurate he is about the things he tells me. He is a kind and humble man who is a # 1 Physic whom I highly recommend.. Give him a try you will continue to use him once you do..
I have had numerous readings with Bob Kenney and have recommended him to friends who have lost loved ones. Bob’s readings helped me find peace in my life. He’s kind, compassionate and caring!!! Never rushes through a reading and always finishes what is needed to hear for the client. He’s more concerned with what is best for client than how much time it’s taking him to complete what’s needed. You can’t find a better man as top psychic!!!
I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Kenney 2 years after my husband passed away. He gave me answers to things I needed to know. He is positive and has helped me through a very difficult time. I have referred friends to bob for readings who were as happy as I with our readings. He truly is top in my book..
Bob Kenney has read for me for over 10 years. He has helped me understand aspects of myself and others clearly and consistently to improve relationship, direction, path and emotional components I was unaware of and unclear in. Because of his clarity and connection to Spirit, his constant good intention to help and the sense of pure channeling, his sessions were always surprising and insightful. He is the best.
I consider Bob to be one of the most intelligent and compassionate people I’ve met. I know him as a scientist, a gifted medium and a friend. Through Bob’s insight and channelled messages from loved ones, I was able to discern my own gifts and purpose and change my life in ways I never thought possible. Thank you Bob.
Bob Kenney is amazing!! He has helped my family and I so much. He is the real deal. Everything he said was the truth! Can't wait for my next reading!!!
I had two readings from Bob since losing my mother in 2013. Bob was able to truly feel the essence of my mother, even though she was only gone for a few months upon our first meeting. Bob was able to capture other family members who have passed. Years later, Bob came to my father's home to do a reading and he was able to tell me so much about my father and his processing of my mom's passing. He has given me and family so much comfort. I'm looking forward to having a reading again!


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