Melissa Huffman

Melissa Huffman
Melissa Huffman


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Melissa connects to source as a natural born psychic who has been taught to use her gifts at a young age. She specializes in remote viewing and time lines. Melissa has also been ranked by a third party psychic review website as a top 10 reader for one of the highest ranked psychic global phone lines in the country, while also having a 5.0 star rating.

Melissa has been a professional psychic reader over 20 plus years, she uses her gifts to connect to source to bring intricate and accurate guidance through. She is a NO TOOLS reader and very fluent reading energy. She has been know for her intricate and accurate readings and accels at timelines. Melissa is a spiritual teacher as well as a psychic detective and reiki master. Melissa feels her gifts are not only to give insight, but also to help guide others on their soul path.

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Melissa is a straightforward reader that is compassionate. She uses her psychic senses to tap into source and channel the highest light guidance received. She is fluent reading energy with honed abilities in clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentience, mediumship as well as remote viewing.

Melissa is available for phone, email, text/chat sessions.
Emergency readings for emergency guidance available as well.
All bookings listed and time availability on website.

Listed since: Apr 23, 2021


I have been reading with Melissa for several years about an on going complicated situation. Her accuracy and details are second to none. She is always on point with her predictions. She is extremely kind and compassionate and delivers all news in a positive non-judgemental way. Everyone should read with her they won't be sorry she is awesome.
Melissa is such a powerful woman, with gifts so striking; she caught me off guard w/ her wisdom&intuition. She’s given me great guidance and confidence in my journey, especially in times I didn’t know I needed it. The way she communicates is comforting, loving, while at the same time, gives tough love & direction in a way that encourages&inspires me. She’s given me hope when I felt lost. If you aren’t a believer, in just one session, Melissa will not only open your mind, but she will heal you!


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