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Melissa connects to source as a natural born psychic who has been taught to use her gifts at a young age. She specializes in remote viewing and time lines. Melissa has also been ranked by a third party psychic review website as a top 10 reader for one of the highest ranked psychic global phone lines in the country, while also having a 5.0 star rating.

Melissa has been a professional psychic reader over 20 plus years, she uses her gifts to connect to source to bring intricate and accurate guidance through. She is a NO TOOLS reader and very fluent reading energy. She has been know for her intricate and accurate readings and accels at timelines. Melissa is a spiritual teacher as well as a psychic detective and reiki master. Melissa feels her gifts are not only to give insight, but also to help guide others on their soul path.

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Melissa is a straightforward reader that is compassionate. She uses her psychic senses to tap into source and channel the highest light guidance received. She is fluent reading energy with honed abilities in clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentience, mediumship as well as remote viewing.

Melissa is available for phone, email, text/chat sessions.
Emergency readings for emergency guidance available as well.
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Listed since: Apr 23, 2021


Melissa is a GIFT from GOD!! She gave location of the gun that was used to murder my grdaughter, she gave names of WHO was involved, she even gave information on other individuals that was TOTALLY ON POINT!! She shared all of this crucial information with only the name of my grdaughter! No way this can be done without help from God! She solved the case b4 we ever went to COURT!! AMAZING!! Melissa..YOU will 4ever be my Angel! Keep solving crimes!! You are a Blessing!!!!!!!!!!!
Melissa embodies compassion and kindness and helps people believe in themselves when they are feeling vulnerable. A conversation with Melissa leaves one encouraged and hopeful with guidance. Highly recommend Melissa.
Melissa has a true gift. I've met with her twice - once for a psychic reading and most recently for a medium reading. She was able to instantly connect me with a loved one who recently passed and everything she identified could not have been more spot on. She talks directly with those who have passed and answer questions you have for them. She also let's you know signs of when the spirit is with you and also how to communicate with them outside of a medium reading. I highly recommend, Melissa!
Mel was amazing for a girls party! We had fun and she was so in tune w our lives! We will have her back again
very friendly psychic she was right about a situation I was very worried about
Melissa has an amazing gift. I’ve read with her for years and she hasn’t ever steered me wrong. She’s been with me through my journey with my POI. We’ve been in separation and she said that he would still be reaching out and sure enough the did. She’s been able give guidance and has been pretty spot on. She’s awesome to talk to and will continue to do so. She’s honestly amazing and highly recommend speaking with her!
Melissa is fantastic, tunes in to situations accurately and is super nice as well. She doesn't waver from her predictions and is confident with what she sees. I have some property that I wanted appraised and was certain that the value wouldn't be much at all. She assured me that it was going to appraise for much more that I expect. Sure enough, the appraisal turned out to be 3x that I expected!! Believe her when she tells you something. She is very gifted.
Melissa is amazing and very talented! This is her second prediction with me that came true! Last year, she saw and knew that my current company would come through and hire me into a permanent position with them. Not only that, but she saw a leadership position which also came true just a few weeks ago! I don’t how Melissa does it and sees what is coming, but she is scary accurate! An absolute gem! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the best of the best! Thank you Melissa! Xoxox
WORDS cannot describe Melissa, her INTUITION and ACCURACY are off the CHARTS!! She guided me through SOLVING a horrible murder, it was as if she was right there(remote viewing), she gave valuable information that was confirmed a few weeks after the reading! EVERY individual involved was described, also her TIMELINE abilities are IMPECCABLE!!! I KNOW that Melissa is a GOD SEND!! I was at WHITS END until I called Melissa, without her , the murder case would be an UNSOLVED MYSTERY! THANK YOU!
Melissa is a gift from god. She truly is a caring and amazing person. She is Angel and I have nothing but great things to say about her. I went to Melissa a few months ago in regards to my POI. She was able to predict timelines for when my POI would contact me and everything. The situation is still ongoing and I am still working with Melissa on it so the outcome is still lingering but she offers such a fresh breath of hope and kindness and I went from being depressed to hopeful and happy. :)
I cannot speak highly enough of Melissa! Her gifts are very striking! She precisely described my current situation, people and relationship dynamics. She accurately predicted the outcome of a situation that I was very concerned about. I am still astonished by the way it has happened! Melissa is such a kind-hearted person! A true helper. She has generously supported me with her advice and guidance. It really feels like talking to your best friend with superpowers. I am deeply grateful to her!
Not enough characters to Sing Melissa's paraises! Warm, educated, professional, and passionate come to mind! Ok, I had other readings, I wanted confirmation, I told Melissa nothing. She NAILED everything the last 2 told me and with one new piece that was spot on as well as a mountain of exciting educational stuff! Give her a few minutes and her groove is solid af!! I look so forward to speaking with her again one day!!!
I have been reading with Melissa for quite a while she is the real deal. Her intuition is always right on and she is able to accurately predict upcoming events and trends. She has a kind and caring nature which makes her very easy to talk to she is excellent I highly recommend her.
I have been talking to Melissa for several years about an on going complicated situation her readings are extremely accurate. I have read with numerous people and no one compares to her accuracy and ability to consistently read my situation. She is always able to help me see the positive side of everything. She is always on point she's very compassionate and non judgemental she is the absolute best anywhere.
I've been reading with Melissa for about a year. Talking with Melissa is like talking to my best girlfriend. Her predictions have been coming true and continue to come true for me. She's intuitive, kind, compassionate & non judgemental. She can see the here, the now and the future as well as those that have already passed. Melissa is the real deal - Don't look any further for a pyschic or a medium-because Melissa is the one you want. Schedule an appt with her today! You'll be happy you did!
Melissa is so spot on! I called her back in early July. I was in a situation where I didn’t think my POI would ever come back or that I would even hear from him. Melissa was convinced I would and I even started to give up. I heard from him end of October. She’s fantastic, easy to talk to and her abilities are off the charts with picking up energy. I highly recommend Melissa! She’s the real deal and on top of it such an awesome person to talk to! Thank you Melissa!!! Xoxoxo
Wow i had to come back to write a review. I waited until it happened and she proved me wrong. I asked Melissa when this guy would reach out to me and i doubted that i would ever even hear back from him but HE TEXTED CALLED AND APOLOGIZED. I am so happy writing this review. Accuracy seems like her middle name. I don’t trust any other psychic after this
I had to come back and leave a review! Melissa was incredibly accurate with a certain situation I am currently going through! She was right on target regarding when things would pick up with an ex of mine! Melissa’s gift is truly amazing. If you are looking for an accurate awesome psychic look no further! I will continue to go to Melissa in the future. I highly recommend her!
Melissa is such a sweetheart! From the moment i said my name she picked up on my energy and how much anxiety i had from a specific situation. She was right on the people and is good with tapping in to see what the other person is feeling. I never write reviews but I really trust Melissa since i have seen predictions come to pass. I spoke to her yesterday and she nailed it. Thank you so much for being a kind person and never judging me with the same questions
This is the craziest thing that has happened. I was waiting for my prediction to come to fruition before i posted, i have been getting readings here and there with Melissa because everything else she has mentioned to me came to pass, but this thing seemed unbelievable. I did lose hope the thing was i didnt want this lady to work in my company. I asked Melissa and she said there is no way, And i lost alittle hope when the lady got a 2nd interview but i got the news today, MELISSA WAS RIGHT,
Melissa is amazing! She was incredibly accurate with no information! She just knew! She makes you feel very comfortable and definitely has a gift. I will be going to her in the future when needed! I highly recommend her!
I am posting this the next day once everything that Melissa said happened. I was curious about one of my friends that i havent heard from and i swear to you, my friend called me while i was on the phone with Melissa! I told her shes calling me already! Instant validation because i wasnt expecting a call or even a text until a week or so later. Any time i need validation, or know when someone will contact me, i always go to Melissa. Thanks for being available lots of love to you
Im in absolute awe. Read with Mel yesterday & she went with no guidance from me besides my name. I have read with her a couple times and came back to her when everything she said has come to pass. Her description game is strong, like shes standing next to these people. She picks up on the emotions and how the person actually looks like with characters from movies & shows. Its scary how good she is. Give her a call. I loved my reading with her
I've been working with Melissa well over 4 years. She's an absolute godsend!! She's so intuitive, and reads the situation so accurately and with much compassion. She'll always give you the truth and provides insight as to why it's going to happen. Watch it all unfold before your eyes! Melissa is my go-to girl!
This lady is so dam accurate! She described this guy i asked about to the T. First she said he looks like a vinnie skinny tall etc and literally i kid you not, thats exactly how he looks! She described his behavior and it was like she took words out of my mouth. I have read with so many psychics but i always have to provide so much detail, with Melissa all i do is tell my name and she goes on flowing with lots of information. If you are looking for reality and truth, this lady is the one!
Melissa is so amazing. Been reading with her for past year. She is quick and doesn’t dig for information. She is very accurate and her predictions come true. Information just spills out. She is a must try psychic.
Ive been connected with Melissa and getting psychic readings from her for more than 20 years and shes always been spot on! As a life long professional psychic myself, Melissa is the ONLY reader i trust with looking into matters within my own life. She is truthful, clear in her insights and is a compassionate guiding light. I FULLY trust the insighr, messages and guidance that channels thru her as coming from the highest sources of light possible. 5 stars for sure! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I've been working with Melissa for 4 years. Her readings are far from generic, those are loaded with very specific details, there is depth to them and an unmatched accuracy and I've read in the past with many renowned psychics. Melissa is in the class of her own entirely. There's much passion to her readings and there's confidence in her own predictions and rightfully so, she has not been wrong yet. She goes into the areas my extensive psychological education cannot reach. She helped me so much.
Omg i finally found her!! I used to read with her on the phone before and i swear whatever she says comes true. I read with her today after months and she was soo freaken amazing. She describes people like she has seen and met them. She doesnt even need any information. I spent thousands on psychics but i dont look anywhere else. I will only read with Melissa. Thank you so much for reading for me i am so happy to see what is to come.
Melissa is hands down, the best psychic I have ever read with. She is my 'Go To' advisor. Her readings are accurate and spot on. She delivers her messages with care, compassion and sympathy. Reading with Melissa is like talking with my best friend. I just love her!! Thank you so much for everything, Melissa ❤ Give Melissa a call today. You won't regret it!


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