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Laura Lyn is a gifted Angel Reader (receives information from the angels) Psychic Medium and Author who has given thousands of readings worldwide during her years in spiritual service.

Laura feels honored to help those seeking communication from a loved one who has passed. If you are searching for help with your life path, allow the angels and guides to bring you, counsel.

Laura is well known for her accurate, poignant, and inspirational work. Laura Lyn works with healing through Angelic Rays, crystals, colors, and musical vibration. She actively works as a Psychic, Medium, Author, and Spiritual Teacher. Laura Lyn is on her weekly Podcast, Third Eye Challenge, through IHeart Radio Podcasts, Youtube, and Facebook. She works with a Private Detective Agency, SACS Consulting, for criminal cases to help bring needed closure to a family.

Her office is in Akron, Ohio, where you can see her for a reading or spiritual coaching. She can also give reading sessions over the phone or online. Additional Information: If you would like Laura Lyn to join you for an event, party or teach a class, please contact

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If you would like Laura Lyn to join you for an event, party or teach a class please contact through

Listed since: Jan 12, 2010


The real deal. She knew I worked in healthcare, love my fsmily. Confirmation given and sign of #1111 during reading of my twin flame. Will contact her again. I am very pleased.etSQT
Laura did a past life reading for me , it was my first and she was absolutely awesome would recommend her to family and friends.
I had a reading with Laura and ohhhh she was absolutely Amazing!!!! Sooo much validation, she's so nice and she was so accurate with the whole reading! I am still blown away!! I cannot thank you enough for that amazing experience!!!! You are truly blessed & a very beautiful soul!!
The reading I had from Laura was fantastic! She was able to address all of my concerns quickly and very thoroughly. The depth of her understanding and her compassion were very helpful to me. I have had many readings in my life, and she is right at the top!
I am working in a call center and I handled Laura's call. I really had a great time talking to laura. When she started reading for me, I felt goosebumps all over my body because what she said was right about my dog and the thing that my grandma gave me before she died. Oo fell lighter like I am floating in the air after the talk. Thank you si much Laura. I won't forget you for my whole life.
I am from Cleveland and I contacted Laura a few months after my cousin passed in 2017 and like most I was a skeptic... but after a few mins into the reading Laura made me a believer. To this day I won’t forget the reading and I appreciate her skill.
I met Laura at a small gathering at my cousin's house within the last ten years. At that reading, she helped me to realize a career that I had been too scared to pursue. Regardless of whether you believe in Laura's gifts, my life took a positive turn after her reading. With this pandemic, I'm right where I'm needed. Thank you, Laura!
You know how many times you just feel lost? Like no one cares. No one listens. You long for clarity , understanding , a guiding hand. I found Laura. This beautiful soul just worked really hard to get me the answers I was seeking when I was ready to give up, Laura just stepped in to soothe my fears
Laura Lyn is truly amazing! I feel honored that she shared this amazing gift with us. I have been fortunate enough to go to 2 readings with her after my parents passed away. She was able to give so much information to us that no one would ever know. More importantly she gave us information to help us heal. This was very valuable. We plan on returning for more readings and for some classes.
I saw Laura Lyn in June 2017. I was extremely skeptical. She did a group reading and asked if I was trying to have a baby. I was shocked and said that we were (had been trying for 2 years). She said I would be pregnant within a year with a little boy. Being a skeptic, we saw a doctor who’s said I had a less than 1% chance to get pregnant and we needed IVF. We took a break from trying and couldn’t afford IVF. 4-1-18 we found out that we were pregnant. We had a little boy in Dec! She was right!
I had a private reading with Laura about 1 month ago in her studio. I cannot explain how wonderful the experience was. She was SPOT ON with everything she brought to the table. Literally, everything; my career, family, loved ones who’ve passed, spirit guides, and where I see my future self. I was 100% impressed with her knowledge and ability to convey messages to me. I was on the fence about the price of the reading at first but I would spend $100 again in a heart beat for an additional reading.
I first met Laura Lyn in a school auditorium of approximately 300 people. I was one of the four initial readings Laura Lyn did on stage. She had never met me and was very specific about the information she shared with me and it was spot on. With a crowd of that size I thought it was very remarkable that she could be so intuitive. She is very caring and it is evident that for Laura Lyn, it is about the people she serves and not about her. Highly recommend!
I have been getting reading from Laura Lyn for years! She is always spot on with everything she says, most recently she told me about a new job I would be getting. Well today I got the call :) She is the real deal.
As I read these reviews so much has been said about Laura Lynn that is 100% true! My experiences with her have been nothing but life changing. Whether it has been learning my angels that follow and protect me throughout my whole life, what my future holds, stalking with my loved ones, or discovering my talents she is nothing but graceful and a peaceful human soul. Every second is worth the price you pay and always recommend 45 minutes to get a full overview of what you're capable of two!
I have spent 40+ years in Law Enforcement & Private Investigations working with victims & family members of victims. Many of these cases have been difficult to solve and also to bring acceptance for family members. Laura Lyn has been exceptional in assisting me with solving difficult investigations, but more importantly bringing victims and family members peace and closure. Her most important attribute and gift besides her spiritual abilities is her compassion for every person she encounters!
I had a phone reading w Laura, and it was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. She answered every question before I even had a chance to ask them, helped me communicate w a passed loved one, and gave me so much direction and conformation in my decisions and life (also helped me discover my gift). I was so drawn to her, and speaking with her was so natural and easy. She is the most skilled person and I couldnt have asked for a better connection. Much love for her.
Laura Lyn, this is our 8th reading with her she is very caring and she answered all of questions and I am so overwhelmed with all the information she has gave us all throw out the years and her card reading is right on the money she is truly amazing woman we all have learned so much about are self she is a true gift and we love her.SS
I have spoken to Laura Lyn several times; I've had 4 phone readings and a love reading, and every time has been a positive and uplifting experience. Laura is so blessed with her abilities and you can hear in her voice that she truly cares about whatever you reached out to her for. Laura Lyn is a beautiful example of spirituality and I'm so grateful to have experienced it numerous times. I will continue to reach out to her whenever I need guidance. Thank you for doing what you do, Laura Lyn
This was my second reading with Laura Lyn. I have been very happy with her readings. She is very thorough with every aspect of life. She definitely hits everything right on. I will absolutely continue to call her for my future readings !
Laura was very caring, and spot on with everything going on in mine and my husbands life.Things that we were trying to do,that she would have no idea about, came up in our card reading, that we were going to get it. And even gave advice as the cards came out. Even things about my late father that no one would've known about she touched on. I honestly couldn't believe it. I gave her my first name only when scheduling. It was my first experience with a psychic and it was a great one.
Just got off the phone with Laura and I am overwhelmed with all the information she provided for me. The cards were perfect and so true to what I have been going through. She was very patient and kind giving me "homework" to help me through some tough times. I asked if there was anything else at the end, she said my Dad came through with a beautiful message and was such an amazing gift. THANK YOU Laura! You have a wonderful gift and I will call again.
I wrote everything down even if it didn't make sense at the time. As time went on she was right on about so many things. Amazing
Laura is amazing! I have had several experiences with different psychics and Laura is truly compassionate. Going to a psychic can be a very vulnerable experience and Laura is non-judgmental and really goes out of her way to make you feel very comfortable. She does not rush you and really provides a lot of clarity to the questions you may have. I highly recommend her.
I had an hour reading with Laura Lynn today, and she is truly amazing. She saw a VERY personal part of my life and offered a spiritual direction. Laura is very kind and compassionate. I recommend a private, spiritual reading with her.8F
Laura Lyn is a kond, loving soul about to connect woth absolute evidence to my deparyed loved ones and to connect to my spirit guide and guardian angel. I felt an actual tingle tjroughout me after wr dpoke and will definiteltly use her divine guidance again soon. Try her! She is amazing.
I went to Laura seeking answers to questions in my past and future, needless to say she was dead on. My love life, family and even speaking to love ones that have passed. I highly recommend her to those seeking answers or just curious.
Laura's classes, readings, and events are not only an unforgettable experience but can offer priceless guidance, insights, and energy healing while helping facilitate your own spiritual awareness and abilities.
Have had the pleasure to meet Laura in person with my family several years ago. What a treat! Laura knew nothing about us before that gathering but she spewed out EVERYTHING about us; to us! She is exceptionally accurate and my family adores her. Laura is full of wisdom, light, love, and blessings! Thank you for all of your help Laura, we love you!
Laura is a blessing and very gifted in what she does. She has been able to connect me with loved ones, past lives, guardian angels, and guides. Grateful she's willing to share her gift.
Laura Lyn has a true and rare gift. Not only is she able to communicate with our loved ones from beyond, she also focuses on the importance of a soul path, and the ever extraordinary power of faith. She is kind, wise, humble, and uses her gift for the greater good.


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