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Sophia Marotta

Sophia Marotta
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New York


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A Message From Sophia

I'd like to welcome and thank you for checking out my profile page. My calling, my passion, my gift is to help people. I am a master psychic and evidential medium. There are many good psychics out there today, more so now then ever before. My guides tell me that there is a reason for that.

Life nowadays can be more challenging then ever before. Be it the grieving of a loved one, or dealing with one of this worlds life issues. Our spirit guides, angels, and loved ones want us to live our lives to the fullest. To be in a place of clarity, peace, and healing, so that we can recognize the blessings that our lives offer us.

When I begin a session I always ask spirit for the highest energy to step forward and assist . To bring forth all that is good for you. I have the privilege and the blessing of passing on evidence, information, that your loved ones and guides want you to have. Beautiful messages that they are in heaven, safe, healthy, and at peace. Sometimes they will give me a name, initial, date of their birth, or passing. Sometimes they can be a bit quirky and give me funny messages, I never know. I pass on the information exactly the way they give it to me. I'm just the messenger, the bridge, between this world and theirs. Proof that our loved ones are still connected to us. Love never dies and it extends far beyond the physical.

Many years ago John Edwards told me that , " One day I would be doing what he was." That was back in my head in the sand days, long before I embraced my gift. After thousands of readings all over the world I am humbled and honored to share my gift with you, and every reading is treated with the utmost respect and importance.

I invite you to click on my web site to schedule an appointment, or just to read more about me.

If my energy feels right to you I welcome the opportunity to be of service.

Blessing to you and all you love,

Sophia is one of the most highly regarded international master psychic / evidential mediums. Throughout the years she has pass on messages of clarity, healing , and love to thousands of people.There are many reasons why people seek her advice. Be it connecting with loved ones or, issues related to, career, family, relationships are commonly covered. Sophia has a compassionate , accurate, easy, non-judgmental manner.

Sophia offers three kinds of reading.

As a evidential medium she will connect with those who have transitioned to the other side. As she begins a session she'll sent forth a intention to connect with your loved ones. Then through many different ways they will pass on information to her, which in turn, she'll pass on exactly to you. She is empathic which will enable her to feel spirit's emotions . Sophia is also clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairscentence. Many time they will just use symbols that they know Sophia will understand. She asks spirit for specific ,personal details as validation that she is truly connecting with your loved ones.

As a master psychic she will assist you in dealing with present life.She will use her powerful insights to navigate through life's ever changing circumstances. If your feeling overwhelmed, confused , or insecure about what the future holds ? Not sure what is the best course of action ? Sophia will answer your concerns in a truthful, accurate, compassionate manner. Leaving you in a enlighten, uplifted, clear place.

Or some clients just prefer to let spirit bring forward what they deem best.

Clients Past Experiences with Sophia

Last night I had a AMAZING experience with Sophia . She spoke of my family members as if she had personally known them. She was so caring and gentle, and honest in her findings and yet astonishingly accurate. She helped to restore much peace in my heart after 27 years of dealing with the heartache that I have carried. I would highly recommend Sophia to anyone, I promise you will be amazed and come to love her as I do ...I thank you forever.


Sophia , you truly walk with the angels. After years of grieving the lost of a very dear friend to suicide, you have PROVEN to me that he is resting in peace and healthy. For that I will forever be grateful ... God bless you !

Michelle M.

I was given Sophia's name from a friend who raved about her. To be quite honest , I've had many readings, and I have to say that she is one of the best, of the best. I gave her no information about a work issues that I was dealing with, and she was so spot on that I was floored!!!!!! I'll be calling her back again and again


Sophia was eerily accurate!!!!

Jason & Edward

Dear sweet AMAZING Sophia, Do you know how great you are ?You blew me away with the information that you told me. When my nana came through you had me laughing ,crying, laughing , crying. You gave me specific details that only my family knew. I finally feel at peace with my nann's passing and for that I will forever be grateful! You are the best medium that I have ever come across in my life. You are truly a gift to mankind! Just amazing !!!!xoxoxooxoxox


Sophia was by far the best intuitive that I have had a reading with. She is professional, accurate, empathetic, spiritual! It is a honor to have you do my reading. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift ! You have given me such peace of mind.


I would like to thank Sophia for her awesome reading. She is so genuine and understanding. So easy to talk to . I contacted her about a work situation. Not only did she help me with the reason that I called , but she connected with a very dear friend that had passed of cancer 12 years ago. He wanted his wife to know that it was OK to move on, and that he was watching over their two daughters. She even gave me their initials and their ages! Sophia , I have to tell you that when I called his wife she confirmed that she was in a new relationship and that she was struggling with the guilt of moving on .. She now feels so much peace..


Sophia you are such a blessing. Having lost my beautiful son, in a horrible accident a few years ago , you bring me such peace . i believe you when you tell me that he is around our family. You give me so many confirmations . How Michael tells you that I'm taking good care of his dogs. How I got a angel tattoo for him. How he leaves feathers all around. You also bring forward his grandparents. So comforting to know that they are all together in haven Few are attuned as you are to spirit. My experiences with Sophia have been nothing short of remarkable. Take notes so you can read them again in the dark hours. For those of you who want to experience something that is difficult to put into words , have a reading with Sophia. you will be talking to one who talks to the angles. Bless you, Sophia


Sophia I have to say that you mad my husband a believer! He WAS a die-hard skeptic, but not any more !!!! Having you on speaker he kept asking me, "How does she know that ?"You connected to both his grandfathers, both his grandmothers, and his biological father. Giving him names, events, how they made their livings, even their personalities. You where so accurate a week later he is still in disbelief. I am so grateful. God bless you.


I just want to say that Sophia gave me a reading yesterday and I couldn't believe it how connected and accurate you are. I sat there with my mouth opened. You are a link between this world and the next. You are a gift to mankind, a messenger who gives hope and peace. Many, many thanks.


Just wanted to thank Sophia for the amazing reading . She is so very understanding, kind and compassionate. Lovely lady!
The things she picked up on where incredible! When she told me that my dear papa was coming through, I half hearten believed her. He had passed from a accident when I was a young girl, many years ago. I nearly passed out when she told me that he sees the picture I have of him and me , on a tractor, on my night stand!!!!! She is real!!!


I would recommend Sophia to anyone. Not only is she so tuned in, accurate, and honest, but she is so lovely to talk to. I have to say I'm not one to get reading often, and I was a bit nervous, but she makes my feel so comfortable. As the reading went on she astounded me with such accurate details about a relationship that I'm in. Names, his appearance, the job he has, the time we are together, and knew challenges that we face. So spot on!!! Sophia you are a angel! I can't thank you enough!


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Listed since: Apr 15, 2016


Sophia is amazing, she connected clearly and never pushed to have her message to be understood, she let it come to me as it would. She said a couple things that made no sense to me and then as she continued the reading, lightbulbs would go off in my head (I don't have the best memory haha). She has been the most accurate of readers I have been read by on this site.
Sophia was absolutely amazing and is such a wonderful and caring person! My mom passed a month ago and like everyone, I just wanted to know she was okay. Sophia told me so many things that only my Mom and I would have known. She is awesome and I highly (and I mean, HIGHLY) recommend her!! You won't be sorry!!

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