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$100 for 30 minutes, $150 for 45 minutes, and $200 for 1hr

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Pam is a psychic medium. Blessed with the gifts of clairsentience (sensing), clairvoyance (seeing), and clairaudience (hearing). Pam is able to connect with spirits of lost loved ones and look at life situations. When connecting with loved ones they come through with information to let you know that they are still around to see what is going on in your life presently. And in spirit it is important that you be given validating information so that you can be sure that it is your loved one that is communicating with you. And they are always good about making sure to give Pam the information so that you will KNOW it is your loved one. Sometimes people have life sitautions that they are dealing with and spirit comes through with knowledge of those things you are currently dealing with. They tell Pam what the possibilities are for resolutions of the things you are dealing with. Readings with Pam can be very helpful, and oftentimes healing.

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The Group Reading that Pam conducted in our store was a huge success! She was able to reconnect attendees with loved ones who had crossed over, and provide comfort and reassurance that although they have passed from this dimension, that they are not gone forever -- they are still, and always will be with you. We were so thrilled with the turnout for this event, that we've asked her to return for an encore reading at our store, as well as, in other Borders locations. Pam has also proved to be extremely insightful during my own personal readings. Chaz Foy, Borders Books.

This is Scott Cluthe, host of Positively Incorrect! Radio on Blog Talk Radio. I have known Pam Jenkins for many years, and worked with her on air on Sirius Satellite Radio also. She is: Gifted, Sincere, Intuitive and Straight forward!. She does not sugar coat her psychic impressions and advice. If you are looking for a talented Intuitive who you can trust, call or connect to Pam Jenkins! Scott Cluthe

Listed since: Jul 2, 2011


Pam is very knowledgeable. She is able to answer your spiritual questions. She will give you understanding of your lifes ups and downs. She will not waste your time. She gets to the point and you will come away with a vast amount of knowledge. I also had my Numerologh chart done and read by Pam. I know I'm on the path I need to be on. i am in a good place reaching my life and karmic lessons. I know what I need to work on and I can do this.I look forward to peace and to speaking to Pam again.
I am amazed how giftes Pam is. She is very knowledgeable about meditation and how much it helps. She helped me learn it when I had issues with stress. She will help you with your problems and cares about helping people. Not a lot of people do that but she does.
I would highly recommend Pam for help in finding clarity and answers to very down-to-earth problems. She is direct, but also compassionate and understanding. My reading with her has given me a new sense of direction in my life, in a realistic way. You can trust her!
It was a pleasure getting a reading by Pam she is amazing and was able to give me clarity with my problem, she also recognized what I had gone through and gave me steps how to deal with it eg cleansing and meditation. If anyone wanted a recommendation she will be the first on my list. Thank you very much!
Pam is amazing! She is the real deal. I am writing this review a few years after my reading, as what she predicted came true. First thing, she said my mother has a male spirit around her that smells like black cherry tobacco. I had no idea what that meant until I told my mother - my grandfather who died before I was born always smoked black cherry tobacco! Pam told me that my husband would change his mind about us having another baby and that I would have a son that next year, and I did! Amazing
I had just experienced the loss of my Daughter not 6 weeks ago and so I was very raw emotionally but kept an open mind. Pam was very considerate of my situation and was very helpful in answering questions that I needed for some closure. She was able to tell me things that I knew only my daughter and I had spoken about and left me feeling that my daughter reached out to me through her. I will definitely go back to pam in the future. Thank you so much for all the love and your gift.
It was my very first time speaking with Pam. I really love how well we got along and how accurate her readings were. She knew things only my late wife knew and this was astonishing. I give her 5 stars and I am eager to get my next reading.
She is amazing I tell you :) your loves will come through and she can tell things about you that didn't even know about and improve on those things and whoever does not know if they believe or not you'll see how special she is :) things happen for a reason :) she's the best blessing I ever had :) ps. Keep doing what you're doing you've made a lot of people very happy and you can never stop doing that :)
Powerful reading. I knew instantly my grandfather was present when he described the manner he died, a point my family has speculated forever. For the past year I have been researching his life and work, I felt him closeby in spirit lately. When Pam brought his words to me, emotion surged through my heart, I know it is his way of saying "I am with you". Thank you Pam for passing me all the answers from him. He is no longer an abstraction, but a real person who is guiding me in my search for him.
I have been going to psychic mediums for over 24 years. I have never met anyone like Pam.. She's not only professional, she's compassionate, caring and a beautiful person inside and out. Pam connected with a friend of mine that passed 3 years ago. I have been searching for over 8 months for an answer. Out of MANY psychic mediums, Pam was the only one to answer my questions and find me the peace I needed. If u are looking for immediate answers or guidance Pam would be ur perfect fit.
Pam is helping me through one of the most difficult emotionally exhausting times in my life. I felt safe and listened as she guided me through steps and options I could engage in to eliminate my overwhelming pain. I am just beginning my journey to a happier place through her guidance. If you feel you can hardly take one step in front of another, please allow Pam to aid in your journey to emotional health. My return to the happy loving person I once was will surface again.
Pam blew me away with details about my dad who had passed. In calling her for an appointment, that was my sole purpose - to hear about my dad. She is truly a gifted woman, and also very compassionate and caring.
Pam is awesome! In 2010, she told me that my husband and I would have a son that following year... I had my doubts, but as it turned out, we were able to get pregnant and had our son that following year, just at Pam had said. She also knew things about a grandfather whom I never got to meet, that I had never even known... my mother confirmed these things when I told her what Pam had said. There is NO way anyone could have known these VERY specific, very random things. She does not disappoint!
My father had just past, he was always there for me when I needed advice and I needed some comfort in decision makings, so I needed help from a medium/psychic to channel my father. Pam helped me get some of the answers I was looking for. Will definitly call upon her services in the future. She also answered some questions that I did not even think to ask her about. I can't thank her enough.
I went to Pam to find out about a career move. My Great Grandmother came forward to give me some advice that I needed to hear. I always felt she was around me,and now it was confirmed. I really did not expect that! She also directed me to a book to read on meditation that has helped me. It was perfect timing when I met with her. I have been looking for a genuine psychic that cares and I have found her.
Pam Jenkins is amazingly accurate. I had a reading this evening and Pam is truly gifted. She was able to tell me things that were applicable to me and my situation. The information I received enabled me to make some decisions regarding business. Pam also brought comfort to me regarding the passing of someone very close to me. She brought it up, I didn't mention it. Pam also discussed my two children and gave me accurate info regarding their past as well as encouraging info about their future.
Awesome! She told me something that I really didn't believe- so when I hung up the phone I was somewhat disappointed. Five days later- it turns out she was RIGHT. This was something I would have NEVER SEEN coming in a million years. I was really blown away. How she could have possibly known that? Really amazing- I will definitely call her again- highly recommended!
I would have to say that Pam is the most accurate psychic I have talked to thus far. She mentioned about my mother have high blood pressure and that she should stay on top of it, 2 days later she had to go to the doctors because of complications with her high blood pressure. She also mentioned about the person that I will be meeting that is already near me, and she was right. The description and name of the person she gave me was accurate. I highly recommend Pam and will recommend to anyone.
When I reached out to Pam, I was going through a very difficult period. Immediately upon meeting, she knew why I was there. She was very honest about my situation and what I needed to do in order to move forward. Although she was very direct, she was also very supportive. I feel very fortunate to have met with Pam when I did because I left feeling a sense of calm. I have already recommended her to a few friends and certainly intend on going back for future readings.
Pam and I immediately connected! she is an awesome! awesome person. very personable and great to talk with as far as the psychi readings she is accurate, also the medium reading she was able to connect me with my grandmother and a love one. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
Pam and I immediately connected! she is an awesome! awesome person. very personable and great to talk with as far as the psychi readings she is accurate, also the medium reading she was able to connect me with my grandmother and a love one. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
I Just want to say. that i was in alot of pain. and heartache before i spoke to pam. after speaking with pam. she brought a sense of peace into my heart. not only did she hit everything on point about me. and what i was going through. its like talking to and old friend. im so excited to be having her come speak with my friends in a group reading . Thank you so much pam.godbless you and your gifts. you have no idea what speaking to you did for me..
OMG. She was amazing! She was able to get his cause of death exactly right. There was no doubt about it. It was him and she proved it with details. She is also patient in listening to you to see if she's getting it right. She got his name and helped to convince me to accept all that was happening to me. She was instrumental in helping me to find peace with my situation. She was wonderful. As unusual as my reading was, her openmindedness to the extraorinary helped balance me. Thank you Pam!!!
This was my first reading with Pam but will definitely not be my last. She was amazing. She told me things about my daughter who recently passed that there is no way she could have ever know. I was looking for a psychic & medium and I definitely believe my daughter guided me to her. She was so accurate in her description of things in my life and for the first time in 4 months I felt close to my daughter again. Thank you Pam you are the best!
I contacted Pam for my wife to connect with our recently deceased daughter. Pam was spot on with everything she told us. She even commented about how our daughter felt good about the fact I was calling her cell phone and leaving messages, after she passed. No one, not even my wife knew I was calling our daughter's cell phone and leaving messages. I actually past by Pam's names several times, while reviewing the list of Mediums. All I can say is, I am glad I called her. Thank you Pam!
I have been seeing Pam for close to 3 years. During a reading in the fall of 2009, Pam told me that she saw me having a baby - a little girl who I would name after my grandmother- within the next year. I assured her that I had been told by doctors that this was not going to be possible due to my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome diagnosis. I discovered that I was pregnant on Valentine's Day 2010. On October 27, 2010 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter who I named Julia... after my grandma.
Amazing how she tells you things that you think will not happen or can't possibly happen, but THEY DO! She told me she saw me back in radio, to which I replied, "NO! I am not going to do radio again." Within a few months, I had relocated to be nearer to my family and what do you know...a radio job was offered and I took it! She has been consistently accurate and is the most authentic God Gifted intuitive you will ever find, ANYWHERE. She knows. She truly knows.
Pam started right off giving me so much information. She was right on about everything. She gives you so much information about yourself , and where you are going and how to get there. She is direct and straight forward and I love that you get so many details without ever saying anything. Thanks so much you were great.!!

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