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Laura Colavito-Agosta
Laura Colavito-Agosta


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Hello! My name is Laura. I was born in New York, and raised as a Roman Catholic. I am a wife, and a mother. I enjoy the simple pleasures that everyday life has to offer, and I honestly believe that everyone is born with the gift of intuition, but that some are more sensitive and open to it than others.

I am an Intuitive Consultant-Psychic Reader who has been reading for many years, professionally since 1996. While I have been working with the Tarot well over 20 years, I have studied many other areas in the metaphysical realm.

My readings are "Enlightening and Informative", and I help my clients to feel a sense of "Clarity and Understanding", but what the client chooses to do with this information is entirely their decision; as we all have "Free Will and the Freedom of Choice".

My readings are provided over the telephone for several reasons: Location is not an issue, the atmosphere is non-invasive and non-judgmental, and I have found that my clients are more comfortable and relaxed in their own home or ideal environment. During my consultations, while working with my Spirit Guides and Angels, I also incorporate the use of a regular deck of cards or tarot cards and even sometimes crystals. I then transmit any and all information that is given to me intuitively, to my client.

All of my readings are completely private and confidential.
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Listed since: Feb 12, 2008


I was in a state of limbo and needed some direction regarding my job and children. Laura was able to enlighten me and confirm things I already knew. Sometimes it's not about knowing the future but about managing your decisions regarding your future. I thank Laura from the bottom of my heart for having a much needed conversation and reading. Sometimes blessings come in different forms, Laura is a blessing and a comfort. I'll be speaking again to her soon. Please don't hesitate to call her.
Laura is amazing! I had my first reading with her and I’m so grateful for the time she took to speak with me and answer my questions. It was very easy to be comfortable with her and she gave me a lot of useful information. I’m looking forward to my next reading with her. THANK YOU LAURA!!
Amazing! Accurate, Caring, and very reasonably priced.
I was very skeptical going to a psychic. Laura East me into what was going to happen how she works step by step she a reassured me that she only says what she sees and it might not be what I expect but she's telling the truth. So I listened and to my amazement I was absolutely taken back by some of the things she was telling me. She really does know what she's talking about. I would recommend her to anyone who just seeks answers to things that the mind needs to know.
Laura initially reached out to me back in 2014 and spent 2.5 hours providing me with information that provided me with insight over the next 8 years. Everything she alluded to ended up happening both good & bad. I have reached back out to her over the last year for additional insight which she has once again helped tremendously with. I believe in Laura's gift and trust her advice moving forward.
It was amazing reading! Laura was caring, sensitive, patient and knowledgeable. She made me feel comfortable and I was astonished by her the information she said to me. She knew her information and it was done in such a tactful and respectful manner. I would recommend Laura and I am grateful for the reading I received. Thank you!
Laura is truly incredible. From the beginning, even before our call, she made me feel absolutely comfortable. Once the call began, she was so detailed in her reading and then provided me with more insight on some of the things that we spoke about that I still had questions on. She is by far the best medium I’ve spoken to you in a while and would recommend her to family and friends!
Laura is simply the best and has a true gift! I was in a very dark time in my life and seeking answers and hope for the future. Laura had a lot of insight on my life and was on the mark on many things she shared with me. She is genuine and goes over things in detail and make sure you understand as best as possible. I highly recommend her.
Laura is absolutely incredible! Not only was she compassionate during the reading but she was also completely free of any judgment about my life choices and she eased my anxiety completely. Everything she told me was completely spot on!!! She opened up my eyes to little nuances from my past and present, which I might have never noticed if it weren’t for her! And it wasn’t all about me but also about my loved ones. I am and will be forever grateful for her My life is thriving because of her!
Laura is one of the best psychic mediums I've run across. She's very intuitive, and sensitive which allows her to get a good feel of you immediately so she can receive, and relay the information from her spirit guides and convey it to you in a way that you can easily understand what is coming through. Anything that Laura has told me in my readings has always been on target which is why I trust Laura to be the only one to do my readings.
Absolutely LOVE LAURA! Laura is a beautiful amazing soul. She is very sweet! When you're with Laura, just talking to her or being around her, it's this feeling as if you knew her your entire life. It's a completely comfortable feeling. She is truly amazing at what she does. I have came to her several times for readings in the past and every reading she gave me was very precise and on point. I highly recommend Laura's services. Trust me, Laura is worth it. Love you Laura. <3
I had heard about Laura thru a friend who was so impressed with her reading...she kept raving about her so I made myself an appointment. I’ve had many redings in the past with many different psychics and some were better than others but I always felt a disconnect. When I met Laura it felt like stepping thru an open door into a room filled with all good things. I was surrounded by warmth, love, and light. If that wasn’t enough, her reading was so on point. I would highly recommend her....Onda
When my marriage of only 18 months ended abruptly and with no warning in the summer of 2015, I was not in a good place. One of my friends referred me to Laura. Her reading was so accurate, and she gave me hope.....which I didn't have. Laura has a gift, she is a loving caring woman, that shares her gift through her readings. Laura is truly my Angel here on earth!
Laura is truly gifted. She has a way about her that makes the session therapeutic and comforting. Laura leaves it up to the client in how you want the session to be guided, with either a specific question or she can lead the way. At the time, some things did not make sense and I could not make the connection, but looking back now, everything is slowly falling to place with what she had said. I got so much and more from my session with Laura. Thank you for everything!
My reading was truly a blessing in so many ways. While some of the messages were at the time not easily understood, in time, it all comes together. There is a quality of utmost integrity and purity of spirit that underscores every word spoken. Thank you Laura for the light and guidance you have brought into our lives.
Laura is amazing! Minutes into the reading I had goosebumps. She made me feel so comfortable, was caring and companionate. The reading gave me so much clarity. I have referred her to two of my friends and they were amazed by their readings as well. She is the real deal!
Laura is very accurate. I have a long list of present and future validations, with evidence of potential future issues appearing the same night as the reading. She gave meaningful information rather than asking questions or "guessing" what might fit. She delivered information with kindness and tact. I have had readings with other people before, some excellent, others not. Laura is definitely a person I would recommend.
Laura is an incredible guide. While speaking with her it's as if you can feel each others souls trascending time & space. She is amazingly connected & tuned in to all. She freely allows the spirit guides to speak through her with amazing grace & sincerity. So much eye opening, mind blowing, completely uncanny information came through. She has helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone. She truly a gift to be treasured.
Laura's reading for me was on the mark. She is true to her calling as a psychic, very informative, and intuitive. She will never steer you wrong, and will always relate the reading specifically to you, and what your life holds. I've never gotten a psychic reading before, but when I did I can say that I was pleased with the results, and you will be too if you seek Laura's ability out for yourself. Thanks Laura for guiding me on the start of my journey! :) Best wishes, much love!:)
I was amazed by her intutive and sensitive abilities! it was unbelievable how persise of a reading and connect she had to a family she never met. Laura is truely a gifted sensitive who must be on a profound spirtual quest. Highly recommended!
What sums up Laura’s gifts best is that she cares. It shows in the high degree of quality in her reading and the thoroughness with which it is conducted. She goes the extra mile because she genuinely loves her work and values the dignity and peace of those who seek her help. I got the sense that this is indeed a sacred calling for her. She tells things as they are in a way that is both constructive and compassionate. It was quite a comprehensive and informative reading.
I have had readings with Laura, and I would recommend her to anyone. Laura is very gifted and sincere, and she really wants to help people with her advice, guidance and reassurance. I feel that I have found a true, lifelong friend in Laura, which is extremely hard to find.
Just experienced my first reading with Laura, and was incredibly impressed by her sensitivity and accuracy. I feel like I've made a life -long friend, and will consult with her exclusively in the future. She is utterly charming, sincere and really cares. I am so glad I found Laura. I wish her many years of success. She is truly unique and wonderful.
Laura is one of the best readers I have had in a very long time.... I had more than one reading and she is always consistent. One thing I like us how she does a few types if reading and compares them to each other then sometimes she adds her own advice ... I would recommend her to anyone . She's pretty much right on .... Luv her xoxo
I was very impressed with my reading. She is very caring and interested in her clients. She takes a lot of time and not concerned with the clock. Very sweet and extremely accurate!
My experience with Laura was great! She had such a connection with what's going on with me in many different ways.. She was my first experience with a pyschic and I can definitely say it was worth it. Not only was she on point with everything she also was emotionally on point with how I was feeling. I will be using her services again! Anyone who's looking for a real intuitive person , Laura is the go to person. Try her just one time and you will see what talking about.
With every reading that Laura has done for me; she provides clarity and insight to my current situation. I highly recommend her.
Laura's name was given to me through a friend back in 2006 at which time I had my first phone consultation w/Laura & I was truly "blown away". 2008 after several readings, I had the pleasure of meeting Laura in person at her shop prior to the stores closing; my first impression of her was that she reminded me of an Angel. We talked & again I was "blown Away". To this day I continue to use Laura as my consultant twice a year & sometimes in-between. I am completely satisfied with her abilities.
Laura is a truly gifted psychic. I am constantly amazed that she can be so accurate with her 'phone' readings, she is more accurate than most of the face to face reading I've had in the past! I highly recommend her!
Laura is so sweet, always concerned about her clients' financial situation, and trying to speak as fast as she can! She has been on point with the current situation, I will be back to update about the next coming weeks predictions. Thanks Laura! - Nanacherie


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