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Joseph Shiel is a highly acclaimed Evidential Medium, Spirit Artist, Psychic and award-winning teacher. Internationally known for his accuracy, integrity and commitment to others, he has devoted his life to service of Spirit and those seeking love, healing and growth. He shares his remarkable talents with students, clients and audiences around the world; teaching, speaking, healing and performing private and public demonstrations of evidential mediumship and Spirit Art deemed by many as 'Portraits from Heaven.' His exceptionally rare gifts make him one of the most sought after mediums, consulting for politicians, CEO's, celebrities and all those seeking healing and insight.

Joseph hails from Boston and was born into an Irish Catholic family and has known the presence of Spirit in his life since infancy. Coming from a traditional Jesuit background and bound for priesthood, a role for which he thought he had been destined, Joe found himself conflicted about his unusual abilities and at the threshold of ordination to become a permanent deacon, he left the Catholic seminary to embark on a new journey, searching tirelessly to understand the incredible value of his gifts. He emerged finally to embrace and develop his talents as a Medium, Registered Rand Reiki Master, Healer and Spiritual Advisor, studying and working with world renowned teachers in Catholicism, Spiritualism, Buddhism and other spiritual modalities to enhance and utilize his natural abilities. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Boston College and performed his graduate work in Theology at Colgate Crozer Divinity School and St. Bernard's Institute.

Today Joseph commits himself fully to communication with those who have passed on by being extremely detailed, factual and evidential in his readings and drawings. With close to 20 years of professional experience, Joseph has reached a heightened level of development and possesses the very rare ability to utilize all of his senses. In addition to being an extraordinary Medium, Joseph is also a talented and expressive artist, who with guidance from Spirit, draws recognizable portraits of departed loved ones without the use of photographs and without possessing any prior knowledge of them or their physical characteristics.

Joseph is an ordained minister and instructor with the Journey Within Church in New Jersey, a registered Medium in Lily Dale, NY; the world's oldest and largest community for the practice of Spiritualism and is a Certified Medium for the Forever Family Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to furthering the understanding of Afterlife Science through research and education while providing support and healing for people in grief.

A fine artist, sculptor, recording artist and published poet, Joseph is diversely creative and as an award-winning teacher and nominee for the prestigious Vanguard Award for Most Innovative New Teaching Method, he is a dynamic and creative instructor & motivational speaker bringing his inventive and lively style to classrooms everywhere, including the renowned Arthur Findlay College where he serves as a guest tutor and the Spiritualists’ National Union International (SNUi) as an online tutor.

Listed since: Aug 19, 2010


Joe is nothing short of amazing. I have had several in person readings with him and they were so accurate. The portraits were as if the people were standing in front of him. I highly recommend Joe is is definitely the real deal and a wonderful person too. God bless him
I had a reading on 12/8/18 and Joe was kind, genuine and accurate. My mom came thru first along with another woman who I didn't recognize. Joe was kind enough to draw a small portrait of her as he said she was a significant piece. I found out later from family it was my deceased S.O. grandmother. My S. O. came through after and his mannerisms were spot on. I couldn't wait to receive my drawing, and when I did I wasn't disappointed. He gave me many dates which made sense. Highly recommend!
I wrote a review of the reading I had Sunday 22 of 2018 but didn't see it so I am trying again. Everything was so right , even the way that my dear husband left this world. He had many, things that went wrong with his body, but the reason on his death certificate said just what Joseph tolld me. I knew from the very first that Joseph was a great medium. And Joseph, this is Tuesday morning and the new D.C. has been sent to me . You really helped me in my darkest time. Thank you.
I had a reading a few years back and expected nothing.Ilost my brother and wasn’t doing well.All the questions I had, I never had to ask. He hit everything dead on and the drawing he sent blew me away. I was very overwhelmed at the time and called to make another appointment. He told me no.He said I needed to wait at least a year.This is a true man.We lost everything in the LA flood.The guidance Joseph gave me guidance that got me through this event.Ipray God opens a door for me to tall with him
I want to follow up on my 2011 review, after doing more historical research. Joseph gave the historical first name with what sounded like "Methuen": "Mathew, Methuen." The name was a strong hit in itself, but it turns out Mathew did, apparently, live for a few months in Methuen, in 1838 (which I didn't know at the time). This is a *very* obscure reference. There is only one town by that name in the U.S. Although Joseph works near Methuen, he couldn't have known that Mathew lived there.
I had a second reading today with Joe Shiel -- He is extraordinary! He described my son, Matthew to a "T" from his personality to his body build and mannerisms. It is such a comfort to know that Matthew is OK now and that he loves me very much. The drawing is also such a comfort -- Joe captured his beautiful eyes -and friendly smile. Thank You Joe so much-Sincerely, Maureen Grace October 10, 2014
The extraordinarily talented Reverend Shiel works only through heavenly light to bring healing to the grieving. He brought through my beloved husband and father, and many family members, providing names and specifics, such as my husband's talent at mathematics, sense of humor, and propensity to be hyper-focused on tasks while able to learn to do many things. He conveyed my father's personality and relationship with my husband in the physical and spirit world. Notes from my 2 readings heal me.
I had a phone interview with Rev. Joe. I saw the drawings on his board and based on all I read and the drawings, I felt Rev. Joe, would be able to help me. He did. He not only was able to reach my Dad, he reached my brother, my husband and close friend of mine. Before I had the reading, I kept saying to my husband, if you are really there, please say "eggplant." When the Rev. was doing the reading he laughed, and said, he wants me to say, "eggplant." Need I say more? God Bless Rev. Joe.
In May 2013, Joseph gave me a telephone reading and also he made a spirit drawing of my Rex. The medium ship of Joseph is outstanding and evidential without a doubt I knew it was the love of my life who was present with him while he talked to me and drew the picture. The picture continues to bring me joy as it is on my wall and there is a loving energy which emanates from this drawing all the time - all I do it look at it and he drops in. I recommend Joseph Shiel.
The reading by Joe done for me a week ago was amazing. It was very enlightening and very emotional -- the reading and the drawing was unbelievable! I have a great sense of peace - I believe that my loved ones are happy in heaven and they love me very much as I do them -- They are always with me.
The medium session I had with Joseph on Feb. 28, 2013 was amazing. I had waited so long to hear how my son is doing and Joseph could tell me he was fine. He also made a drawing of my son and it was fantastic. Not until I had this session I finally have some peace of mind. My mother was a very good cook and Joseph could smell the delicious food. I could have listened to Joseph all day.
This is the second reading that Joe has done fo me in a year and once again it was extraordinary......The same poweful spirit of my Angleo came though in the same way. There is no way he could have remembered what had tanspired in a reading a year before. There were other things that occured during this reading that floored me. I recognized what I was seeing and hearing. I too feel peace and hope as Eileen said above. Thank you for the gift. I know I will see my love again..
I had a reading with Joseph a couple years ago, but I am still inspired by it. I have the auragraph hanging on my wall, and I recently read over my notes from the reading. He was right on and so in tune. He has left me, even after years, feeling peace and hope.
I feel blessed to have had you in my life's path. You are gentle and spiritual and honest. My dad presented himself through you in a way that no one else could have. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. It will stay with me forever. Kelly
Dear Joseph, You are truly extaoridinary! You pegged my beautiful Angelo to a t. God I miss him and sitting with you was like being with him! I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace. You actually projected his love and powerul personality and gentleness. I felt surrounded by his love through you. Thank You from the bottom of my heart Joseph. I know he is with me. The PARTICULAR things that you said about him were so right on target. The drawing was amazing! use is anywhere you like! xo Laura
I had a telephone reading and spiritual drawing with Joseph in June 2009. He was wonderful, so easy to talk to. My beautiful son passed to the spirit world. I agree, it was like a phone call from Heaven. He was so accurate describing my son, his looks and nature. The drawing was unbelievable. Even the stitches he got, which left a mark on his forehead, when he was 2yrs old. I mentally asked my son a question before the reading, and he replied through Joseph. It was amazing and so comforting
I have had both type of readings with Joseph now. I can attest to the fact that he is truly gifted with being a medium, an artist and psychic. I can say I always leave feeling inspired, positive, confident, grateful, relaxed, and amazed. He is the real deal! I've been to many different ones to know the difference. He also has a very peaceful feeling around him and you feel like he is an old friend. Go see for yourself! I highly recommend him.
Not only did I get the healing of heart that I'd been praying for in the hourlong journey with Joe, but he also described, in stunning and accurate detail, how several members of my family and friends passed, and provided "to the t" descriptions of my relationships with them. Sitting with Joe is like a phone call from heaven. Shortly after, I unrolled the picture Joe sent, and was lost in tearful, thankful, healing prayer, as my husband's mirror image at the age of 33 smiled lovingly back at me.
I had a reading on May 10, 2011 with Mr. Shiel and I cannot say how grateful I am to have spoken with him. Not only was my reading wonderful and accurate but I was able to communicate with my dad and the love of my life Michael. Because of Mr. Shiel I know that Michael's love for me and mine for him will never die. Michael's drawing matches the one in my phone and it made us all cry see how accurate it was. I thank you Mr. Shield for having touched my heart that is so broken.
I have been fortunate to have both a mediumistic and an auragraph reading with Joe. In both readings you leave with a drawing. An auragraph is a reflection of you and the mediumistic is of a loved one in spirit. Joe is very talented and you immediately feel relaxed and comfortable. I am so grateful for both of my readings and highly recommend
I can't comment on the accuracy of Joseph's drawing because it was of a person from the 1800's who there is no available image of. But in the reading, Joseph got three historically accurate details about this person--that she was from the upper class, that she died young of an illness with abdominal pains, & her husband's first name of her husband. He also described her personality perfectly, & the hairstyle was correct for the period.
The best decision was to see Joe.Words that has changed the view in Juan's family...don't live my pain live my life.. To anyone reading this review,I wasn't sure what I was about to expereince but Joseph made me feel comfortable.My reading started off with a man&woman whom were my parents.The reading led into my brother in law who passed in a motorcycle accident.Joseph's reading was so valid I didn't want a portrait.Understand that every reading is different don't go w/expectations just listen.

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