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I'm Corbie Mitleid, I live in the Capital District area of New York -- and I'm a little different from your average intuitive.

I’ve been reading since I was 18 (that’s 1973). I went professional in the early 1990s and full time since 9/11. I read over a thousand people a year.

"What does Corbie Mitleid bring to the table," you may ask? I'm a Certified Tarot Master, past life specialist, psychic medium and channel. How do I do all that? Well, when you’ve been on the Psychic Yellow Brick Road for 50 years, you get to know what you’re good at.

I love showing you opportunities and how to grab them, where the tough stuff is and how to get through it, and handing you your toolbox. No matter what you seek -- answers about relationships, finances, career, past lives, or your path of destiny -- Spirit will talk to you!

Despite my long time in the field and the wide range of abilities I use, most people say a session with me is a comfortable, safe experience that feels like they're with a long-time friend, not a stranger spouting a bunch of mystical hoodoo and pretense.

My job (and joy) is to give you the tools and courage to deal with whatever is coming down your Life Road. Everything else is free will, and up to you!

Here's what Gary from California had to say recently: "I have had a LOT of psychic readings in my life. I am a pretty fair intuitive myself. All that being said: CORBIE MITLEID is an artist in the arena of psychic reading, explanation, counseling, clarifying. She’s also f@kkn funny. Irreverent. Brilliant. Soulful. Kind. This gal is NO NONSENSE. She drops the woo-woo language and talks like a “broad”… doesn’t let you infantilize yourself with nonsense thinking. She. Is. The. Real. Deal. Run. Do not walk. Get some time with Corbie."

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I am one of the original mediums and channels in Robert Schwartz's breakthrough series on past lives and prebirth planning, YOUR SOUL'S PLAN (formerly COURAGEOUS SOULS), YOUR SOUL'S GIFT and YOUR SOUL'S LOVE.

I am also one of the only two that Schwartz has consistently used in his series.

I have taught with him coast to coast, including at two world-famous venues: Lily Dale Assembly, the world's largest center for Spiritualism; and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.


Listed since: Jun 25, 2008


I had a reading with Corbie last night and was blown away!She is the real deal. My husband passed a few months ago and I was blown away by this reading. I believe with all my heart that she connected with him … she knew details that only I knew about him … she also gave me affirmation that my life is going in the right direction. She is witty and very easy to talk to … she has also authored several books ,one of which I purchased and can’t wait to read ! I feel reborn.Thank You Corbie !
My first time ever getting a reading and she was spot on very professional and great experience
I had a reading with Corbie and she was able to give me a sense of what my past lives were all about. I understand that I am the knowledge seeker. And this is true. She explained that being the knowledge seeker explains some of the feelings I have about always having to "move on" and learn something new. I loved Corbie's sense of humor. She is a very easy person to talk to and I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a psychic reading or past life reading.
It was an absolute privilege to meet Corbie Mitleid and to experience her intuitive gifts and talents. Her sense of humor put me at ease right away. She provided me with intuitive direction and insight that was unique and helpful. I walked away from my reading feeling confident and inspired. I would definitely recommend a reading with Corbie.
I learned about Corbie after reading the book Courageous Souls. Her insight was very helpful and helped me perceive things from a different perspective, most helpful and importantly was the perspective I had about myself. Her insight was just what I needed. I highly recommend Corbie.
Corbie has been reading for me many years , Corbie has been spot on reading for me her accuracy will catch your attention ! Corbie was my first mediumship reading during a very painful loss in my life the connection helped me muster up energy to keep my head up ! 15 years later I still seek her guidance. She is a beautiful soul with a golden gift .
Rev. Corbie did a Soul Plan Reading for me ( and a North Star Reading). We were assisted by wonderful translator Stefanie v.B. because I´m German and my English is not that good. To work with Corbie ( and Stefi) is/was such an amazing experience. It felt so touching and freeing at one time together. To express, how grateful I am from the bottom of mynheart is difficult to describe with "earthly" words. Rev. Corbie is kind, absolute accurate and trustworthy. Highly recommend her and Steffi.
Everytime I have consulted Corbie, she has been dead on with her predictions and I appreciate her insight. Connie in texas
I have the been working with Corbie for over 10 years. I most recently had a reading and she has given me direction and guidance in many areas of my live. Corbie resloves questions with her positive energy, wisdom, and compassion. She truly is a wonderful psychic who has been a blessing. I would highly recommend to anyone seeking direction in their life. JO LA from Reading, PA
I have never, NEVER had an experience that was so truthful, accurate, comprehensive and visceral - goosebumps Galore. My questions were deep and spiritual and the answers came without hesitation, from multiple sources and methodologies. I received some past life readings, numerology, Tarot card readings, psychic / intuitive information and recommendations for the books, people and websites to help me get EVEN MORE ANSWERS; I have had intuitive readings before - NONE of them were like this !!
Corbie Mitleid is kind, sincere and straightforward. I have been trying to contact my brother who passed in 1997 with little success. The day I met Corbie, she contacted him in no time. She then allowed him to use her voice to converse with me. I was talking to my brother! I am a Bronco fan living here in Patriot country. When my brother mentioned the Denver Broncos I nearly fell off my chair. Any skeptics should know that only he knew I was a Broncos fan! Corbie is the real deal!
I truly enjoyed my reading with Corbie. I had heard so many wonderful things about her and finally booked a reading. It was very insightful and left my heart full. If you're looking for the real deal, book with Corbie! Thank you Corbie, I look forward to working with you in the future in other areas.
I have had 2 readings with Corbie and each time I have received the help I needed at the time. Her advice has been accurate and I like the fact that she gets right to the point, so one doesn't need to have an hour's reading in order to receive 30 min of help. She is caring and comes across as a warm spirit and you can ask any question without any hint of judgement. I will certainly continue to ask Corbie for help when I become stuck in life's challenges.
I'm a Christian ( 25 years +) and sometimes you get to a time in your life when you need 'hands on' spiritual healing and a chat for direction and clarity. I don't trust easily and every part of my inner thoughts, I keep. Until now. i can't explain it but i was drawn to Corbie. Everything felt right. We had a very open and accurate conversation, and the healing I received has been nurturing. I'm eternally grateful to Corbie for showing me the way. I trust and will be back . God Bless :)
Corbie is a gifted solution-based intuitive. She uses multiple modalities (she's a wonderful numerologist) to help you figure out Life Path, and then gives step-by-step practical readings based on spiritual answers that tell you how to manifest what you'd like out of life and relationships. Very connected. Highly accurate. I highly recommend her!
Corbie is easily one of my favorite people in the universe. She is such a loving and caring person. But don't get it twisted, she won't be giving you any fluff during your reading, so don't order it. She's a very realistic reader, in that she tells you exactly what she sees - whether or not it's positive. Corbie and her readings have helped me navigate through lots of mental, emotional and career-path hurdles. I love my Aunt of the Universe!
I was fortunate enough to be gifted a reading with Corbie. This was our second time speaking in two years, and I'm always astounded by her insight! She is forthcoming and will give you the tools to help you with the information that comes through her. Along with her straight talk is a caring attitude of love and compassion that comes through beautifully!
Corbie is an amazing and gifted intuitive. She was able to give me an answer from a past life that makes total sense to why I have issues now in a certain area. She was able to clarify some areas for me that have been a long standing struggle and make sense of what I could not decipher as well as giving me some tools and references to help with the next part of my journey. I highly recommend Corbie. Again, thank you Corbie. Blessings always.
Corbie was absolutely right on!! We had a delightful conversation, and her past life information was succinct and totally correct. She validated several things for me, and gave me helpful advice on a career change I'm considering. I cannot recommend her highly enough! A down-to-earth and gifted person who tells it like it is and cares about her clients - wonderful. Namaste!
I love my readings with Corbie, they are informative, straight to the point, and I highly recommend her
I contacted Corbie to ask a quick question/validation on something that has been bothering me. Not only did she validate what was going on but she also provided additional insight that cleared up even more questions and direction. Fantastic and spot on. thank you Corbie for pointing me in the right direction once again.
Corbie has a connection with the universe and is able to provide unparalleled wisdom and guidance. I used to be skeptical of all psychics, however Corbie is not just any psychic. I have known her for over seven years and trust her extraordinary abilities.
I have enjoyed working with Corbie. I first met her at a weekend seminar at Kripalu with Robert Schwartz. It was a very inspirational encounter. As a result of our meeting I scheduled a past life reading which was exceptional and has helped me to understand and accept some things in my life. Corbie Also came to Vermont and did a great seminar on oracle card readings and scheduled private readings. Nothing but rave reviews from participants. She is dynamic, compassionate and right on.
Corbie is one of the top, best ,and accurate reader I have ran across. Very professional, says it like she see's it, but compassionate about it. Is truly genuine about helping people and cares. I would recommend her to anyone. I would call her God's one true angel.
Though we have yet to meet in person, I've had the pleasure of consulting with Corbie over the past year. She has read me three times over the last year. The insight and comfort she always provides is immeasurable. She has helped me spiritually and physically in ways that I will always be thankful for. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. She is one of a kind. :)
Corbie reviewed my details over the phone .She gave me encouraging positive advice about taking action to meet my soulmate. She saw a lot of change for me in 2014. and suggested I try traveling to different locations to connect with my soulmate. With her positive energy, I'm sure I will connect with my soulmate this year. and she will the first to know as that happens.. all the best to her in her path on helping others find their path & their dreams come true..
Corbie has a right to the point kind of reading style. She gets a ton of information "downloaded" and thankfully records her sessions on CD so that you can refer back! I have had some months later "ahas" and was very grateful for the heads up from Corbie She is the cream.of the crop!! ♥
I have worked with Corbie for a decade. She is consistently accurate, with a real sense of what information will help the client move forward in life. She does not pull punches if things look challenging, but works with you to find the best possible outcome. She is a true, caring professional. I would give her my highest recommendation; you won't go wrong with Corbie!
Rev Corbie is not only interesting and on spot with her readings.She is excellent in her workshops.They are fun and refreshing.I leave feeling so much better.More prepared for what I can do to improve my life.I stay open to direction and change.It makes things more clear for me to go about my life.I keep my sentence of passion as one of the many tools to do my daily life.I highly recommend her.I have seen her many times for sessions and I am never disappointed.
Corbie weaves images of ourselves that we often overlook with references to the past - how our past has brought us to this very moment - how our lives have influenced our decisions and how we can use this information for our benefit. Her no nonsense, pull no punches approach combined with her keen wit make each reading an education of our own soul's evolution.

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