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Talk with Tawn if you are looking for a reading with warmth, sincerity and a connection back to yourself. Tawn has drawn others to her throughout her life due to her caring nature and an ear for what is ailing those around her. She has been described as caring, compassionate, and sensitive to the needs of others, along with an uncanny accuracy as to what actions may be helpful for a shift in their lives. Tawn is a lifelong Intuitive, licensed Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, and Certified Hypnotherapist for you.

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Tawn hosts webinars weekly for the website: "Spirituality Center" for Learnitlive.com She has past free webinars that are still available for you to watch and learn from.
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Listed since: Sep 25, 2008


June 28, 2011 I had a healing sessions/reading with Tawn. Tawn was very accurate and a true healer. Tawn was able to call on my guides and Angels and bring things to the surface for me that no one else knew. Helped me in regarding this issues. Number one in my eyes and I will be back for more from Tawn and her Guides.
Tawn has a quieting peaceful energy that makes her readings more than just information. I find myself calmer and quieter after talking with her.
Tawn is terrific. I have worked with her for many years and have always felt loved and cherished. It is so powerful to have someone like Tawn in my life that can help me sift through the stuff that’s just not necessary in order to remember my true self.
Tawn has been my spiritual adviser and psychic for more than 7 years. Through her precious gifts I have been blessed with insight leading to much personal growth, healing from past trauma, messages of truth from deceased loved ones, spiritual protection and cleansing, knowings of upcoming losses and confirmation of wonderful progress in my life. I trust Tawn with all of my being. Blessing and love to all. Namaste.
I have had Tawn read for me for years. I love her upbeat energy and honest, to the point readings. I find that she is very accurate and her timing of events is amazing. She always tells me events or things in the background about the questions that I have asked that are very to the point and informative. Her gift of broad knowledge of herbs, healing, every day living and psychic healing is just amazing. I won't write a review for just everyone. She is a very special reader.
Tawn is amazing! Her warmth, compassion and empathy, combined with articulate clearness and accuracy flows through, on so many levels! I highly recommend her! In my recent reading with her, she brought through things that only I would have known. I am so grateful for her presence and assistance! - Lori Flory
I saw Tawn at a time when I was in need of someone who could get to the core of my unanswered questions. I knew immediately I had found a geniune, warm, and honest person/psychic. With her sensitive caring nature, I got my questions answered. I highly recommend her to any one who is looking for truth, accuracy and peace of mind.
Tawn was wonderful. She helped with an uncle who passed on and attached to me thinking i was the light,,,She and ArchAngel Michael sent him into the light...What a blessing she is......She also gave me pertinent information on a daughter back east.....i sent healing loving energy and i believe we avoided a need for an operation....Thank-you Tawn,,,ANGEL BLESSINGS TO ALL
I have received several readings by Tawn in the past 11 years. the first after I had only known her two weeks. the accuracy and depth of that reading stunned me. She read in me traits, desires and fears even those close to me never guessed at. In following readings she has helped to guide me in difficult decisions and aided me in discovering the gifts I had not known I possessed. I have not sought out a reading from anyone else since and don't believe I will . Thank you Tawn, for the guidance.
My intuitive reading was right on. Tawn tapped into what was happening in my son and daughter's lives and gave accurate timelines for future events.
Tawn is amazingly accurate and very gifted. She is very skilled in imparting the information she receives in a way that allows the receiver to be empowered. That, in itself, sets her apart from others. She can see all facets of a complex situation, and offer insight about other forces at play that one may not otherwise see.
I am so impressed with the readings I have received from Tawn. I've had several through the years and will continue to return because of her sincere warmth, amazing accuracy, and the ability she has to make me feel like the reading she is doing for me is the most important she has to do all day. If you are looking for a top psychic, look no further - it's Tawn Head.
I received a reading from Tawn Head two and a half years ago that was extremely accurate. I asked a question about which of two people I should become more involved with, and she told me that within a few months I wouldn't want to have anything to do with either one of them. I thought she was completely offbase at the time, but it happened just like that. She didn't know me or either of the two other people. She was caring, confident, forthright and accurate.
I have gone to Tawn for readings & psychic help for 38 years. She is 100% accurate and tells me about things even before they happen. For example, in 1973, she told me to watch out for my kitchen window, that it would break soon; it broke in the middle of that night! Tawn has also done several Reiki sessions for me (long distance) & has removed my pain. Recently, she diagnosed my acidic condition even before my internist did so. I highly recommend her abilities.
Tawn & I met, as Wayshowers, exhibiting in many Transformational Expos in New Mexico. She quickly interviewed me as a guest on her radio show, "Tawn Talks About Intuition." She recently tuned in and shared reassuring guidance about our safety, through the frightening stages of the biggest fire on record in NM, as it threatened to mix with dangerous atomic waste, at the local labs. I recommend Tawn & her gifts. She blends gentleness, knowing, guidance, humor, encouragement & magic with truth.

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