Jennifer Jacobs

Jennifer Jacobs
Jennifer Jacobs


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Nob Hill


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$3.99. p/m

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Jennifer Jacobs is a Medium’s Medium. She has a innate wisdom & maturity that comes through in her readings. If you're seeking to communicate with loved ones in spirit, call the medium who other mediums recommend. By phone: 505-577-4040,,

With compelling accuracy, she brings forth proof - that your loved ones, in a different realm, a different form, still exist. Her connection and messages from above are rich with healing and unconditional love.

In a mediumship consult with Jennifer (Over the phone, zoom or skype), the combination of validation and messages serve as proof that death is nothing more than a door- a change of worlds- where life really does continue on after physical death, and demonstrates that we are never really alone - that connection with our loved one’s continues on.

We all have an intuitive connection to the spirit world, we all have “spiritual” gifts. And with a little help we can all learn to connect with our loved ones. This connection which is based in unconditional love is what makes the whole experience of life after death so affirming. Jennifer looks forward to helping you get on the road to recovery, the path to healing your Body/Mind.

To learn more about Jennifer or schedule your remote session, visit or email: OR call 505-577-4040.

Additional Information: 

Jennifer has business in both Los Angeles and New York, while New Mexico remains her home away from home.

Listed since: Dec 28, 2015


Jennifer is topnotch. She not only gave me accurate information with great clarity, realized exactly how I was feeling and why I called, she gave me really practical, wise advice, which I've put into practice, and it's working out. She also came through with a name that I recognized (someone on the other side), and what he told me...just a sentence...has put me back on my Life Path. I highly recommend her. Thank you, Jennifer!
I just completed a session with Jennifer. She was spot on, not to mention extremely helpful with a situation I am experiencing. I would recommend Jennifer 100%!!
Jennifer has the ability to bring through detailed information that will validate that she indeed is talking to your loved one. She will also bring through messages that will let you know they are still with you. I highly recommend Jennifer.

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