Elissa Heyman

Elissa Heyman
Elissa Heyman


Nearest City: 

Santa Fe


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

25 minutes/$110; 40 minutes, $165; 55 minutes, $190. Paying cash in Santa Fe, $5 less on all sessions. Sessions that fall in between price breaks are pro-rated.

To Schedule A Reading Call: 

505-982-3294 or text 505-577-4012


In full-time practice as a psychic and healer since 1979, Elissa Heyman has an international clientele with a home office in Santa Fe, NM. In person or by phone, Elissa is accurate and specific, offering clarifying insights about the personal, professional, and spiritual lives of her clients. Specialties include clairvoyant reading, divination with the tarot and the Speaking Stones, shamanic and spiritual healing, and mediumship. Elissa's weekday psychic horoscopes are broadcast on KTAOS Solar 101.9 FM and posted on SantaFe.com. Her guided meditations are recommended by Spirituality/Health magazine, and each month thousands of people use the free self-help tools and psychic guidance on Elissa's website. The most frequent comment from clients is that the sessions with Elissa are exceptionally helpful and healing.

Testimonials: "Remarkable clairvoyant, great insight, and practical...Elissa is part of my current success." (30 year client). "Finding Elissa in Santa Fe has been an invaluable gift to myself and my wife. Specifically, she helped me sell my business and see my way to a new career...she saw the light at the end of the tunnel in detail!" (12 year client). "Loved and Didn't Love Her Advice. She told me exactly what would happen if I made a particular major decision. I didn't want to listen and I went ahead anyway. She was right, darn it!" (Google, January 2016).

Additional Information: 

Elissa brings powerful healing and emotional relief to her clients through accurate and specific psychic guidance, energy release work and mediumship, and traditional counseling skills honed in years of counseling at the Santa Barbara County Mental Health Clinic. Elissa also adds value to groups and families visiting Santa Fe, through intuition workshops and healing circles. Another service Elissa performs in New Mexico and around the country is "house purifications" and land clearings to restore a healthy and balanced energy in physical locations.

Listed since: Feb 20, 2008


I worked with Elissa after meeting her at an event. In the few minutes I spent with her, I knew she was special. Both her in person and phone sessions were incredibly useful. Last Fall I was dealing with a number of challenges and key decisions to be made in a short amount of time. Working with Elissa was like having a guide to help me navigate through these decisions with greater ease. She is an accurate and caring healer.
Elissa Heyman is truly gifted as a psychic and spiritual healer. I have been a psychic myself for many years and Elissa is one of the best. She is a medium and master of the Tarot, and I recommend her highly. I myself have had readings with her when I visit Santa Fe, and also by telephone when I need her very special, accurate and objective assessment of any situation that is bothering me. The thing I love most about Elissa is her warmth and kindness. She always makes me feel so much better

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