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Pamela Meredith
Pamela Meredith


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$150.00/hour, $90/half hour

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EMAIL 973-271-7882


PAMELA IS A MEDIUM, PSYCHIC and SPIRITUALIST MINISTER, trained by Spiritualist Janet Nohavec. Providing Evidential Mediumship and Healing Messages from the other side. Legitimate, reliable, trustworthy, accurate Mediumistic information. Also excellent Psychic and Spiritual Consultant on personal and work relationships, able to read personality dynamics. Energy Medicine Practitioner, Teaches Mediumship and Intuitive Development, Healing Meditations and Yoga Therapy. Life coaching and Spiritual guidance.
Individual and group MEDIUM demonstrations available.

30 MIN/60 MIN READINGS.($90/$150).




Healing is let by psychic spiritual guidance and balances mind, body and spirit through gentle touch, spiritual healing, intuitive healing, chakra balancing, brain balancing,TFT/EFT, spiritual and psychic guidance. CURRENTLY REMOTE HEALING SESSIONS GUIDED VIA ZOOM.


When contacting Pamela specify your preferred time, day, eve or weekend.

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Although traditionally trained as an Occupational Therapist, Pam began having mediumistic experiences in Feb. 2001 and then began extensive training in mediumship with Janet Nohavec and British mediums from the Arthur Findley College of Mediumship in England as well as Carolyn Myss and James Van Pragh. After Sept 11, 2001, she began receiving referrals from 9/11 bereavement groups. This led to training in eastern practices of meditation, yoga and other healing arts. She has presented internationally on complementary practices in the treatment of addictions and conducts lectures and workshops on the mind/body connection. Pam also teaches psychic and mediumship development.,, 973-271-7882,
Located in Bulter, NJ, 40 min from GWB

Listed since: Dec 28, 2010


In May 2013, I scheduled a meeting with Pam for myself and another separate one for my daughter-in-law. Both turned out to be extraordinary experiences. I connected with my father, who had died when I was 3 years old. He spoke about relatives by name, and experiences that no one could ever have known. Pam brought me closure and peace that had been missing in my life for over 60 years. Pam is the real deal, and anyone who goes to her is lucky to be in the presence of such a good medium.
I had my second reading with Pam recently and, once again, she amazed me! Pam connected with my Mom, who passed in 1991. Pam knew her name (which is not a common one) and that she had 3 children. As if those validations were not enough, Pam gave me a message from my mother, that only could have come from my mother! It was something I have never told a soul! My mom has been gone for years, but thanks to Pam, I know she is truly still with me. I highly recommend Pam to all!
Pamela was amazingly accurate with contacting loved ones I have lost. She gave me the information I needed to know to give me peace of mind. It was honestly the best money I've ever spent, I will be back soon and I also recommended her to my friendS and family. If you're debating on whether or not to try a medium, just do it. Don't second guess yourself, you don't know what you're missing!! She is very gifted and I can't wait for my next appt with her.
I went to see Pamela with a small group of four other people. I went into the session incredibly nervous and fearful that the person we sought would not come through since he is recently deceased. We left Pamela's reading on a euphoric high after receiving clear signals from our departed loved one. Pamela relayed our family member's personality and messages in such a way that it lifted our spirits and let us laugh for the first time in weeks. Pamela is truly gifted-- Thank you.
I went to Pamela because I saw what great reviews she got. But She exceeded my expectations. She was absolutely amazing, she hit the nail on the head for every spirit she spoke about to me, and it was so reassuring to hear from my loved ones. She is worth every penny, I will be going back again, and have already referred her to friends and family. It's the hardest thing to lose someone you love, but she makes you feel so much better.
I have used Pamela twice for mediumship, and she is outstanding. She knew personal things that no one could have known and help me through some difficult situations. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. Believe me, you will not be disappointed.
I saw Pamela in April 2013. I've been "meaning" to write a review for months and just never could get around to it. But here I am 6 months later and still remembering/thinking about the wonderful experience I had. I chose her based solely on the reviews here so I wanted to be sure to offer others assurance that your experience will be touching, fulfilling and comforting. She connected w exactly who I hoped for, and then some unexpected surprises! There is no doubt she is gifted. I will be back.
Run, don't walk to your reading with Pamela Meridith!! I had my first reading, with John Edwards back in 1994 after the tragic loss of my brother. Since then I am fully aware of how powerful readings can be in both healing and keeping on track spiritually. I have had at least 2 readings each year since 1994, but none like hers. Her gift as psychic and medium,combined with awesome communication skills left me breathless, but more importantly renewed and empowered.
Pam is a gifted and compassionate medium who is incredibly accurate. Spending time with her allowed me connect with friends and loved ones I dearly miss. She provided me with information that validated my experience not only immediately but months later when a message that didn't make sense to me at the time, played itself out. Her ability to relate specific, detailed information is not only extraordinary, but it is done so in a most respectful and sensitive manner.
I had a reading with Pam (both medium & intuitive). She did not disappoint. In addition to naming names, the info Pam gave me was so accurate and specific, I have no doubt she connected with my loved one. I recorded the entire hour session, and I left there with the closure I needed and am hopeful for the future based on what Pam saw in my cards. She truly has an amazing gift. I will definitely see her again and have recommended her to my family and friends.
Meeting with Pamela today was a wonderful experience. She was extremely accurate and brought my husband and me a lot of closer and peace. She was very kind and made us feel very comfortable. I would defiantly recommend her and my husband and I are already talking about going back for another visit. -Christine
Pam is not only a gifted medium, but she is also a gifted healer. She not only helped me to heal, but has also taught me how to see the signs from my loved ones on my own. She is always spot on with descriptions of my loved ones, and the messages she gives are always what you need to hear at that very moment. I recommend anyone needing healing, mediumship, or intuitive readings to contact her, your life will be forever changed.
Pam has read for me twice, once in a group setting and once via a skype private session and both times have been wonderful. She helped me connect with both my mother and father who recently passed away. I was pleasantly surprised with her accuracy and how she validates things that no one but myself would know. I'd recommend her, whole heartedly, for anyone who wants or needs to connect with loved ones who have passed. She is the real thing.
She gave me an awesome reading new wut I was emotionally going through . I didn't have to tell her anything . She also gave me Great advice . Very friendly . It was like I had known her before. I'm thankful for all that u do and look forward to our next session.
I was referred to Pamela from a coworker and was very impressed with her credentials. I had never had an intuitive reading (only medium). Pamela took the time to explain the difference. I decided on an intuitive reading. Immediately, she knew my situation. Her sound advice was more helpful than any therapy session! I was so impressed, I told my family and friends and Pamela came to NYC to do a medium reading. Pamela was amazingly caring and accurate. We cannot wait to do another reading!
My experience with Pam was amazing! I went to her in hopes of hearing from certain people because I was having issues in my life and she came through with the exact same message I needed to hear. Pamela was right on, to the point. All around, best experience I ever had with a medium and I highly recommend her. I can't wait to go back to her.
Wow does not really do it. At my session with Pam she used all her various skills. Her psychic abilities, her mediumship, her energy work, Tarot cards and coaching. Even she was shocked at my progress when I came back the following week. I am not exaggerating when I say this was one of the most amazing things I have experienced. I have never met anyone like her. Ellen Atkins, Founder of The Suburban Monk North Caldwell, NJ
I met with Pam without any agenda other than to experience what a medium does and offers. I have to say that I was amazed at what Pam was able to discern without knowing anything about my family or past. It became clear to me that Pam is very talented and gifted. I left the session feeling uplifted. A wonderful experience that I hope to have again.
I always thought i believed in mediums but was skeptic also just a little bit. I recently had a session and it blew me away. It was just what I needed. Several family members came thru but most important was my dad. From start to finish I validated everything she said. I left happy,crying tears of joy & in awe of how accurate she was. Just knowing that he watches over me and knows about my son & my life now brought tears to my eyes. I should have done this much sooner,I feel so much better now.
I had a reading with Pam a few days ago, and she didn't disappoint. My grandfather came clearly through immediately in the reading and Pam did a wonderful job at communicating his message. Aside from the mediumship, her intuitive reading was spot on. There were topics that I came to the reading with questions about, and she homed in on them & provided the clarity that I was seeking. In short, she was amazing, and I would recommend her to anyone. I'm already looking forward to my next visit!
I went to see Pam a week ago and I finally heard from my mother. I am now 32 years old and have had no communication with her since I was 9 years old. I asked my mother if she came through to discuss certain things with me and she did Pam relayed the exact messages and advice that I was looking for. I honestly cannot wait to make another appointment I felt some peace finally in my life knowing that she is always around me.
I attended a demonstration today at Terra Sky Center in Summit with Pamela. She was amazing, I was one of the fortunate ones as my parents spirit came thru. It was 100% on, the message I received was what I needed to hear, filled with love and compassion. I left knowing my beloved parents are with me and have my back. Pamela has a true gift and is a gift to all of us!
I arranged a meeting with Pamela because my mother who was the dearest thing to my heart passed away on October 21st 2012. After reading the reviews I decided to give Pam a try. All I have to say is she is the "real deal" I told her nothing about who I was trying to contact, and yet she was able to pick up on my mother right away. There were things said that no one could have ever known. I left the visit feeling like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. She 100% accurate on everything stated.
We were recommended by a friend to see Pamela and found her to be very specific on key words and events from our loved ones who have passed. We were "wowed" by the experience and would highly recommend Pamela for a Mediumistic reading.
I arranged a meeting with Pamela because I feel like "someone" was trying to contact me. I was a bit skeptical but the information Pamela provided was spot on. These were things she could not possibly have known. It was a big relief to me to know that people I was close to who had passed on were still sending me love. I would highly recommend Pamela to anyone who is interested in getting guidance.
I have sat and spoken with Pam at least three times, and I always leave feeling much hope, optimism and feeling much better about what "lies ahead"! I have never left with the feeling that her work was done through guessing; the actual specifics she had continuously demonstrated to me would not have been known to anyone prior to our reading and I (we) never lead her answers. When Pam has a message she does not leave it, she will stick with it and ask you to provide her with validation.
I knew that there was an afterlife before I went to Pam but when she helped me connect with my sons father and she described him to a T and then told me VERY specific info about my life that nobody else knew about me, I knew Pam was the real deal. Because Pam has decided to share her gift I feel refreshed. He told me I was on the right path and I need to move forward - knowing that he is around my son a lot - gives me such peace of mind. Thank you Pam for having courage to share your gift!!!


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