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Pamela Meredith
Pamela Meredith


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$150.00/hour, $90/half hour

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EMAIL 973-271-7882


PAMELA IS A MEDIUM, PSYCHIC and SPIRITUALIST MINISTER, trained by Spiritualist Janet Nohavec. Providing Evidential Mediumship and Healing Messages from the other side. Legitimate, reliable, trustworthy, accurate Mediumistic information. Also excellent Psychic and Spiritual Consultant on personal and work relationships, able to read personality dynamics. Energy Medicine Practitioner, Teaches Mediumship and Intuitive Development, Healing Meditations and Yoga Therapy. Life coaching and Spiritual guidance.
Individual and group MEDIUM demonstrations available.

30 MIN/60 MIN READINGS.($90/$150).




Healing is let by psychic spiritual guidance and balances mind, body and spirit through gentle touch, spiritual healing, intuitive healing, chakra balancing, brain balancing,TFT/EFT, spiritual and psychic guidance. CURRENTLY REMOTE HEALING SESSIONS GUIDED VIA ZOOM.


When contacting Pamela specify your preferred time, day, eve or weekend.

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Although traditionally trained as an Occupational Therapist, Pam began having mediumistic experiences in Feb. 2001 and then began extensive training in mediumship with Janet Nohavec and British mediums from the Arthur Findley College of Mediumship in England as well as Carolyn Myss and James Van Pragh. After Sept 11, 2001, she began receiving referrals from 9/11 bereavement groups. This led to training in eastern practices of meditation, yoga and other healing arts. She has presented internationally on complementary practices in the treatment of addictions and conducts lectures and workshops on the mind/body connection. Pam also teaches psychic and mediumship development.,, 973-271-7882,
Located in Bulter, NJ, 40 min from GWB

Listed since: Dec 28, 2010


I had a reading with Pam yesterday, and it was wonderful. I received messages that truly meant the world to me. One message was so crazy it had us both chuckling when I figured it out. I would recommend Pam and her gift to anyone as she is very warm and genuine. My last message was a bit confusing, but after speaking with my daughter, it became very clear indeed and was so spot on we were astounded.
Stunning session with Pam - wonderful example of evidential mediumship. Pam was able to connect with my best friend that passed and offered validation details that no one else would know ( and are certainly not online). Pam is truly gifted and generous with her time and her gift. Highly recommend. Thank you Pam for taking the time out of your busy day to connect me. Your gift coupled with your compassion is a gift upon a gift!
Highly recommend Pam without reservation. Pam is a gifted and sensitive psychic medium. She has helped me meet personal challenges by providing clear indications that my loved ones are guiding and supporting me. Better than therapy!
I had a reading with Pam June 2020. Im a naturally skeptical person but I went into it with an open mind. She identified things about my loved ones, some of which surprised me. Things no one would know. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone, especially if youre a skeptic. It brought clarity to some things I always wondered and peace to things I didnt realized I needed. Bring your burning questions, you wont be dissapointed.
Pamela is very gifted & compassionate person. I have had two readings both were spot on. My first reading there was a funny part I made her work hard on someone name but she got it & it was worth it. It’s impossible to get a name & full description & attitude of someone from out of a hat. I’d see her weekly if I could afford it she just both a gifted medium & compassionate Intuitive. You won’t be disappointed. She offers zoom appointments & it’s the same as in person. Tysm Pam!
I met with Pam today and had a pretty evidential appointment. Like names specific situations and answering questions without having to ask. Answering questions I’ve simply thought over myself and not even in that moment. She definitely deserves to be here. She is gifted and sweet delivering her message true but gently. You will not be disappointed.
I went to see Pam for the first time back in September. I will tell you that she is the real deal. I left with so much clarity and hope. I had both an intuitive and mediumship reading. A few days later she did a reading for my 92 year old mom. It was also amazing. Pam is top notch. I’m sorry it took so long to write a review. I guess I thought about it because I’m ready to book another reading with her. Please don’t miss out on a reading with Pam!
Pam has completely transformed my life through our time spent together. I see her when I’m at a crossroad or just wanting to hear from loved ones on the other side. She delivers messages from spirit with compassion, empathy and clarity. Pam’s energy work provides a deep and meaningful closeness to spirt and will leave you with an incredible sense of self awareness. Pam is very generous with her teaching and guidance, infusing little lessons into her lectures, readings, and healings.
I went to Pamela for a one hour mediumship session at her office. During that hour she provided a great deal of detail from several of my relatives on the other side. The details of their features and personality were very very close. Then the messages that came through were very detailed and also helpful to me. I found the session with Pamela to be very accurate and specific and she provided a compassionate setting for the session. Thank you!
Have had several readings with Pam. My deceased relatives came through on the readings. All readings were accurate and evidential. She is top notch. On the last reading I had with her,she told me to tell my dying that dad my mom was coming to escort him to the other side and to put a small photo of my mom in his hospital room. The doctor called me in the am to say he passed and related that in the middle of the night he asked the nurse to hand him the photo. He died holding it in his hand.
I have always been fascinated by mediums and their gifts. Over the years I have been to quite a few mediums and I have never felt more connected then in my session with Pam. I was able to connect with my Mother, whom I needed guidance from and received it in this session. Pam is an incredible medium and would highly recommend her.
I never believed in mediums, and I didn't know spirits were aware of their past life. I went into the session with questions I wanted answered for closure after my boyfriend passed suddenly a month before our session. I didnt tell her anything not even who she was speaking with, till she told me it had to be my boyfriend. She not only got the answers from him I was looking for she also gave me so much more. I also was reassured just how much he loves me. Pamela is BEYOND amazing!!!!
Pamela is awesome . So many things came out that no one else would of known. I wanted to speak to my husband and he did come through . I feel so much more peace knowing he is ok. Pamela is number 1. I have gone to other physics but no one can top Her.
I was very impressed with Pam. She is very professional and indicated in the very beginning that we should understand at least 80% of what she was going to tell us. I have to tell you that my daughter and I understood 100% of what she told us. My goddaughter Sam, who we lost back in February came through and as Pam put it was a very strong spirit. Pam told us things that she couldn't have possibly known if Sam hadn't told her. I would highly recommend Pam.
I was able to have a reading with Pamela to try to reach my mother, who had passed 5 years ago. 24 hours later I am still blown away by the many details that she was able to receive that have personal meaning for me and are undeniable. Pamela is a caring, warm individual who will completely put you at ease. I would recommend her highly to anyone who feels they want to reach out to a loved one who is no longer earthbound.
I had a reading with Pamela during most painful and difficult time in my life. I knew but was not sure what to do. The circumstances were overwhelming, confusing and due to other people's actions very challenging. Pamela gave me a great advise. I had to move forward by becoming a warrior. Just a few days later things came up and suddenly everything became clear and confusion was gone. I started to fight in order for me to survive.And the blessings are coming...Thank you for the insight.
I lost my husband a year ago from lung cancer. I brought my daughter to the reading because she has had dreams about him. But during the reading my daughter's mother in law's spirit came thru. No doubt about it. And my husband was there! Pam described him exactly: confident, funny. She talked how he had a will to live. She described a picture of him and where we live. I didn't know Pam. She didn't know us. I was given the reading s a gift...and it truly was a gift!
I'm not going to lie the 1st couple minutes I was doubting the whole thing. I really believed she wasn't gonna reach my mother. And yes she did, the clues and descriptions was 100% on point. Her messages was so accurate on what I've been thinking all my life. Pamela has a gift and she's no scam. She's very honest and upfront. I'll have another session with her again. Pamela is the real deal.
I've been to Pam 3 times now, with different family members, and each time has been an incredible experience! The details are spot on, and the messages are always insightful. She really conveys the personality of the people she is communicating with. I will be a regular visitor with Pam.
I recently was fortunate enough to spend time with Pam discussing some deeply personal issues. Speaking with Pam provided me with much needed clarity and a confidence to move forward. She is very insightful, honest and direct yet at the same time, in a caring way that builds complete trust and a feeling that she fully perceives and understands her audience. She has a comforting manner of compassion that comes from her understanding of humanity at a social and individual level. Thank you Pam
Awesome experience! This was my second visit. I always gain good insight from Pam. It's a great life coach lesson for sure. I highly highly recommend you attend a session.
I have seen Pam twice now and both times she was "spot on." She is truly an extraordinary psychic and medium. The fist time I went to see her, she was a medium and brought my deceased mother to me in ways no one would know. I just met with her yesterday and she again nailed it with her uncanny ability to zone in on your inner self. I felt lighter and more knowing than I have in a long while. She is a gifted psychic/medium that I feel blessed to have found her.
There are moments in one's life when you know that your life needs a shift to be reawakened. I feel my energy session with Pam did just that! Pam focused on my emotional blockage, which in turn also, affected my physical well being. As you predicted, I would feel overwhelming grief within the next couple of days, and that I did. . I am full of gratitude for the session that was a catalyst for the cycle of rebirth and lightness of being that is in my life!
Wow what a great experience. And a warm caring person. I learned so much and have chills still. Book your appointment now!
Pam is truly gifted! She has had such a positive influence on my life. After years of medical issues and a surgery, Pam offered insights and guidance that are leading to lasting health. In the process she has taught me, empowered me, connected me with my loved ones, and helped me to grow spiritually. I feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with Pam.
Just wanted to express how wonderful my mom and I felt after our reading today! You really have a gift and I will be recommending you to all my close friends so they can feel the joy all day after meeting with you.My mom's best ever Mother's Day gift!
BREAKTHROUGH!!! I finally found someone who could read me. Got many issues explained or resolved. Pam was great! MEJ
Pam provided very valuable information to me from family members who had crossed over including my Dad and Grandmother. The connection was very insightful and real and provided a bridge for genuine communication . Additionally, her intuitive reading was filled with incredible insights and has helped me to more fully understand energy patterns that have allowed me to continue to grow and expand. I highly recommend Pam as an outstanding and committed professional.
I contacted Pam the week of my Mother's 70th Birthday Party. With only 3 days advance notice she confirmed her attendance. The moment Pam arrived there was a calm, warm feeling. With over 75 people at the party Pam at everyone's attention and participation. I have to say that I was skeptical at first. After the reading I now have to believe she posses a gift to communicate with spirits in the afterlife. The reading was a hit and Pam was wonderful and thoughtful. I highly recommend her services!


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