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Michael John Fierro
Michael John Fierro


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Michael John Fierro is a numerologist and author and is proud to say that this year, 2024, he will be celebrating 40 years of working with the ancient science of Numerology. Michael has worked with thousands of clients throughout the years and is consistently acknowledged for the accuracy, honesty, and insights of his work. Each reading is personalized for the individual and Michael will do his best to answer your particular questions in order to help you move forward in your own life. Sessions can be 1-hour, 1/2-hour, or 15-minutes (1 question). All sessions are conducted by phone using an online service and you will be provided with an MP3 file of your session upon completion. In written format, reports are available in the following categories:
~ Children (under the age of 11)
~ Relationships (emphasizing points of harmony and conflict/stress/tension)
~ The Challenges.

Testimonials about my work are available here: http://www.michaeljohnfierro.com/testimonials.html

Michael is the author of YOU KNOW YOUR NAME...LOOK UP YOUR NUMBERS (an introduction to numerology). The book is written in an easy-to-follow format and will allow you to familiarize yourself with Numerology in a way that makes it easy for you to do your own chart and the charts of those you know. It contains extensive information and step-by-step instructions, a sample chart, various Universal Year forecasts, as well as additional charts and, a variety of foreign language alphabets (whenever possible your chart should be done in the language of the birth certificate). A video review is available on YouTube (http://bit.ly/2cOsRSf).

Michael is available for private sessions, parties, corporate and business events, lectures, workshops, and book-signings.

"Michael Fierro is a highly gifted interpreter of Numerology, an art which he has been practicing for almost 30 years. The reading that he did for me was very intuitive, accurate, inspiring and illuminating. I had the feeling that he understood and appreciated who I am and where I wanted to go, and responded with observations and suggestions that were both insightful as well as extremely practical. On the occasions that what he said did not ring true, he was open to hearing my perspective, and thus the conversation felt like a very productive and stimulating collaboration. Our culture is ignorant of the profound wisdom that Numerology has to offer us, and it is largely dismissed and disparaged as superstitious garbage. A Numerology reading with Michael Fierro is sure to dispel that misguided conviction, and to restore respect for the mystery of this ancient art."... Judy Tsafrir, MD - Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, Newton, MA

"I recently had a numerology session from Michael Fierro. If you are interested in understanding numerology and how it pertains to your life journey, then I highly recommend a reading with Michael. I found it to be accurate, insightful and helpful."...Vicki E., Hilton Head Island SC

"This past weekend I attended my first ever Numerology Workshop and had my chart done. When it was read to me I was floored! This man brought to surface things I have been struggling with for years! It's almost as if he could see my soul! He will be back in the area in January for another workshop at Among Angels. I can't wait to see him again! Thank You Michael John Fierro!"...Sherri B., Clifton Park NY

"You Know Your Name…Look Up Your Numbers is a straightforward and practical guide to numerology that successfully educates its readers about the spiritual essence, as well as the mechanics, of Pythagorean numerology. Using simple terms and clear examples, Michael John Fierro takes the reader on a step-by-step journey of self-discovery as he teaches them how to calculate, interpret and integrate their numerology chart to achieve a deeper understanding of their earthly experience."...Debra Anne Clement, Astrologer, Attorney and Radio Host of Anchored in Astrologer

"You Know Your Name, Look Up Your Numbers is a truly wonderful and insightful book by Michael John Fierro. Michael has written a book that truly helps to guide you and your loved ones by the numbers. I am a professional metaphysician and I can tell you his book has been not only exciting to read, but more exciting once I started to put together my own numbers for my life. This book is a blueprint of your life's energy and has the ability to guide you step by step into your future based on your name and numbers. I highly recommend this book and a future session with Michael, you won't be disappointed!"...Allie Cheslick, Psychic Medium and host of Wings of Love Radio

"You have told me more about myself than anyone I have ever seen, including mentors, shamans, mediums and intuitive healers. No one has told me as much as you have."...Theresa S, Baltimore MD

Additional Information: 

My goal is to mainstream numerology as a tool for better self-understanding and personal empowerment. The goal of my work is to create "personal empowerment through understanding, acceptance, and responsibility". I am known for my direct and insightful style and my unique perspectives on certain aspects of this ancient esoteric science.

You can purchase my book here: https://www.michaeljohnfierro.com/books-by-michael.html

Or, book a session here: https://www.michaeljohnfierro.com/products--services.html

Listed since: Oct 25, 2011


After my reading with Michael, I felt he tuned in to me & was extremely accurate. He is intuitive, professional & very wise. I so appreciate intelligent people! It was enlightening & I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs some assistance or insight! For those reasons I vote him as #1!! God Bless the powerful male angel!
I had a reading with Michael in 2001 after hearing him on a radio show. This was the most accurate information I have ever received; including psychic mediums, shamans, channelers & astrologers.If I had heeded his advice regarding my relationship, I would have saved myself tremendous heartache and lost time. I will consult Michael regarding my next relationship & will certainly act accordingly! It felt like Michael knew me since birth & even beyond. His wisdom & compassion are incredible!

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