Jennifer Cairo

Jennifer Cairo
Jennifer Cairo


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Atlantic City


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My journey of self discovery started many years ago. I have always known that I had gifts but it wasn't until adulthood that I started to embrace them. I've been very fortunate and blessed to study under some world renowned mentors and teachers. I'm honored to be able to share my gifts with you. My offerings include: Reiki, Oracle and Tarot card readings, Mediumship readings, Soul readings, Hand analysis and Spirit guided readings.

I have also started Spiritual Development circles and have loved bringing like minded people together to learn and embrace their own gifts. I have many classes to offer and they can all be found on my website.

All of my readings are offered in person, by phone or virtually.

I will continue my work with the purest of intentions to help others with healing, growth and a sense of peace throughout body, mind and Spirit.

In Love & Light,

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I do also offer group events! Please call/text for pricing!

I'd love to hear from you!


Listed since: Nov 17, 2022

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