Frank Borga

Frank Borga
Frank Borga


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$75 1/2 hour

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Embark on a journey where answers meet questions, and guidance whispers through the air. Meet Frank, a special guide who can help you find your way when life feels confusing.

Frank listens to the messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides. He's like a detective for your soul, figuring out what's blocking you from your best life. Together, you'll figure out how to move forward and make the most of every moment.

Ask Frank anything about love, jobs, family, health, or what you're meant to do in life. No question is too big or small. Let Frank shine a light on your path, so you can walk it with confidence.

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Frank Borga has been speaking with spirit since childhood. His desire to help others was the reason he began to share messages professionally. His clients love him because he is honest, non-judgmental, and compassionate. As a channel for the Angels, he will reveal your blocks, and provide you with keys to move forward.

Frank is the Angel Intuitive Reader for - Schedule a session with him today!

Listed since: Dec 9, 2011


Thanks, Frank. namaste.

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