Drew Polifrone


Drew Polifrone is known for his expertise as an Evidential Medium,
Channel, and Intuitive Development Teacher. He is dedicated to
creating a safe and sacred space for the most impactful and soulful
dedication to your healing, spiritual expansion, and higher needs.

Drew's profound connection to the spiritual realm emerged following
significant personal losses and transformative experiences. These
events catalyzed his journey to serve as a conduit between the earthly
plane and the beyond.

Drew's commitment to honing his craft led him to pursue extensive
training, development, and education. This included immersive courses
and mentorship under globally recognized mentors, along with
enrollment at the esteemed Arthur Findlay College for Mediumship &
Psychic Sciences in the UK.

The offerings available at www.MediumDrew.com are anchored in truth,
discovery, healing, and real-life applications.

Listed since: Feb 19, 2015


100% recommend if you are searching for a real psychic/ medium. Drew is truly gifted, he is caring and compassionate and the REAL DEAL! From the moment I walked in the door I felt at ease and at home. I brought items with me for my reading but drew did not need them to connect. There was no doubt with the validations from my loved ones. I went for a soul session, The Reiki portion was just as amazing as the connection with my loved ones. Drew, I can't thank you enough for helping my heart heal!!
I had a very accurate in person reading from Drew several months ago. I had never had a reading from a medium before. He had messages for me from people and even a dog with very unusual names. I recommend him.
DREW CALI SPIRITUAL MEDIUM ROCKS!!! I attended A group reading along with my friends at the Drew Cali Center in Ramsey. The reading was so surreal and he nailed everything! Not only was everyone’s reading just what they needed to hear from spirit... it also made me realize where and how I needed to move forward in healing my soul<3
I had my first session with Drew Cali in September, 2019 NOW HEAR THIS. DREW SAVED MY LIFE. Session was over, and he said , I needed to quit smoking now and get a lung scan. I did, my lung scan report identified a mass. It’s not cancer, for now, however, I will be checked every 3 months. I will probably have the mass surgically removed Drew’s aura, spirituality and precise and accurate details left me with NO DOUBT!!!!! DREW GAVE ME THE GIFT OF A MIRACLE. THERE IS NOTHING TO QUESTION DREW C
I had a group (5 people) reading on Sunday, February 17, 2019. It was an extremely rewarding experience. Drew is a very honest, down to earth young man and made all of us extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend him to anyone - several of us will be making appointments for healing sessions.
Amazing gentlemen went today 4/22/2017 not that I don't believe but always on guard he was spot on. Thank you
Everything everyone's written here is accurate. I've studied spiritualism for many years, and am so appreciative of Drew's desire to connect with spirits and to share his enthusiasm and gifts. Now that he's based in Saratoga Springs, I'm looking forward to taking classes, continuing to attend readings and meditations, and get personal readings. He amazes me every time and with it raises my abilities and desire to continue studying all things "new age."
Drew shared his passion and talent for teaching meditation with a group of men who met weekly to work on anger and issues in recovery. He was generous with his time and sensitive to their needs. This experience was transformational for some of the men who began regular practice of meditation, healing and prayer. I've also attended Drew's demonstrations and workshops and believe he is a gifted psychic, medium, teacher and healer.
Drew is a caring and gifted psychic medium. I met Drew about three years ago when I sat in on a group reading in my town. His ability to communicate details, names and physical characteristics is quite amazing. I have witnessed at least three other group readings, where he has again been accurate and detailed. I have and continue to recommend Drew to any friend or family looking for guidance or a healing. He is a great person, kind and generous with his gifts. He has my highest recommendation.
Drew Cali is an extremely gifted psychic medium. Drew gives the kind of reading every client wishes for, but few expect or receive. I first went to Drew in hopes of connecting with a lost love. I'm very open to spiritual exploration but still, the reading Drew gave me was beyond anything I'd dared imagine. Drew is a warm and down-to-earth person who creates a loving and safe environment for his clients. I trust Drew implicitly and give him my highest recommendation.
Drew Cali is an incredibly gifted psychic,medium, & healer. I have been lucky enough to have had life changing readings from Drew. His perspective on life after death is a true comfort. Drew has a very special gift if bringing out the best of all the people he meets. Drew is also talented teacher of the pyschic realm.i have attended many of his captivating workshops. I have been fortunate enough to sit in Drew's meditation circle many times. I highly recommend Drew Cali as a psychic medium. KV
I have had the great pleasure of working with Drew for the past 2 years. I have met with him for his classes,group sessions and private readings,each time I have felt enlightened and peaceful. Drew has a very calming demeanor wich he passes to all that meet with him. Drew has a large following here in Northeast Pa. due to all that I have just mentioned.
I have had the pleasure of meditating with Drew many times, I have received a number of beautiful healings from him and I have also had a few of his psychic readings. Drew has helped guide me in a number of ways on my spiritual journey. I always leave him feeling calm, confident in my truth and a better person for our exchanges even when they are on the phone. I recommend Drew to anyone looking for an honest, accurate psychic/medium with divine healing abilities. He is beyond kind and sincere.
I had the pleasure of first meeting Drew at Omega a few summers ago. I was instantly impressed with his gifts. He has offered great insight and guidance for me. I feel I am truly blessed. His style and demeanor makes the perfect environment for truly feeling spirit. In short, he just plain "rocks"!!!!
Drew is one of the most laid-back psychic/mediums I've ever met. I love his casual yet accurate approach to readings. He provides a comfortable setting with this pervasive attitude that puts everyone at ease. I really enjoyed the group reading I attended. A sister I never met came through briefly, name and all, and when I checked, the day of the reading was one day after the anniversary of her death. Pretty cool!
Drew is one of the most talented mediums I have met. I recently ask him to do a group medium reading and several family members came through. The specific information he told us and the ability to describe their personalities was amazing! Two people that "came through" passed away this past year and some closure was given to my aunt and cousins. I found Drew to be professional warm, direct, funny, humble and extremely gifted. I happily refer my clients to him as I know Drew won't disappoint!
Drew Cali is a wonderfully gifted and highly compassionate psychic medium and healer. As a friend and colleague, I am grateful for his presence in my life. His readings are filled with hope, healing and empowerment as well as insightful teaching to assist you on your journey into consciousness.

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