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Barbara Schug
Barbara Schug


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$120 45 min Reading

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Barbara Schug is an Intuitive Medium located in Parsippany, New Jersey.
She offers evidential spirit communication, intuitive(psychic) readings, animal communication, chakra balancing, house blessing/clearing, group evidential spirit readings and card reading parties.

As a born medium, Barbara has been aware of spirit since she was a small child and lives a life aware of spirit. The gift of Mediumship allows her to connect Spirit to their loved ones for healing messages and can bring forward the deepest needs of ones' soul or simply give you insight and guidance with personal issues.

"Knowing that life continues, I am honored to serve spirit with my gift of mediumship, offering healing to grieving families and friends."

Grateful for the extensive and intensive formal training with internationally recognized Spiritualist Mediums over the years, Barbara continues to expand her awareness attending workshops and assisting in the guidance of the development of newly awakened mediums on a regular basis.

Evidential Spirit communication and Intuitive(Psychic) readings by phone and by zoom. Other services include house "energy" clearings, house blessings, parties and group readings, chakra balancing and clearing, and spiritual guidance.

**To purchase a reading, place your order and Barbara will contact you to finalize dates, it's that simple!
For more details, you can visit my personal website listed above or send an email.

Check out a few of Barbara Schug's Testimonials-

Thank you so much for your great readings with myself and my family.
You were totally "on" with your readings. I especially was excited with the reading you gave my son. While he recognized 95 percent of everything you mentioned, he was confused with a few things.....until he talked to me about it and I was able to verify and clarify for him that what you said was EXACTLY right. The family member you channeled came through with an experience that no one but she and I ever knew about.
Thank you so much for letting us see that life goes on after death and our loved ones are with us.
Looking forward to more sessions with you. Barbara M.

Additional Information: 

Due to the unprecedented number of souls that have passed over, for a limited time, take advantage of the

2-6 family members can join into the zoom meeting for just $200.

Please have 2-3 common availability dates for the family before your order is placed.
Place those dates in the message area of the order. I will contact you to confirm a date with you.

Listed since: Dec 3, 2014


From the moment I spoke with Barbara I felt a warm soul sharing her gift for the peace and healing it can bring people. I had a wonderful reading with her and have no hesitation recommending her. She was very patient with me, put me at ease and gave me information that enlightened me. She's a wonderful medium.
I had a wonderful reading from Barbara. She has an amazing gift. It was something I needed to hear, there were happy tears and the things she said no one could have known. thank you again Barbara. I would truly recomend her. She is the real deal.
Very professional and compassionate ready. It surpassed my expectations.
The reading Barbara gave me was profound and wonderful. I could feel my cousin with us and the message my cousin had for me was life changing. There is no pretending with Barbara's readings. If the information isn't clear to her she will say so. Chances are, even if she isn't clear on the meaning, it will have a personal and important meaning for you! This woman is the Real Deal. You will not be disappointed.
Psychic medium Barbara Shugg, is an amazingly gifted woman. I have had two readings with this lady ,and let me tell you I was blown away! She was completely right on with everything that she said . Spirit came through each time. And I knew exactly who they were. I recommend her completely. Call today for a truly amazing experience .
Barbara was very warm and inviting and I felt comfortable interacting with her from the beginning. I felt that Barbara was able to either give me the answers to the issues in which I needed clarification and/or point me in the right direction.
Barbara was wonderful, right on, had me in tears, highly recommended!

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