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Barbara Mackey
Barbara Mackey



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$200.00 for 30 minutes

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Professional Psychic/Medium of 40 years, TV and Radio Personality, Paranormal Investigator, Guest on Animal Planet's "The Haunted" for 4 seasons, Guest on Discovery ID Channel's show "Deadly Affairs," Resident psychic for the Shawn & Sue Breakfast Morning show on 92.7 FM WOBM for 15 years, radio host on CBS Radio, Missing Persons and Homicide Cases, Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive, FBI and local law enforcement, Professional Writer and Columnist, Healer, Psychometry, Remote Viewer, Channeling, In-person and telephone readings, Hypnotherapy, Lecturer/Teacher.

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Barbara is a sixth-generation Psychic/Medium of Hungarian and Scottish background who has had premonitions since the age of four. Her Hungarian grandmother, Lidia, was a Dream Interpreter and a Psychic. Dr. Samuel Kennedy, her Scottish ancestor, was a dreamer of dreams and a seer of visions who had the "Scottish Sixth Sense." Through her many years as a Psychic, Barbara has been able to realize her dream of helping people by using her gift to read clients. Now numbering in the thousands, they report startling accuracy in her detailed readings. Barbara's work is holistic in nature, unlike other clairvoyants. She reads the whole person; encompassing body, mind and spirit.

Listed since: Jan 22, 2010


Barbara Mackey has a rare talent beyond believe. I meet Barbara 30 years ago through my best friend. I was a non believer of psychics. Unfortunately, all I knew about where woman on the board walk that did palm readings and fortune telling. Barbara changed my whole view and she is always accurate from my first reading and every reading since. Barbara is a professional and intellect in her field. I was very nervous my first reading . Barbara has helped me in business decisions,&health warnings.
Right on again! Absolutely Astounding!! I lost my dear husband to cancer. You predicted there was a widower in my future who would be in the same emotional place. I am thrilled to report that destiny has brought this wonderful man to me at last. He also lost his sweet wife to cancer. When we finally met we both knew instantly we were made for each other. This Second Time Around love affair is very deep and forever. Your reading helped me have faith and wait for him! Thanks!
I had my first reading with Barbara in March 2017. She allowed me to record the hour session, which I transcribed as well. I refer back to it often. The minute I walked into the room, she asked about a person in my life by name. She continued to give me specific names from the past. She spoke of the future situations & one by one they are unfolding! Love, health & money, she has been on point. I'll no longer have anyone else read me. She's absolutely amazing & I highly recommend!
Barbara's Mackey's reading was incredibly accurate. She told me ten specific things about someone "who's name might be Harry" that would be coming into my life. I did meet a man who was ALL of those things except for his name. When I told him about the reading he pulled out his wallet and proved that his middle name was Harry! I was totally amazed!! A recent reading forewarned of "disaster" with a new guy and helped me be aware of what signs to watch for. I opted out of romance with him.
We had the torment of losing a loved one where foul play was very questionable. Barbara did NOT take advantage of our heartache and was able to keep the read within a minimal time frame, giving us the closure that confirmed suspicions of which she could not have known. This brought some much needed closure. On point and not taking financial advantage of desperately driven emotions. Every thing one should seek in a psychic. Thank you Barbara!
Barbara has a wonderful energy and spirit! I love the way she does her readings. Her approach made me feel at ease and comfortable. I definitely plan on getting another reading in the future. She has an unremarkable ability as a true and compassionate psychic to predict what is to come as well as connect with loved ones who has passed on.
Pause right here, I have had readings with Sylvia Browns son Christopher Dufresne's and Noreen Renier.Both were good however Barbaras was outstanding.! Out of the millions of names, the several names given to me were all correct. The discriptions were accurate with details. My regret was not doing a longer reading, which I definitely will do. So pleased to have met someone with a genuine gift. Can't imagine skipping around looking for the right one.. Barbara is the right one. Thank-you!
Hello Barbara, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time out to read our dog Duke yesterday. You really made my night, and i'm feeling the best i have in 3 weeks since his passing. You relieved me of my guilt, and not being able to save him and you brought me back from a dark place that I was headed towards. You were spot on with everything! I'm so happy we had a chance to meet and you can bet that I am going to tell everyone about you. Thanks so much again. Sincerely, Melissa
Hi Barbara, I called in wondering about a resume I had submitted. The first thing you said was "call her", I laughed because I was thinking that. You said call her because she probably has mis-placed it, or used it as a grocery list. I hung up the phone and did what you said. You were correct, she asked me to re-send. Your insight was right on. Thanks so much. I will keep you updated. You're amazing!! I like the way you talk, you always make me laugh. Blessing Barbara.
I had a reading with Barbars several years ago and I kept my notes and made reference to them and I consider her one of the best. I lost contact with her and now I have found her again and will be going to her for a reading.
I recently went for a reading with Barbara. This is my second one with her. She is the real deal. She told me things about my life that no one could have known. She helped me in a way that I will never forget. I would recommend her to anyone.

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