Diane Jarecki

Diane Jarecki
Diane Jarecki


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50.00 for 30 minutes

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(603) 685-4174


Diane uses Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle and Playing Cards to help you to make better choices to empower you to build the future of your dreams. I also use the ancient systems of the I Ching to read the energy of making changes and the original system of Chaldean Numerology to look at all of your energy to better understand yourself fully. Read more about each on the pages dedicated to those readings.

Diane has over 20 years of experience reading cards for others and giving insight into situations, "Aha!" moments, guidance and accurate predictions for the future. Diane has read for thousands of clients around the world with a proven high accuracy rate and she's done spiritual coaching since she was 18, being a natural empath that others seek out and feel comfortable opening up to.

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Tarot has been in use for divining answers and guidance since the 1500s or earlier, and Playing Cards have been used since the 1200s. Lenormand is a system popular in Europe from the late 1800s that’s been rapidly gaining popularity in the US over the last decade. It’s a system that delivers very clear answers to all types of questions and uses the methods of traditional European cartomancy. All of these systems are great for looking at where the current energy is heading and thereby seeing if any changes need to be made for course adjustment because Diane doesn't believe anything is written in stone and believes the future is what we choose to make it.

Oracle cards are very different from Tarot, Lenormand and Playing Cards, delivering a deeper and more spiritual message, and Diane uses these most at the end of a Tarot or Lenormand reading as a final message from Spirit, The Universe and/or your Guides and Angels.

Listed since: Apr 3, 2023

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