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Angie D'Anjou


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$65.00 per 1/2 hour, $100.00 per Hour

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603 321-4818


Angie D'Anjou has been a Spiritual Consultant for over 40 years. Offering true positive spiritual guidance to individuals by utilizing her connections with spiritual guides and angels. A variety of methods and tools help Angie in obtaining messages for a client. These include The Enchanted Tarot, Angel Guidance Oracle Decks, Pendulums, Tea Leaf Readings, as well as Psychic Medium connection with deceased loved ones. Angie's ability is well known for it's accuracy in obtaining solid guidance for those who may be having unresolved issues and are not sure of which way to turn next. Angie utilizes her hypnosis and meditation coaching techniques when spiritually guiding her clients through Past-Life Journeys and Akashic Record Sessions in addition to her ability to bring spiritually guided wisdom to those in need of guidance.

By the age of 21

- Worked with a spiritual mentor
- Communicated w/Angels
- Used my empathetic abilities to help guide people with resolution of issues
- Completed a variety of spirit releases and clearings

By age 44…
- Completed and Obtained Usui Reiki Mastership
- Opened first spiritual business
- Professionally offered Angel Guidance and Enchanted Tarot
- Became a Hospice Volunteer
- Received Certification in Shambhalla Energy Healing
- Presented her first Holistic Alternative Expo

Since then…
- Opened Awakening Moments Center offering Workshops, Reiki, Psychic Readings, Past-Life
- Began teaching Usui Reiki and Shambhalla Certification Classes
- Began offering a variety of Spiritual Development Classes
- Completed Hypnosis Training (Hypnosis International Board of Registration)
- Began offering Past-Life Regression and Akashic Record Sessions
- Created & Managed a series of Psychic and Holistic Expos and Fairs
- Became a popular guest on a variety of radio and TV shows nationally
- Produced & Hosted
“Awakening Moments” a series reflecting on community information as well as Angie’s meditations and more.
Available on community TV & internet

Angie is offering YOU the opportunity to begin obtaining a variety of services which focus on self-empowerment, building confidence, spiritual awakening, and the art of divination. MENTION Best Psychic Directory TO RECEIVE 10% OFF YOUR FIRST SERVICE WITH ANGIE.

Comments from Past Readings are brilliant! Guess where my daughter is said she was going to be going far away....I never said anything to her just to see what happened and she announced a few weeks ago she is going to Bali in January for a month! she has also recently met a really great guy and seems head over heels. things seem to be going in the right direction.
and.............things have gotten better with my husband, and my job, OMG customers are coming out of the woodwork looking for me to represent them! You really were right on.
I def want to come and see you again soon.
RD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You had told me that my husband and I were going to have an answer/sign regarding which direction to go for adoption by his birthday. hubby's birthday was yesterday....and we received a call from the adoption agency that we were accepted to work with them!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Angie! We just submitted the application on, I just assumed that the sign we would have is that we had submitted it.....not that we would get an actual call...especially when the adoption agency's website states that it takes at least 1 week for a decision to be about approval AND that the agency is in Chicago. The US Postal Service hasn't been known for it's speed lately!
I wanted to send you a special thank you!!! Getting that call yesterday was almost like hearing "you're going to be a mother!"....even if it takes a while....we are on the right road.
Thank You Angie!! God Bless You!
Melissa M

Additional Information: 

In addition to Spiritual Guidance one may request Angie to conduct Home Psychic Parties, Intuitive Classes, and Metaphysical Events, as well as house clearings and blessings.

After many years in business management and corporate sales, Angie opened her Holistic and Spiritual Practice, “Heart of Spirit Healing” in 2001.
Angie has her own community television production “Awakening Moments with Angie D’Anjou”, which has been broadcast on Community Television Stations coast-to-coast. She is the proprietor of “ Awakening Moments Center” located in Raymond, NH. At her center Angie offers her usual services as well as a large variety of workshops pertaining to the psychic, metaphysical, and spiritual world.

Included in her offerings are phone readings,Zoom or FB Readings, Numerology Reports, Past-Life Regressions, as well as Akashic Record Sessions. Energy Healing Sessions and classes utilizing both Usui Reiki and the Shambhalla Oneness Energy are also available upon advance request. All services are available by advance registration only. Angie may be reached at
603 321-4818 or by visiting her website

Listed since: Jan 7, 2012


Angie came to my uncle and aunt's home for a group reading to get in touch with the family that passed away. She was talking about some things that had me scratching my head BUT my cousins and aunt & uncle confirmed it all! I guess I didn't know my own family as well as I thought! Also, I have gone to her many times to get direction, chat with my passed family, and "touch base". She should add Life Coach to her resume!
Angie & her beautiful gifts have assisted me for many years on all sorts of topics. It is rare to find "The Real Deal" look no further than Angie D'Anjou. She is spot on with everything I've ever asked.
Amazing. You can tell she really is with the spirit.
Have requested the expert guidance of Angie D'Anjou on many occasions over the year's. Her ability to explain the information she receives is so natural, it just flows, and it is easy to understand. Angie is the "Real Deal", I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance.

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