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Misty Harding
Misty Harding



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Angel Readings and Healing, Chakra balancing and Aura cleansing, DNA healing & activation, Relationship healing, Grief healing and Entity removal. Receive spiritual guidance and healing from the Heavenly Beings for clarity and empowerment. I often use oracle cards to open the channels. Decks to choose from: Archangel Chakra Oracle, Archangels, Archangel Michael and Mother Mary.

I am an Angelic messenger and spiritual healer who has been called by the Angels to bring them into the lives of others. My sessions available by phone or zoom worldwide.

During sessions, you not only get messages and energy healing, but you also experience the love and support from beings of the Heavenly Realms. Opening your spiritual channels can put you in an expanded state of consciousness. Being in this expanded state of consciousness allows you to receive the flow of Divine Love and Grace that is always available.

My real passion is helping people to reclaim their power and worth in order to live a fulfilling life by clearing away all that does not serve them, fully embodying their soul and coming into energetic alignment.

My heavenly infused essential oil blends and new Archangel Chakra Oracle deck help people to connect with the Heavenly helpers. Visit my website or Angels and Divine Oils Etsy store.

I love hosting group programs and hold a FREE monthly Group Healing Circle. Sign-up is on my website.

Listed since: Aug 1, 2016


She is amazing. I had a great healing session. I saw balls of light during my session. I also saw an entity glowing in golden light that had a human body and a lion head. It was an archangel! I was floored. Misty is a true channel with the angels and I was so blessed I am an intuitive person that I was able to sense and see the energy that she sent to me. It was very uplifting and helped increase my energy.
My readings with Misty have been amazing. I always learn something surprising that later becomes reaffirmed many times over. Truly life changing. Misty's positive energy is a beautiful gift.
I have learned to communicate with my guides and Angels by having counseling sessions with Misty and taking her classes. Her obvious connection with the angelic realms is inspiring and her wisdom has helped me through several ‘rough patches’ in my life. Superb guidance, not to be missed!

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