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Website Session Readings Rate Range Start at $20.00 - $100.00 for Phone, Zoom Video Session and Psychic Email Questions / Click4Advisor Instant Live or Scheduled Rates are $5.50 Per Minute

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Email: Regg at and Please feel free to Call or Text 800-762-3166


Regg is a Natural Empath, Psychic, Medium, and Spiritualist National Union Registered Healing Medium that enjoys serving his recipients, clients, and peers. Regg provides a range of services from Psychic Soul Readings, Psychic Email Readings, Mediumship Sessions, Spiritualist Healing Mediumship, Oracle Card Readings, and Intuitive Personal & Professional Guidance Sessions (Please inquire directly for Professional Guidance Sessions). These services can be communicated by zoom - video, phone conversations, chat services, and by submitting email psychic questions with a 24 to 48-hour return response. Regg Evans is Based in Michigan and also serving North America, United Kingdom, Canada and all International clients. This is my personal invitation to you!

Life has a way of connecting people when something requires Clarity and Discovery. I am excited to be of service to your needs and look forward to working with you soon. Let's work together!

Regg will facilitate each session with honesty and integrity. Regg is committed to addressing your questions and respecting your openness to receiving the messages directed toward you. Your session with Regg will allow you to discuss personal and professional questions, experiences, relationships, spirituality, psychic awareness, self-discovery, and identifying signs, symbols, specific patterns, and perceptions.

Regg is a standing member of the Spiritualist National Union, SNI and SNUi, Spiritualist Healing Medium, Professionally Psychic Medium on Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory and Shay Parker Best American Psychics. Regg is a member of The Certified Psychic Society, a subsidiary of Best American Psychics. Regg is also a featured as an Professional Psychic Medium, Spiritualist Healing Medium and Spiritual Consultant with the Canadian Association of Psychics & Healers (C.A.O.P), American Association of Psychics & Healers (A.A.O.P) and United Kingdom Association of Psychics & Healers (UK.A.O.P). Regg is also an Active Senior Member of the (SDG) Spiritual Development Group, facilitated by Minister Marc Lainhart, International Psychic and Spiritual Medium.

Sessions can be scheduled through Click4Advisor for Immediate Phone or Chat/Video Service, or schedule your session using Phone, Virtual- Video- Zoom, or submit Psychic Email Questions. For immediate assistance, you can click the service for online schedule phone, chat, or video reading options or call 800-762-3166 to request a private session. If I am unavailable, please utilize the request a callback option. Regg is always ready to accommodate your sessions and your desired schedule; submit a schedule request or email to arrange in advance. Please leave your complete contact information (Name, Number, Email address, and the type of service that you would like to schedule.

My schedule is flexible to accommodate your schedule, and you are welcome to contact me directly for an immediate session on my Click4Advisor profile or schedule a session through my Best American Psychic Directory, discover my website services for my sessions and schedules at, email me at, or connect with me at

All Clients are welcome from any location. Your time will be honored and respected!!

Be ready to be received with open arms and a grateful heart!

2024 News and Updates:

Exciting News! Featured Psychic

June 2024: Best American Psychic of the Month! Learn more about this gifted psychic medium over this month.

I'm honored to share that Shay Parker's Best American Psychics is being featured in the Hollywood Gift Baskets at the 37th American Cinematheque Awards, where the incredible Helen Mirren will be honored by the American Cinematheque Board of Directors.

This prestigious event will take place on Thursday, February 15, 2024, at The Beverly Hilton. It's a celebration of outstanding contributions to the world of cinema, and we're thrilled to be a part of it!

Our gift certificates will be among the exclusive items in the hands of Hollywood's brightest stars. Being included in this event is truly a testament to the quality and excellence our firm represents.

Thank you to the American Cinematheque for this incredible opportunity, and congratulations to Helen Mirren on this well-deserved honor!

Fabulous Feedback Award 2024 Winner Announcement!

Shay Parker's Best American Psychics proudly presents Regg Evans as the esteemed recipient of the Fabulous Feedback Award for 2024! Regg has consistently received overwhelmingly positive feedback from his clients throughout the year, reflecting his exceptional dedication and service.

2023 Interview:

MysticMag Blog September 2023: Psychic Readings, Evidential Mediumship, and Spiritual Healing Mediumship with Regg Evans

Ask Yourself: Do you yearn for a deeper understanding of your life's path?

* Feeling empowered to make choices aligned with your soul's truth.
* Uncovering hidden talents and passions you never knew existed.
* Finding peace and purpose in your life's journey.

Ready to embark on your Psychic Soul Adventure?

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Immediate Psychic Service Options:
Option 1: Purchase 3 Psychic Email Questions and get 4th Question Free
Option 2: Purchase 5 Psychic Email Questions and get the 6th Question Free

Access my Click4Advisor Email- Based Service under my Click4Advisor Profile.

Psychic Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

1. This service provides a choice of Email Submission and Response or Zoom Video Session
2 Readings will include your question and Psychic Intuitive oracle messages.
3. Service Rates:
Option: 3 Card Spread Offering Reading: $30.00
Option: 5 Card Spread Offering Reading: $50.00

**Complimentary ** As a Registered Spiritual Healing Medium with the Spiritualist National Union, I am offering Free Complimentary Spiritual Healing Services.

Listed since: Jan 21, 2022


I have had two psychic sessions with Regg so far. I have been very satisfied with the sessions. He delved deep into my topics giving out different perspectives. Among the psychics that I have worked with, one thing that stood out with Regg was that he was willing to spend extra time than committed. At the end, we finished with a complimentary healing session. He comes across as a committed, very helpful willing to go extra mile, and sensitive. I will sign up more for his sessions in future.
I had the BEST reading with regg. Look no further he is the real deal and so accurate I couldn’t believe it. I felt truly blessed to have been able to connect with him. He does this to truly help others and you can tell he really enjoys what he does
This review won’t do him justice, but Regg is incredible! This was my first session with him, and it was like talking to an old friend. He goes out of his way to make sure you get what he’s saying, and most of what he picked up was right on the money (and can’t be found online.) I’ve received more value, respect, and care from Regg than from MANY who charge double and even triple his fee. I’m waiting on a few predictions, but Regg has a gift and I look forward to more sessions.
Regg Evans is a divine being, an incredible psychic healer, medium and much more. He stands out separate and apart from other intuitives. His words are so soothing, and direct. He zoned right in and got things spot on. He has such a knowingness and an amazing energy that makes you feel uplifted and empowered in his energy space. He cares deeply for his clients. He has an innate nature to want to help and I found him to be awesome.
Regg, Thank you so much for today's session. You have so much knowledge and on point. Regg thank you for your direct suggestions and recommendations. I will definitely recommend you and will be back for more readings with you.
I’ve called Regg twice, and both times he left me speechless. He was very accurate. My call got cut off due to lack of funds, and he still emailed me with all the info I needed.
Wow is all I can say. Regg was spot on in my reading about my current relationship and the situation surrounding it. He is very calming and make you feel like you can talk to him about anything without judgement. The reading left me feeling more positive and hopeful. He took his time in the reading and I did not feel like I had to rush through it. I also like how he sends you a follow up email. If you’re looking for someone who is genuine and cares I would definitely recommend Regg!
I had a reading with Regg and it was amazing! He was incredibly kind and made me feel comfortable right away! He knew things without me having to say anything and was spot on! His readings are very thorough as well. Regg definitely has a gift and I would highly recommend a reading with him. You won’t be disappointed!
1st off Regg is the nicest psychic reader I've ever experienced. His natural positive energy shines right thru. He's a delight & fun to speak to! AND extremely accurate! He tapped right into my vibrations. He reassured me & made me feel confident! He was honest , he didn't just "yes" me. His Spirit Guides shared w/ him all I needed to know. Regg's delivery was perfect . He's VERY easy going answered my questions. I can't say it enough BOOK REGG!! He'll guide you as to where you need to be!!!
First Regg's personality is so warm and supportive. He knew multiple things that no one could have known about my life and I figured out each of my relatives that came through. I felt so confident in my life direction and got so much clarity on where to invest my energy in my career and relationships. He gave very specific details that were only about my life. I would go to Regg again. He's sharing his gift with those of us who aren't as in tune. Thank you.
This was my first reading ever. I was skeptical at first but figure why not.. Anyway I was shocked on the accuracy there was things I have told no one just thoughts in my head I keep to myself that he talked about it was amazing to me

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