Pauline Dettloff

Pauline Dettloff
Pauline Dettloff


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Sterling Heights


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$70.00 for half hour $130.00 for an Hour

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586 939 4230


Michigan Psychic Pauline
With over thirty years as a psychic medium, Pauline offers insight on love, career, finances, family, the future and soul purpose. She can also bring you information from those on the other side. Pauline can offer you the assistance you need in making changes in your life, with direct information from your angels and spiritual guides that will empower and transform you. You will be amazed by her ability and knowledge and will experience a message of hope. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship and tarot will all be used in a reading with Pauline. Don't wait to experience a life changing reading, call Pauline today!

Additional Information: 

Pauline has a wealth of experience across a broad range of platforms including tele-networks, TV, Rradio, private party, teaching in Metaphysical modalities, monthly newsletters, and private consulting also did yearly Perdiction for the Mcomb Daily News Paper

Listed since: Jan 11, 2011


Pauline saved my life and health, I owe her the world. I know my body very well and have noticed for the past 8 months a decline in various ways ( ex: hair loss, tired to the point of exhausted , gums bleeding) To the point I have had serveral blood tests done by my primary doctor , visited multiple docs for different symptoms, to all lead back to the same outcome... Your healthy and ur blood work is great ! I knew something wasn't right and definitely felt it . Pauline figured it out asap!
After reading all the reviews of Pauline's accuracy with dates I opted to call her. She gave me hope that in the middle of May things will shift. She did not promise it will turn out the way I am hoping but she did say that I have a slight chance to turn things around. She did pick up on energies from others involved but did not elaborate so I cannot confirm or deny her intuition on that part. What I am excited about is my opportunity to hold on to a promise I made with God on 11/11/11.
Pauline, you did a reading for me in the late 90s. Your reading has been and still fulfilling itself today....thank you!
Just spoke with her via an instant reading. She's amazing and gives excellent advice. She gets to the point. I highly recommend going to add her to my contacts for future readings.
Pauline, I had a reading from you In October 2014, I think. I want you to know your reading gave me much comfort and probably saved my life. I've had two readings since from other psychics and they said the same as you..confirming in my heart what you said. The thought of going thru another winter alone, I doubt I would have survived it. The relationship you said would take place in February, has given me everything I needed to make it through this winter. Thank you !!!! Maryjane Fox
I was really impressed by Pauline's accuracy in my two readings with her. She helped me feel connected to my mom, who passed away two years ago and she connected also with so many things going on in my life. I would definitely recommend her as a medium and psychic. I was certainly not disappointed in this reading as has happened in the past with another site.
Pauline you are truly AMAZING!!! My sister and I traveled 250 miles one way to see you... WOW!!! My sister needed to hear what you had to say. :) We cant thank you enough you hit right on. We enjoyed our visit and we will be back. :) It was a wonderful road trip. Love your personality. THANK YOU.
I went to see Pauline 3 years ago and everything she told me was going to happen, did. I left upset and not wanting to believe anything she said. Everything she told me, did come true. I wish I would have listened to her in the first place. She has a remarkable gift, and has a very caring way about her. She knew things I have not shared with other people. I would recommend her to everyone. She is professional, and kind hearted. No one else I have been to can compare !!!
I really liked the reading with Pauline. I would say that she matched her psychic ability with her wisdom and gave me a really good guidelines in terms what step to follow. I definitely recommend her, I liked her a lot.
I always kind of believed in this stuff but wasn't 100% sure since I have never had a reading with a psychic before. It was so detailed I didn't tell her anything! I started crying because I couldn't believe it!!! Changed my life that's for sure. I'm having a party now, I know my family and friends won't be wasting there money because she is a true psychic not sure how she does it but its so real. Can't wait to have my next reading! So glad Pauline did my first reading!
Pauline was great. I have used her for a couple of occassions. She is very good and I really enjoyed speaking with her. I would recommend her to everyone. Thanks for helping me through a difficult situation.
Pauline is truly remarkable, she is incredibly Gifted... She is a professional through and through. I have never come across any psychic more accurate or compassionate for that matter... Check her out, you will be spellbound!!! She will leave you with your jaw open, her wow factor is amazing!!!! only to have to come back to her time and time again!!!!
I never feed psychics information about myself. In those years, I've met many frauds - people with hunches and no specifics. The accuracy Pauline had with specific events - not just in my life, but also my family and friends - was astounding! There were things like how my father died, that would be impossible to guess since it was info only a few people knew. You’re talented and show incredible emotional sensitivity. You're NOT a wannabe psychic - you're the 'real deal'.

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