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Lisa Bousson
Lisa Bousson


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Southeast Michigan


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$70 - $250

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Professionally, Lisa is known as a Survival Evidence Medium. As an internationally known Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker, Ordained Minister, and Instructor for 35+ years, Lisa specializes in reconnecting clients with their deceased loved ones while providing proof of their identity as well as evidence that they live on in spirit form. Lisa also uses her mediumistic ability to tap into your Akashic Record, providing necessary information for your life path, where you've been in past lives, your weaknesses and how to improve upon them, as well as your soul strengths brought with you into this lifetime, which you can use in the present and future. Being a Spiritual Medium also means Lisa is Psychic and has the ability to provide probabilities and possibilities surrounding life’s important moments.

Experiencing paranormal and spiritual phenomena for six decades, Lisa Bousson, began seeing spirit at the young age of four years and was told about living multiple lifetimes. Thus began her deeper understanding of the spiritual realm, reincarnation, and the possibility of communication with those in-between lives.

With thousands of powerful healing readings under her belt, Lisa holds a rare public rating record featuring hundreds of positive reviews. To earn a reputation in this regard and public trust requires a medium to be extremely consistent with evidence of the after-life, and must hold true to the highest level of ethics at all times. Continue to the bottom of Lisa's page to read her reviews.

Lisa has written countless articles, which have been featured on websites, print magazines, and on her own personal blog. Her first book, The Lessons Of Jesus Christ, was published in 2013. The Visible Energy Around Us: A 4 Week Guide To Reading the Aura was published in 2015. She has made appearances on television and radio, and hosted on CBS radio and Blog Talk Radio. Lisa's work can be found on iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, and her personal blog. Lisa teaches spiritual development classes and holds public Spirit Galleries internationally.

Lisa is a Certified Spiritualist Medium, Certified Psychic Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Ordained Non-Denominational Christian Minster, certified Spiritualist Healer, a Reiki Master Teacher, and currently, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences from The University of Sedona.

“As a medium, I am honored to witness the bonds of love, heartfelt compassion, and healing from spirit to their loved ones here on Earth. Spirit wants to talk to us as much as we want to talk with them.”

Lisa Bousson

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Areas of Study

Aura, Color, Chakra
Crystals, Gemstones & Minerals
Dream Interpretation
Physical and Mental Phenomenon
Abundance and Prosperity
Reincarnation and Karma
Spirit Guides and Guidance
Advanced Mediumship
Platform Decorum
Esoteric Bible Study I, II, III
Psychic Development
Advanced Psychic Development
Past Life Reading
Past Life Regression
Spiritual Healing
Spirit Exorcism and Spirit Rescue
The Seven Masters of the Seven Rays
Remote Viewing
Advanced Remote Viewing
Mental Telepathy
Reiki I, II, ART, Master III
Spirit Channeling
Advanced Spirit Channeling
Twin Flames and Soul Mates
Intuitive and Spiritual Tools
The Law of Manifestation
Ghosts on Battlefields
Ghosts of the Civil War
Closer to the Other Side (Angel Studies)
Attuning with the Archangels
Psychic University
Basic Mediumship
Advanced Mediumship
Advanced Intuitive Training
Psychic Mediumship: Raising the Standards (Advanced Mediumship)
Mastering Mediumship (Master-Level Mediumship)
Psychic Investigation (Working with Law Enforcement)
Foundational Keys to Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship)
Higher Levels of Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship)
Mediumship At Its Best (Advanced Mediumship)
Speed Reading (Advanced Mediumship)
Platform Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship)
Platform Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship Demonstration)
New Methods In Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship)
Using Art as Your Medium (Auragraphs)
Animal Communication I, II
Physical Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship)
Advanced Spirit Linking and Public Mediumship Intensive (Advanced Mediumship)
Spirit Messages and Communication (Advanced Mediumship)
Personal Communication with Spirit (Advanced Mediumship)
Conducting Sacred Ceremonies
The Study of Séance
Orb Phenomenon
Teamwork Mediumship
Reading the Akashic Records
Past Life Readings and Future Projections (Advanced Mediumship)
Making the Spiritual Connection (Mediumship)
Essential Aspects of Mediumship (Advanced Mediumship)
Advanced Oracle Studies
Face Reading (Advanced Intuitive & Investigative Studies)
Soul Plan / Akashic Record Studies

Listed since: Aug 21, 2008


Lisa was very good and it was so easy to be relaxed around her. She has a wonderful personality and I felt she connected very well. Thank you Lisa...
This was second reading with Lisa, and just like the first reading, she amazed me with her ability to connect with my mom and dad and be so spot on! I could listen to her talk all day, my sessions with her are easy and never uncomfortable. Can’t wait until the next one!
Such an amazing experience. She was spot on! I left feeling like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Definitely recommend
Wow!! I am completely blown away by Lisa’s accuracy and in her ability to connect to my family that have passed away. She provided me so much evidence to prove that she established connection to my family on the other side. I won’t go to anyone else. Lisa is the real deal. Thank you Lisa for providing me the closure I needed.
I booked Ms. Bousson recently for clarity/understanding on some things going on in my life and to reconnect with passed loved ones. She was wonderful and shockingly accurate. This was my first reading and I immediately booked another one after we finished. She calmed my mind, gave me a sense of peace, and captured the essence of my loved ones with incredible accuracy. She was so kind and helpful. I can’t wait until our next appointment. Thank you, Ms. Bousson!
Last week I had a psychic/medium reading from Lisa. It was such an amazing & meaningful experience! This was the second time receiving a reading from Lisa, the first being with my partner as well. Both of us revived messages from loved ones. We were blown away by how accurate Lisa was with not only the information that came though, but also capturing the personality of the loved ones coming through. I wouldn’t think twice about speaking with her again and couldn’t recommend her enough!
I have had several readings with Lisa, and I keep coming back because she is so gifted! Each reading I've received has been really insightful and accurate. She's put me in touch with my loved ones, giving me details that there is no way she would know if she weren't psychic. The communications with spirits and about past lives have been like years and years of therapy in one sitting! And she is such a lovely person. Highly recommend!
I got a soul plan reading with Lisa, and I was very satisfied. She provided helpful information about several past lives and my soul’s purpose in this lifetime. The information was similar to what I have found in the past through other soul work. She was honest, straight forward, and compassionate. I would return for another reading and recommend her services.
The wonderful connection between the earthly plane and the unseen is Lisa. She is grounded in good , spirit and love. She is a conduit for communications . ( My loved ones seem to feel very comfortable near her!! ) Lisa Bousson is the real deal! I feel blessed have the universe share her with my world.
Wow! I mean couldn’t have been more spot on. Felt so good to be able to hear from my loved ones. Definitely will be making another appointment with her soon!! Highly recommend
In my experience, mediums are like language interpreters. The framework within which each one works is unique, so different mediums may pick up different details. Whatever their approach, though, all legitimate mediums have important messages to share with us. More than other mediums I've worked with, Lisa is particularly focused on sharing insights and guidance from those we love who are on the other side. My session with her was rich and rewarding.
It was the first short soul plan and the second mediumship with my loved one. My soul plan was very surprising staff ,but it made me to help seeing my future. The mediumship was awesome. I had kept feeling why he disconnected with me before he passed away and carried it as my pain and doubtless. Lisa connected a right sprit and I got an answer and other 5 questions were also solved. It made me free from misunderstanding Now I can move forward to my future. She’s great!
Had a reading with Lisa trying to help me deal with my grief after my husband passed away in June 2023. Lisa brought forth pertinent information and was able to connect with him and share with me knowledge about receiving signs. She definitely gave me some peace of mind
I have had two, or maybe three mediumship readings with Lisa. She is really great. Her connections and communication is cations were spot on. She is the real deal! She’s very easy to talk to and very good at utilizing her gift. I found a calm after her reading. I would very highly recommend her.
My children bought be a present for a medium reading and hands down worth it. Lisa was spot on and will definitely use her again in the future!
Lisa is great at her gift I recently had a reading down and she assisted my loved ones in communicating with me perfectly I highly recommend her fir anyone seeking answers
I spoke with Lisa for the first time back on August 17, 2021 (Medium Reading), 99% accurate reading. Another reading was scheduled for September 9, 2023 (Psychic Reading), prior to that week remaining 1% resolved. Lisa is amazing. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. I will post a second reading later on. Thank you, Lisa, you have guided my life in a positive direction.
I just had my first reading with Lisa last week. I’m definitely going to do schedule a medium ship one next. She was no nonsense, to the point, very intuitive, very professional and spot on. I found her reading to be consultative as well. I would highly recommend Lisa to my very best friends.
I have had several readings over the years and Lisa was by far one of the best for me. There was nothing she said that did not make sense to me or I was not able to connect to. She gave me some hope for the future which was really what I was searching for from this reading. The only downside was I wished the reading was longer....She had such good energy and insight that I did not want it to end...I will definitely be booking another session ! Thank you LISA!
Lisa was very accurate with my reading. Someone that has passed on came through as I was hoping. I wrote down important things that I was hopeful she would give me answers to, and everything was addressed! She was so accurate. Her reading has brought me peace and hope for things to come in my life. Thank you Lisa!
Lisa is exceptional! I have had several readings with Lisa and she is ALWAYS spot on! Highly recommend her!
Lisa us top knotch. She was able to connect with my grandma and gave me the messages clearly. She really helped me and I so appreciate my readings with her. I think I have had like 6 or so! She is wonderful. I can’t say enough great things about her. Would highly recommend getting a reading from Lisa!
I met with Lisa a few years ago after my mother died. I was new to this process at that time. I was shocked and pleased with the accuracy of the readingt. I was so pleased that i just had another reading with Lisa due to some personal issues i am dealing with. She was compassionate, supportive and again very accurate.
Lisa is truly a gifted individual! She was absolutely spot on; and also so humble and fun! Both my brother and mother came forward and was so special. It confirmed a number of things and gave me a sense of peace. This was my first reading with her and I will for sure be doing more in the future. I can't thank Lisa enough for sharing her gift with the world. I'd be happy to be a reference for anyone "on the fence". You will not be disappointed!
Lisa was very kind and caring during my medium reading. Comments she shared with me were accurate and clearly related to my loved ones. Several times, she shared comments that had no meaning to her but clearly had meaning to me and my loved ones.
All I can say is, she is the best!
I contacted Lisa and set up an appointment on a late night whim. She was awesome. We did a Zoom reading and she was very friendly and welcoming right from the start. My reason for scheduling a reading was mostly out of curiosity but I also so had some questions. I wasn’t really expecting to have anyone come through for me. To my surprise, my dad (who passed 22 years ago) along with a couple others, came to chat. I felt a calming peace after the reading.
She is an amazing medium and I was very satisfied with her. She has special talent to connect a right sprit. I could connect my closed friend as my eternal soulmate again. I really recommend her to all who is looking for a medium. I will have another session with her in my future.
6-8-23 Ms. Lisa is a wonderful woman with a great sense of humor. I have had several readings done by her but, this was the latest in several years. Her medium skills are incredible as my spirits were bothering her during lunch. My parents came through and gave Ms. Lisa much information about my family which was so accurate. My Dad was cracking her up. I love Ms. Lisa because I am completely comfortable with her and believe what she says. Thank-you so very much for my great reading.
Meeting with Lisa is like sitting down with a cup of coffee with a good friend. She was sweet and so easy to talk to. Never once during the reading did I feel uncomfortable. Her abilities to connect with my family who had passed was remarkable. I can’t wait to schedule another one


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